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Consider a Holiday in a Place Less Travelled?

There’s constant talk about the world’s best beaches, most famous cities and number one destinations to travel to, but I got to thinking, what about all the remarkable pristine gems of the world which is just as spectacular as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a Safari in Africa. Why is that when planning a holiday we always travel to the typical holiday destinations without even considering unique landscapes of the world?

Majority of Australians are willing to fly 10 hours or more to another country, yet haven’t even planned to explore our very own backyard. Australia has always been famous for its beaches; sure Bondi beach in Sydney is beautiful but can turn unpleasant when you find yourself in a maze of over-tanned people from just the sea to your towel. It’s time to explore the divine coast of Australia such as Bakers Beach in Tasmania just an hours drive from Launceston, Bremer Island which is nestled off the coast in Northern Territory, and one of Australia’s best kept secrets is Spring Beach in QLD, but there’s so much more to this little country we call home, if only we took the time to really get to know it.

Antarctica is one of the most amazing and inimitable places on the planet, yet most of us wouldn’t even think of a holiday there until we’re engrossed in the discovery channel of Polar Bears.  Antarctica allows you to follow in the footsteps of great explorers and discover the magical sights over the Antarctic Peninsula, a picturesque moment where the icy waters flirt with the mirrored glaciers. It’s unique wildlife creates a surreal world of its own with enchanting scenes of humpback whales surfacing, King Penguins families frolicking through the snow, seals just hanging around and other animals playing in the icy depths while the crystal ice-carvings curtain as a backdrop.

If you have to choose only one rainforest in the world to visit, then it has to be the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is the largest rainforest which crosses over 8 South American countries and is also known as the “Lungs of our Planet” providing about 20% of earth’s oxygen. This astonishing jungle provides not only great views, but a captivating culture which is a once in a lifetime experience.

Europe is another hot spot but there are still so many places which are less travelled.   Travel to Malta for one of the best climates in the world with an exotic adventure overlooking stunning landscapes. Or for a small town charm with magnificent views of the Alps travel to Slovenia. Play hide-and-seek with the legendary Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, or sing the sound of Music in Austria.

Don’t limit yourself to a small selection when the whole world is in your hands, just choose the right destination.

DriveAway Holidays offers a great range of car rentals in Australia, France, South Africa, & throughout Europe.

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Car Guru writes for DriveAway Holidays, DriveAway Holidays New Zealand and DriveAway Holidays Blog

Car Cleaning Chermside Zoom Carwash QLD

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Mobile Car Detailing Houston

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Franchise Customer

franchise customer

5 Reasons You Can Clean up With an Automotive Valeting Franchise!

Looking for an affordable franchise opportunity with low overheads, a massive untapped marketplace and real job satisfaction? You could do worse than consider a mobile valeting franchise


As a ‘man and a van’ business, ideally you will be operating from a smartly liveried, fully equipped vehicle and should have no need for business premises. You don’t need staff either – although if you are determined to develop your business into a multi-van operation, with support from your franchisor, the opportunity will most likely be available to you. Business costs include running your vehicle and purchasing your products, so you don’t need to worry about high overheads.


With around 32 million cars on the road in the UK, the pool of potential customers is huge. At present the marketplace is fragmented with hardly any professional, organised companies providing reliable, high quality mobile valeting services. However, PCC have a targeted approach to ensure maximum return for franchisees.

PCC franchisees find that competitors tend either to be large static valeting operations, unable to offer flexibility and convenience of service to the customer, or self styled sole traders who turn up in a white van, scruffily dressed. In contrast when a well-trained, uniformed franchisee arrives in a liveried van and provides professional, high quality valets using specially developed products, there’s really no contest.


It’s no secret that a satisfied customer is a business’s best salesperson and in a market where real quality of service is difficult to find, customers tend to be loyal to trusted suppliers, using them regularly and recommending them to others. This is particularly important in these challenging economic times. Valeting is a business concept based on regular, repeat custom, which means you can expect a reliable and growing income stream.

PCC franchisees provide regular valeting services both to individual motorists and local businesses, who typically require valeting services on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Accordingly, most of our franchisees have pretty full order books for several weeks – if not months – ahead, and fill any gaps with impromptu customers.


One of the biggest advantages of a valeting franchise is the flexibility and independence that comes with working for yourself. Organising your time is down to you, which means that work can be juggled effectively with family and leisure commitments. It’s a very satisfying business too. The sight of a freshly cleaned, highly polished car puts a smile on most customers’ faces and invariably you’ll be paid on completion of the job, so you do not have to worry about unpaid bills and extended credit.

Another unexpected benefit is that a valeting business will help you keep fit, shed pounds and tone up! It’s a fairly physical activity and many of our PCC franchisees have been transformed within a matter of months – some even running marathons for the first time!

5. WASH ‘N’ GO!

In summary, if you love cars and enjoy being outdoors rather than chained to a desk; if you are also a practical person with strong people skills, a valeting franchise could be just the opportunity for you. Whether you want to build a large business, or retain the flexibility of operating on your own, starting up is very affordable indeed.

About the Author

Matthew Anderson is a franchise consultant and founder of The Franchise Shop, a UK business franchise directory featuring
Automotive Franchises
Valeting franchises
for sale in the UK

Business Insights – The Customer, Franchise Direct (

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Restaurant Franchises Opportunities

restaurant franchises opportunities

Hottest Restaurant Franchise in America?

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Car Wax On Windshield

Volvo Wiper Blades â?? Windshield Protectors

Safety is always a major concern while on the road especially during harsh weather conditions. A slew of car accessories like the Volvo wiper blade are designed to contribute to road safety and convenience. The Volvo windshield wiper is basically a thin strip of rubber material attached to an assembly holding the strip against the windshield. The windshield wiper sweeps water, snow, dirt, bugs, and the likes off the windshield to clear visibility up front.

Usually, the simplest of wiper blades may be good enough to do the task, especially in temperate regions. Driving under harsh weather conditions, however, requires heavy-duty or higher performance wiper blades. To meet the needs of today’s consumers, different designs of wiper blades are offered by carmakers and aftermarket parts manufacturers. One example is the wiper blade with dual-rubber wiping element. This design uses two different rubber formulations in two areas that perform different tasks resulting to better, lower-noise performance over a longer service life. Another design features both synthetic and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber reduces noise sharply and provides good elasticity at extreme temperatures, while natural rubber enables improving wiping and durability.

Just like any other car part and accessory, the Volvo wiper blade eventually wears out. Different factors such as dusts, sand, UV rays, contaminants, heavy usage, washer fluid, car wax, heat, salt and exposure to other elements contribute to a wiper blade’s deterioration. Various indications of worn-out wiper blades include streaks, smears, smudged areas along the windshield, chattering, skipping wiper blades, nicked, cracked or separated rubber elements, and noisy wiping action due to worn-out wiper blade joints. Worn-out Volvo wiper blades may result to reduced visibility and slower reaction time, which could lead to road accidents. A windshield wiper blade is ideally replaced every six months to a year or when it shows first signs of wear.

About the Author

Evander Klum is a Business Administration graduate who hails from Alabama. He enjoys extreme sports and he is also a car racing fanatic. At present, he works as a marketing manager at an advertising agency in Cleveland.

Auto Repair : How to Clean a Car Windshield of Wax


Florida Franchise Attorney

florida franchise attorney

Franchise Law | Duell Law Firm

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Forum Franchise

40 years of Canucks hockey
Images from the history of Vancouver’s hockey franchise

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Car Detailing Definition

Hybrid Sports Car–speed and Economy

This article explains a few things about “hybrid car”, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.

If you are a type of person who likes exotic high speed sports car, then you should prepare to spend a lot of money on gasoline. Sports cars are known to have large engines to achieve high amounts of speed. Having large engines mean that it will also consume large amounts of fuel.

For the typical person, this kind of car is definitely not something that they should drive everyday, especially because of the rising prices of gasoline. However, why do people still drool and save money to buy these expensive sports car? Maybe it’s because of the high speed capability that they can take advantage of whenever they feel the need for speed, or maybe because it’s because of the sleek and stylish look of these vehicles.

Hybrid technology is now being used to produce fuel efficient cars. These cars are designed to be lightweight, and aerodynamic with small engines to maximize fuel efficiency. However, hybrid cars are relatively slow because of the small engine. Hybrid cars existing today are designed for city or local driving where you don’t need to go on high speeds. You have to consider that these cars are designed to be fuel efficient.

However, car manufacturers today are now opening up a new line of hybrid cars. Some already built a prototype or a concept car to be shown to the public. These hybrid cars are designed to achieve high amounts of speed but at the same time, take advantage of the hybrid technology to save fuel.

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of “hybrid car” is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about “hybrid car”.

High speed hybrid sports cars are being designed by car manufacturers today to satisfy consumers who like to go at high speeds and at the same time, save fuel. The gasoline-electric engine concept is so popular today that manufacturers, such as Toyota and Honda are now opening a new line in their factory that produces hybrid sports cars.

Major auto shows have shown different hybrid sports car concepts from different large car manufacturers. One is the high performance hybrid sports car from Mitsubishi called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E. This hybrid concept sports car is a very good example of what sports cars will look like in the near future.

Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Concept-E takes advantage of the hybrid technology. The front wheels are driven by the parallel hybrid system. This means that the electric motor is integrated with the gasoline engine, which is a 3.8 liter V6. With the gasoline engine and the electric motor, it is able to have a power output of 270 horsepower.

The new generation of sports car like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E is only one of the concept hybrid sports cars that are now being talked about by sports car fanatics. With the hybrid technology integrated into sports cars, you will definitely save a lot of money on fuel while letting you combine fuel efficiency and power all in one package.

Hybrid sports car is definitely the sports car of the future. It is now possible to have a sports car that is able to save fuel and still give you maximum performance. With hybrid sports car, you can now own a luxury sports car that is able to cut fuel consumption. You can satisfy your speed urges without sacrificing big money for fuel.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in “hybrid car”. When people start looking for more information about “hybrid car”, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.

About the Author

The author, Floyd Dorrance not only writes various articles but has been an avid car buff since his teen years.

High Definition Car Care HD Uno on plastic headlights

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Franchise Entrepreneur

Local Mr. Appliance Named National Franchise of the Month
Mr. Appliance of Winchester was named the October 2010 franchise of the month by Mr. Appliance Corp. Oscar and Debbie Salvail, owners of Mr. Appliance of Winchester in California were recognized and thanked for their hard work and dedication to customer service.Its an honor to receive this recognition, Salvail said. This award is the result of the commitment of our team and the quality…

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Mlb Franchise Moves

MLB â?? History of the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are one of Major League Baseball’s “newer” franchises and are based out of Seattle, Washington.  The Mariners are a professional men’s baseball team and they  play in the Western Division of the American League.  The Seattle Mariners played all of their home games in the Kingdome until about 1999 when the new Safeco Field was built.  They now play all of their home games at Safeco Field.  One unique thing about the Mariners franchise is that they are one of only three other teams in the MLB to be owned by a corporation.  Their current colors are teal, navy blue, and a metallic silver.  Their old colors were royal blue and gold but changed over in 1992.

The Seattle Mariners were enfranchised in 1977, but their inception started before that in 1970 when the state of Washington sued the American League over a breach of contract when the Pilots were sold and relocated to Milwaukee.  In the hopes that another Major League Baseball team would come to Seattle, King County built the Kingdom (which was a multi-purpose stadium) and were soon rewarded with the NFL expansion Seattle Seahawks.  About a year later was when the Seattle Mariners would become a franchise.

Baseball in Seattle started off strong in 1977, with the Mariners first game being attended by a sold out crowd of over 57,000.  Through the next decade or so they would have mediocre success and would even change management when they were bought by George Argyros  in 1981, who was a California businessman.

By about 1993, the Mariners would get new uniforms (which they still don today) and would get a new manager in the form of Lou Piniella.  Already an established manager, he would lead the team to some great success over the next ten years until 2002.  These would also be some of the best years for star player Ken Griffey Jr. while on the team.  During these years the Mariners would win their first division championship and show that they could compete in the league.  Lou would also win two manager of the year awards during this time period.

By 2001, the Mariners had the best winning percentage of any team in the major leagues.  They won the West Division championship and won 116 single-season wins.  That year Ichiro would also get the American League MVP award, along with the Rookie of the Year and Golden Glove award.  

Fast forward six more years and Seattle would change up its management again in 2008 by hiring Jack Zduriencik as their new general manager.  They also got a new field manager and an whole new coaching staff for the team.  In recent years the team has made a lot of trades to create a championship team including bringing Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, and Felix Hernandez onto the team over the 2009-10 offseason.

While the Seattle Mariners have never won a World Series or even played in a World Series, they have been making changes as of late to help them pull back into contention in the league.

About the Author

Alexa Morris writes reviews on various sporting events including the different sportsbook websites. In this piece of write up the author highlights on some of legends of MLB and MLB Betting odds.The author also takes the readers thought on how to bet on baseball.

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