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Car Detailing Bag

car detailing bag

Room Seven Spring 2011 Ice Car Diaper Bag Angles

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Car Detailing Franchise

car detailing franchise

Advantage Rent a Car Franchise Review

Advantage Rent a Car is a privately held independent car rental company, by Denny Hecker Family Ventures. It’s headquarter is in San Antonio, Texas. This brand was acquired by Hertz Corporation in 2009 and now is operated under the same name. The purpose of this company is to provide leisure, business, government and local customers with a broad range of vehicle-rental services. It provides rental services in more than 150 US locations and 130 locations in 33 countries internationally.

 A small business known as “Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals” opened for serving the large military population in San Antonio, Texas in 1963. Government travelers were initially served by this company and there after expanded quickly into leisure and feeder markets over the next 20 yrs. Local retail and airport markets located throughout the Western United States were covered by its rental services. In 1985, the operation was consolidated under the name of “Advantage Rent a Car”. With the launch of affiliate partnership program, Advantage Company attained a worldwide presence in 2001.

Advantage Rent a Car began franchising in 2007. Advantage business franchise is appropriate for entrepreneurs who have exceptional customer relating skills and possess great interest in vehicles.

Bankruptcy / Acquisition by Hertz

Advantage filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2008 and shut down 40% of its US retail locations. At the time of bankruptcy, it’s almost half of the workforce or 440 workers were laid off. At that time Advantage was privately held by Denny Hecker, Minnesota auto dealership tycoon.

The Hertz Corporation purchased Advantage’s assets for $33 million on March 31, 2009. Hertz successfully outbid Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Minnesota bankruptcy court.

Franchise Cost:

Total investment of $157,900 – $8,000,000 is required by the franchisee in order to grab the opportunity of owing a franchise. The investment may be quite expensive because a franchisee would be investing in vehicles that are of good quality for their customers. Advantage Rent A Car charges their franchisees a Franchise fee of $25,000 – $750,000 and an addition 3% ongoing royalty fee (franchisees will be forwarding 3% of their sales, less all the deductibles). This royalty fee is for the company’s part in the franchisee’s profits for using the company’s reputation, name and system.

It is an additional advantage for franchisees to have a background in the automotive market. This helps them to show customers the advantages of their services. If a franchisee possesses good knowledge then it will be easy for him or her to attract customers.

That being said, most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

Can overhead, startup and investment cost be cut or illuminated? One way is to take advantage of the new age of entrepreneurship. Opportunities have emerged in the online market that are creating millionaires every single day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities tied to a business model that begins profitable by visiting: .

About the Author

Thomas White is an Internet Coach and Mentor, Real Estate Broker, Investor and multi-location franchisee, dedicated to helping other achieve financial freedom leveraging the online market. To see his methods of creating an automated and thriving online business or how you can leverage the internet to send your existing business through the roof visit:

Perfect Car Wash from Supwave,Malaysia

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Car Detailing Bloomington Il

car detailing bloomington il

A Guide To Car Repair

We’re all going to need to get our cars repaired sooner or later. Maintenace is also vital because it keeps your vehicle in working order. Regardless of whether your vehicle is new or old, you will need service and repair some time down the line. Let’s take a look at the various types of repairs.

Auto Body Repair – If you have gotten into an accident and have some dings or dents on your car, you may need auto body repair or collision repair. An auto mechanic performing auto body repair may perform simple tasks such as replace the bumper or fix minor dents. In case of a serious accident additional work may include straightening the frame. windshield repair brooklyn park offers auto services in Minneapolis.

Vehicle Detailing – Remember how your car was spotless and squeaky clean when you drove it off the lot? It’s normal for the finish to get a bit scruffed up after daily use. Vehicle detailing involves cleaning the inside and outside of the auto. It also includes a polishing and waxing of the body in order to restore shine. Additional procedures may involve cleaning the engine, shampooing the carpets and even neutralizing unpleasant odors. It’s a good idea to detail a vehicle prior to selling it. auto glass replacement bloomington mn offers auto body services around Bloomington in the state of MN.

Auto Glass Replacement – There are many possible causes of a broken windshield including an accident or vandalism. It is against the law to drive around with a broken windshield because it obstructs the driver’s view. It’s important to get it replace as soon as possible because if you have a crack and accidentally get your auto glass hit with a rock it can shatter the glass and cause it to crack while you are driving. Cracked windshield needs to be replaced ASAP in order to avoid injuries.

Dent Removal – Dents are unattractive and detract from a vehicle’s overall appearance. Paintless dent removal is technique designed to repair dents. Specialized hammers are used to flatten the surface. The Paintless Dent Removal may also be used in cases of hail damage. This process only works on minor dents. If you have a bigger dent, the technician may need to use a dent puller. Visit auto detailing brooklyn park for all your car repair needs in Minnesota.

Most auto repair shops will give you an estimate of all charges. Another option is to buy your own parts and pay for labor and save some money that way. Make sure the shop employs certified technicians.  Always inspect the work afterwards in order to make sure that all services were performed satisfactorily.  

Written by Katherine L. Woods

1917 E Taylor Street Bloomington IL

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Car Detailing Process

car detailing process

When The Car Buying Process Does Not Run Smoothly

When it comes to buying a new or used car many of us have a pleasant experience with us getting a good deal on a car we have been looking at for a while. We take the car, enjoy driving it and we get many years out of it. Unfortunately this is not always the case and sometimes we do not get what we are paying for. If this sounds like something you have gone through then here are a few pieces of information to help you avoid these situations in the future.

When you buy a car, regardless of whether it is new or used, you enter into a contract with the dealer. This contract is governed by three main acts that give the buyer certain rights. These three acts are the Sales of Goods Act, the Supply of Goods Act and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations. It may sound complicated but they are there to ensure you do not get ripped off.

The acts say that the car must be of satisfactory quality. This means that the car must be in reasonable condition depending on the type of car and what you paid for it. If the car is brand new then the car should be free of any minor problems, however if it is a second-hand car then you need to be more lenient depending on the age of the car.

During the sale, the salesman will probably tell you of all the amazing things the car can do, but once you have finalised the deal make sure the car can do all these things. The car should also be able to do what you would expect from a car of that size, price and type. If you find a 4×4 that can not handle bumpy roads and mountainous areas then you are in your rights to question the seller.

You must remember that you are not going to be entitled to a refund if the salesmen pointed out the fault before the sale was completed or the fault was so obvious that you should have noticed it before driving away. If you damage the car then you are clearly not going to be able to claim anything. This shows the importance of checking a car thoroughly, especially if it is second-hand, before agreeing on any deal.

If you are thinking of buying a new or used car you can look for car finance companies to help you fund the purchase. Alternatively try to refinance car loans you may have to help you get a better deal.

About the Author

Auto Detailing & Maintenance : Detailing process of F250 Truck.flv

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Car Detailing Gold Coast

car detailing gold coast

Car Hire Gold Coast-Best Way to Explore the Mesmerizing Views of the City

Gold Coast is without any doubt a place where any one would like to go for vacations with their family and friends. This wonderful place has so many things to offer to everyone coming to this place. Gold Coast has a coastline extended for about 57 km together with the most stunning and amazing beaches where you can relax, amuse yourself in various sports and enjoy with your family and friends. If you are an adventurous person, you can take pleasure in parasailing and jet skiing. And if you have more interest in Sports, then you can enjoy bungee jumping and beach volley ball on the amazing beaches. Theme parks in Gold Coast are another place which magnetize tourist to enjoy and have fun with their near and dear ones. The art galleries and museums should also be on your list if you are an art lover. Hence, without thinking further, one should simply go for car hire Gold Coast and discover this amazing city for an ideal vacation.

Gold Coast car rental is undoubtedly the convenient as well as the easiest way of discovering all the wonderful tourist places. Gold Coast car rentals are definitely the safest as well as economical mode of transportation as compared to others to enjoy the captivating views of this wonderful city. In addition to the theme parks, beaches and parasailing, you can also take part in and enjoy numerous recreational activities such as boating, surfing, golf and fishing, which will definitely enlighten your audacious soul.

You can also enjoy shopping in Gold Coast as it has various multi stored mall where you can easily get quality stuff. Apart from the shopping malls, the bustling nighttime also magnetizes the tourists. All these wonderful tourist places can be discovered according to your convenience and time, just by getting hold of a Gold Coast cheap car hire. Car hire Gold Coast will be a great help in saving your money as well as time which is not the case with other modes of transportation such as bus, etc., where you spend most of the time waiting for the bus.

You can book you car in advance before you commence your journey or you can simply contact Gold Coast car rental companies just by logging to Gold Coast cheap car hire, search the website and just book a car for yourself as per your budget. International tourist should be more vigilant as they do not have much idea about the cars as well as the rental system out there. So, just get hold of a Gold Coast car rental and commence your expedition towards discovering this stunning place.

About the Author

<p>The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at to know more about <a href=””> car hire gold coast </a> and <a href=””> car hire gold coast airport </a>. </p>

GCCC Car Wash

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Car Detailing Forums

car detailing forums

How To Detail Your Car at with Mike Phillips

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Car Detailing Newton Mass

car detailing newton mass

car detail Wash Wax Paint Sealant Scratch Repair Removal Boston MA Braintree

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Custom Car Detailing Flyers

custom car detailing flyers

Come Home to Spectacular Living in Newcastle!

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Average Car Detailing Costs

average car detailing costs

The most expensive car wash in the world

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Free Car Detailing Clip Art

free car detailing clip art

Streaming & Broadcasting Videos With Gooclip. A Giant Website For Sale!

The Gooclip.Net or YouTubeMovies.Net is a broadcasting video website with 1000s of registered users and more than 500 uploaded videos in various categories. I

Gooclip also has developed sub-websites with anything regarding video watch or video working information or downloads regading video elaboration and video streaming (ex. Gooclip Channels, World TV Channels, Watch Free Sat TV, Movies & Films, Adults & Erotic Channels, Gooclip Photos, Various downloads, Mp3 Music files & downloads entire albums, Video elaboration & video websites creation Articles, Kids & Teens, Forum, Blog, Videos on Gmaps, Video dating, News & Media, Gooclip Earth and Gooclip Search. The entire memory capacity is more than 470 GB including music files, videos, photos, etc..

  Gooclip.Net has a mirror website which redirects the user to Gooclip.Net

In this article are exposed all features of Gooclip.Net and all its sub-websites.

1. Broadcast your own video clips for your friends and public. Upload on gooclip is easy up to 150 MB size video files of any format and for any category. Categories include:

 Art & culture, Adults & Erotic, Autos & vehicles, Best movie votation, Cartoons, Celebrities, Commercials, Documentaries, Eurovision 2007: Give your true vote, Entertainment, Extreme, Fashion & Beauty, Pets & Animals, Science & technology, Sports & activities, Films & animation, Funny & comedy, Incredible, Kids & teens, Music, News & media, Nature & landscape, People & lifestyle, Performers & skits, Science Fiction & Horror, Strange & cools, Stunts, Travel & places, Video cams,Video dating, Video games

Video File type formats include: XVID, DivX, DAT, 3GP, ASF, AVI, DV, GVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, QT OGM, or WMV

2. Video clips can be embeded on ohter sites or blogs or social networks sites. Guests and users can also copy the address URL for any use.

3. Commenting, saving in favorites, sending to friends, votation as best video, flagging as innapropriate (copyright violation) or rating of video clips are all possible fea

4. Let’s see in details the various options and features: 

Uploading user can define some video options: categories, language, date, country, tags, broadcast type (public or private), Allow External Sites to Embed This Video, Allow Comments:, play under warning if sexually explicit, participate in the voting for best movie. users can also define if wants to accept comments.

During registration users can define if want to get email replies from other users, if want to have a singles profile (if yes then fills-in the appreared forms). ,

– All videos having sexually explicit content videos are placed under category “Adults & erotic” accessed only by registered users and videos played under waning for kids safety.

– Videos are defined as such a.) by the user himself b.) by the administrator.moderator, c.) by other users by clicking on “Flag as innapropriate” Videos have a field “Author:”. This is intented to type the real video author (if user has his authorisation) or a website address where the video belongs.

– Playing movies have some video indicators such as: playing title, time, movie URL, embed code, tags.

– All words of the video title are automatically defined as Tags. User can at the upload form define also extra tags. There is a limit of tags.

– Video comments: Videos can be commented by other registered users. Comments can be deleted or replied by the video owners. 

– Video attributes: Videos can be emmbed on blogs or websites using the embed code or the video url address. Users placing their videos on Google Map receive the embed code for placing the map portion together with their video on their blog or website. It is also possible to enlarge the player abd watch the video on a bigger player size.

Video edit: Videos can be edited or deleted by the owner. Here below is a screen shot of the video edit form:

-Videos have a field “Author:”. This is intented to type the real video author (if user has his authorisation) or a website address where the video belongs.
– Playing movies have some video indicators such as: playing title, time, movie URL, embed code, tags.
– All words of the video title are automatically defined as Tags. User can at the ipload form define also extra tags. There is a limit of tags.
Video comments: Videos can be commented by other registered users. Comments can be deleted or replied by the video owners.
– Place videos at favorites with playlists (videos are placed under sub-categories defined by the users themselves.
Share videos; On every video there is a link to send the video link to friends. Additionnally this can be done from the user account self.
Users profile include several information fields included photo of the user.
Create your clubs or join clubs. Full user’s club management (users joined as members and at the club added movies). Add movies from general list or from favorites. Members of a club can send messages one to the other to their email address using online form for users privacy.
Clubs are defined by a photo, title, description. Can be private, publicly accessible without owner’s authorisation or public with owner’s authorisation and owner’s password.
Publc with authorisation access clubs are the best option for users who want to broadcast videos for a certain categry of public.
Video dating: users Singles can create their dating profile and assign a video as dating video. These videos are shown only at users defined as singles and belong at the singles community.
These videos are then viewable under the category “Video dating” or the community “Singles Community”. A search engine permits a fine search of singes videos according to the query options such as “age”, “looking for”, gender, etc..Singles Users can email free messages to other singles.

-Videos can be placed on Google Maps. Users may define at their video edit manager if their video can be placed on the Google map. See
Awarding Videos; Videos can be voted by other users. Every user can assign one of his videos to participate at the awarding process. Votations are done by the users themselves (max. 3 for each)
Videos on votation have an extra on video table link “Invite for votation” where users can send up to 10 email address a message with the video URL to invite them to vote their video.
Search videos: At the tope of the main page is the search field which can search anything which is included in the title, description, tags. Also search usernames will display all movies added by a certain user.
Search engine: permits a more fine search of videos according the tags, language, category ad community.
Communities: for the moment are included only Singles but later will be more included.
– Full user’s account management: Profiles can be edited, add/replace photo, manage videos, change password, change email, etc..
Feedback form permits user to question for a certain question (selected in a combobox) and in a certain language (also selected from combobox).
– Special service for dating websites webmasters: can get a special account where they can upload all their members text profile info and video profile.

– Guests, and members can embed a Gooclip search engine on their websites or blogs ro search and play Gooclip videos. 

5. Gooclip also has developed sub-websites with anything regarding video watch or video working information or downloads regading video elaboration and video streaming.

5.1. Gooclip Channels;

This website provides possibility to watch various channels such as commedy, art, music clips, documentaries, caartoons, travel, funny, BBC documentaries, world cities and countries video channels. These channels are collected FLV format video cips where user can preselect or let play randomly.

Every channel has sub-channels as for example:

– Commedy channels include Mr. Bean, Charly Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy Benny HillThannassis Veggos(Greel), Maski show (Russian) video channels. More are still commin

– Documentaries channels include Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Explorations, History, Medicine, Nature, Science, Technic and Travel video movies.

– Music channels include ABBA, Alla Pugacheva (Russian), Charles Aznavour, Chillout, Demis Roussos, Eros Ramazzotti, Heritage singers, Igor Krutoi (Russian), Maranatha singers, Nana Mouskouri, Valeri Meladze, Vangelis synthesizer, and the Russian artists Via Fra, Irina Allegrova, Awrebro, Hor Turechkogo group.

– Also a generic Artists channel is provided for various artists.

– Users can embed any of these channels on their own websites or blogs or social networks. Post comments on this Gooclip channels website is possible.

5.2. World TV Channels;

This website provides possibility for register members to watch various TV channels from any world country, provides a free TV Channels Directory on the web, Free TV channels listing with online channel play (downloads of movie players are included), Video streaming services, News TV channels in various languages, Live streaming video links directory. streaming media online (

Intenet TV tuners: Free Streaming TV Channels, Live Web Cams, music and radio broadcasting and Video Search), Radio and Television remote control panel (select country and watch or listen viddeos and music), Sat & TV & Radio links and Sat Data listing

Members can embed any of these channels on their own websites or blogs or social networks. Post comments on this Gooclip channels website is possible.

5.3. Gooclip Movies & Films ;

Register Members can watch long length movies (films) of any category (comedies, thrillers/horrors, actions/adventures, sci-fi/famtasy, drama/crime, war/historical/biblical, classic, family, romance).

5.4. Adults & Erotic Channels; 

Register Members can watch sexual content art videos channel, erotic clips channel and Adults channels (sex , erotic and porn content movies)

5.5. Gooclip Photos;

1000s free photo images for creating video films, school work, reports or any written work where you need to enrich with nice images. Register members have free access. Photo content include cities, world countries, USA photos, nature, animals, satelite images, sexy photos, and miscelaneous (100s images of 100s of various categories).

5.6. Gooclip Free downloads;

Restered members are free to download lot of useful items including video games, midi files, wav sound files, video tools, video applications tuttorials, free video listing media websites, useful links for free video content, free ringtones, webmaster tools, live music channels (+ radios),

Internet Radio broadcasting, live TV channels and Satellite Stations, Online music subscription services – Legal music downloads, Live! Internet Radio and TV channels broadcasting Stations, free 1000s music files download websites directory, Free Javascripts for webmasters, Free useful programs & applications, Free streaming video clips websites directory, Play games online, Free Flash Templates, Free Website Templates, free Flash MP3 music player with XML playlist and much more… 

5.7. Gooclip Music;

Gooclip offers register members to have their own web online personal radio station. Listen but only music while navigating in the internet pages or listen and enjoy magnificent images of world places. Select between 1000s Gooclip Mp3 music files, record them online and upload it at your Video Editor. Use your Sound Blaster recording program to record them using the feature “What you hear”; This website includes

5.7.1 Listen hours long various music style from Pop till Classic or Jazz, from Opera up to Rap, from Techno or Electronic or Religious till countries National hymne.

5.7.2. Listen hours long various languages (countries) music including Greek, Russian, Arab, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Chinese, etc..

5.7.3. Images & Sound channel (2 hours long video with images and music video)

5.7.4. DJs Web Control Panel for all Music Styles. Select any music style to play on various music style players simultaneously displayed on the web page. Users can use their PC and Gooclip Radio MuicBox for their Partys; selecting any category Disco, Pop, Latin, Music4ALll player and play automatically dance muaix and entertain their guests.

5.7.5. Artists music channels; An Mp3 flash player plays all music numbers of various artists such as Yanni, Enigma, Mirreille Mathieu, Hellen Fisher, Roland Kaiser, Toto Cotugno, Andriano celentano, Eros Ramazzotti, Alla Pugacheva, etc..Use your Sound Blaster recording program to record them using the feature “What you hear”

5.7.6. Get your own free jukebox by embeding any music Gooclip Flash MP3 player on your website ot Blogg.

5.7.7. World Live! Radio-Stations listings with play online feature.

5.7.8. Podcasting & audio editing tools.

5.7.8. Gooclip music downloads;

This website permits ewfister members to download FREE any music style of any language (country) music file among 1000s. You can play the file before to download. search engine permits to search the song title or artist and create an artist playlist. you can play this playlist via an MP3 player and if you like the album you caan download the entire albums of artists. Styles and languages are already mentionned at point 5.7.

5.9. Gooclip articles;

This website includes articles on video work, articles free directories, free submission and promotion of your video website, video links ressources, information for video sites builders, live streaming video tuttorials, useful video application scripts, technical articles and tuttorials on the matter on the web, video share websites, webmaster tools, and educational videos ressources and sources.

5.10 Gooclip Kids;

This website includes video channel for babies (animation clips), video channel for over 5 years old kids, educational videos, stories and fairtales, music/poems and songs, games/quizes and puzzles, drawings and colorings, photos for kids homework, stories to listen and stories to read, Kids Educational & Entertaining Network, kids web univers with kids ressources, kids greeting cards, Parent and teaches important tips and information and finally the Gooclip kids medialbum available for our small angels for free. By signing up as member kids can use the kids chat , the kids videochat, anf the kids blog where they can express their ideas or opinions on any subject.

The Gooclip Kids Network website is a 100% SAFE website with selected kids content as: video clips of many categories and educational clips, games, stories, quizes, music, chat, blog, educational stuff (explorations, geography, countries profiles, earth exploration, maps, science, technic, doyourself, and more..), Encyclopedias online and 1000s photos for your schoolwork, send greetings to parents and kids, useful links for kids, parents and teachers, and more.. for any age (2-18 yo). Anything is there for your entertainment and schoolwork. All sites to which we are linking are selected & cheched as SAFE websites.

Gooclip Medialbum offers the possibility kids to create their own photo-video site with own administration. They can add their videos or photos and create their photo galleries organised and categorised in years (2000 and then). Also they can display also their favorite websites. A guestbook provides theminformation of other kids visited their mediaalbum. And all these using the included administrator panel. The creation of the website is instantaneous and online. By entering the medialbum title, the wished background image, and eventually the topimage of the main webpage the website is created with a click of the mouse and they can start using it.

Gooclip has created the VIDEDU project which a video as educational tool for schools and is has sampled lot of partners drom all European countries such as schools, universities, educational institutes, crate a video streaming educationalnetwork for schools used by the teachers to enrich their lessons with video material and make learning easier. See

5.11. Gooclip Teens;

This website contents videos for teens, educational videos (Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Explorations, History, Medicine, Nature, Science, Technic and palacesof world, and scolastic free videos), stories and essais, teens Gooclip musicbox to listen, free kids music websites listing, creative music/poetry and poems, Science/Medicin and technic (including medicin, science, astronomy, Technique, Geology and Geography, Chemistry, Biology, History, Mathematics & algebra, Science and Technic experiments, , Miscelaneous other technology items.

Other features include: How it works and goit yourself (projects to realise yourself with given tips, scientifical toys, amazing realisations, sicence experiemces websites listing. world exploration include information about world, univers, civilisations, undersea, antarctic, arctic, volcanos, earth geology & geography earth ecology, earth climate explorations. games/quizes and puzzles, drawings and colorings, photos for kids homework, downloads (screensavers, paperwalls, games), stories to listen and stories to read, Teens Educational & Entertaining Network, Teens greeting cards, Parent and teaches important tips and information, low price shopping (such as T- shirts, technic items, food & drinks, schoolstuff, shoes, and cloths sponsored by shopping centers.)

Finally the Gooclip Medialbum available for Teens as for kids (see 5.10)

5.12. Gooclip forum;

The forum is created for register members who need set questions and receive answers from others experiences in the field of Video broadcasting & streaming techniques, audio streaming techniques, satelite techniques and problems, flash server development, HTmL and Javaxscripts in video work, site developments, video streaming, MC Media player, Flash applications and others. Non Gooclip member may register Forum members independently but Gooclip members do not need new registration to join the forum. They are directly connected with their Gooclip password

5.13. Gooclip Blogg;

The Gooclip Blog is created for registered members to expose their own idas and opinions, tips and articles on any matter including video.

5.14. Gooclip Gmaps Videos;

This website includes to watch video news of various countries by selecting the News TV Channel and the language from the appropriate comboboxes the news channel is displayed on the Gmap at the place where the program is emmitted. Includes the website (http;// where users can register and display their messages, their business promotions, their information on services, etc.. on Google maps. Such informations include weather, traffic, earth alerts, vacations, sightseeing, events, real estate, earth stats, car rentals, hotels, transport, public services, travel agencies, other businesses, construction companies, industry and entertainment.

Also you can watch Gooclip videos and Youtube videos on Gmaps, and finallya Google mashups and tools index listing is given for who is interested in other Gmaps applications on the web.

5.15. Gooclip News;

The Gooclip earth ( offers to the user a news scroller daily news & world information, news TV channels to select in different languages and countries, News Feeds Aggregator capable to display 10 news channels over all the world in various selected categories (health, education, politics, science, technology, sport, buisness, economy, world news, etc..

The world Media Press displays for you the banners of 100s of media & Press over all the world. With one click you can reach their official website. World Newspapers permits via a world mapping scheme to select any continent or country and get the listing and link to the various official journals and newspapers. The News reference Desk offers the most important items for reading on the web. Finally you can read fresh news from Free Dictionary. A free language translator helps you to translatre any article you are interested in your language.

5.16. Gooclip Earth;

The Gooclip earth ( presents videos and articles in the field of earth exploration for new energies, innovative energies, earth disaster monitoring, natural hazards Management, Media & press reports in this matter, Envioronment Nations policies, Green peece organisations, global warming, NASA research, engineering research, and lot of videos on earth exploration, hazards or earth beauties (ex. HOME a BBC documentary, earth revenge, .global warming, an animals movie,

5.17. Gooclip search:

Gooclip search engine is based on the search engine of Alltheweb. There you can find all links to the Gooclip websites.

6. Future projects are in development including gooclip-Science and Gooclip-Health. aLSO Web cam application (users may upload directly a clip from their webcam) aand also Flash Video Chat.

To visit Gooclip here is the address : . To see all websites visit:


Gooclip is for sale!


The website will be sold together with the beautiful domain names and all its websites..

Gooclip.Net has its own personal design layout (does not follow the rest of the similar sites who copy one the other and have all same design), colors, presentation, navigation structure, ,menus etc.. It has its own and unique personalisation.

The uploading speed and time of videos online with image is the quickliest ever. Users videos are live immediately and no time waste till the image is displayed and video be online as for most websites is the case.

The ranking on Google is extraordinarely as it is at 4th position (second page from 12.300.000 pages) after for a query i.e. “broadcast yourself” thus perfect ranking for 9 months life of a site. Most visitors coming from search engines as Google, Aol, Yahoo, and others as well various forums websites. The webiste has been added in articles , forums, blogs, search engines and portals websites thus gained a very good ranking. The large range of articles, tutorials, websites directories, video titles and texts, downloads filenames, etc.. contained in the pages of the website ensures that what ever a user searches, Gooclip is always between the first pages (1st, 2nd or 3d max.) of the results listing.

Gooclip content table:

Registered use 2000

Flash movies    7.5 Gb    2568 files

MS format movies   6.5 Gb   323 files

Music files     68.7 Gb     15000 MP3 files

Photos/Imgs files  1 Gb   8898 files

 Users management (edit data, change pass, delete profile & movie, suspend profile & movie)

Administrator’s features

 Movies management (edit a movie, flag a movie innapropriate for public (an viceversa), bring movies to the top of the listings (and viceversa), delete/suspend movies.

Send massive email to users

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Engineer in Automatic conytrol systems has wriitten lot of publications in software development on various topics, technical and scientific publications, and others. Actually i am managing some advanced technolofy websites based on video streaming, Google Maps Api applications (, Contest Management Systems (CMS –, etc..

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