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Central Car Wash Minneapolis

central car wash minneapolis

Traffic From Torrents by Michelle MacPhearson

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Franchises For Sale In Texas

Business Coach Franchise Owner Writes The Book On Surviving The â??Sales, Marketing And Business Worldâ??


When it comes to sales, it truly is survival of the fittest. In his four decades as a salesman, entrepreneur, business strategist and business coach, Dr. Keith Winfree, founder of Winfree Business Growth Advisors, has not only survived, but been a guide for other entrepreneurs and sales professionals. His recently released e-book, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, shares some of the common sense practices that have served him well in business and in life.

“So much of being successful in the business world has to do with your state of body and mind and how well you listen and observe,” said Winfree. “This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to sell but a means to refine the tools you need to be a successful sales person and person in general.”

In addition to common sense tips, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, also serves as a self-assessment tool. With the book’s 20 sections Winfree asks readers to grade themselves on a scale of one to 100 for each; 100 being no improvement needed and 0 the bottom score. The final “grade” is the total score based on an average for all tips.

Some of the things readers are asked to make a self-assessment on include:

  • Don’t believe everyone and remember people will lie.
  • You must continue to acquire knowledge about your profession.
  • You must care about the product or service and your client
  • Be frugal and live below your means.

“In working with sales professionals and entrepreneurs, I’ve found the more successful ones tend to score higher in these areas of self-assessment,” added Winfree. “Does that mean you can’t be successful if you score low? No. It’s just that the people who scored high usually are. However, we found that those who score below 85% are at risk of failure. Our Black Belt Coaching will move you to the 95% level and above.”

Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World sells for $29.95 and is available on Winfree Business Growth Advisors Web site at Organizations interested in booking Dr. Winfree for speaking engagement can call 800-616-9260.

About Winfree Business Growth Advisors

Located across the United States, Winfree Business Growth Advisors coaching franchises help sales professionals and small business owners maximize growth potential and take their respective businesses to a higher level through cutting-edge sales coaching, business coaching, sales training, and seminars featuring Winfree’s signature Black Belt Systemâ„¢–a Five Phases and 12 elements covering everything from initial marketing efforts to customer retention.

Winfree Business Growth Advisors currently runs coaching franchises in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Illinois, Kentucky (Louisville), Massachusetts (Boston), New York (Manhattan), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth) and Virginia (Hampton Roads) as well as in Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

About the Author

For more information on Winfree’s programs or franchise opportunities and available an Area Development territories, please go to or contact Dr. Keith Winfree at (800) 616-9260.

Texas Franchises For Sale

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Home Service Franchises

The Maids Home Services – Thorough Cleaning Service

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Fraud Franchise

fraud franchise

Phishing Scams E-mail That Take Your Bank Account Details

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Car Detailing Lincoln Ne

How to Buff a Car : How to Polish a Surface with a Buffer

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Bt Games Franchise

bt games franchise

Aliens Vs Predator – Predator Hunt Mode Trailer HD – PlayJamUK


Questions To Ask Franchise

questions to ask franchise

20 Franchise Questions To Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Asking the Right Franchise Questions

The franchise agreement is a lengthy legal document – oftentimes containing more than a hundred pages – that even an experienced franchise lawyer may find challenging to explain to a prospective franchisee. If you know which franchise questions to ask, and whom to ask, then the chances of buying a franchise that’s right for you go up immeasurably. The questions to ask a franchise operator are just as important as those you will ask of the parent corporation. Here are 20 franchise questions well worth asking – 12 for the franchisor and 8 for other franchisees.

Franchise Questions To Ask The Franchisor:

1. How much will it realistically cost me to open for business?

Franchise agreements clearly state the total franchise fee you must pay, plus whatever ongoing royalty payment is due. However, total costs – including a retail location or wholesale warehouse, vehicles, equipment, inventory, and countless other expenses – are usually expressed in a range of values, for example from $350,000 to $730,000. That’s a range as steep as the Rockies! Based upon real estate values in your area and other variables, a franchisor should be willing to narrow that estimate considerably.

2. How many other franchises are in your system?

A low number is not necessarily bad, nor is a high number an automatic winner. In general, you will want to invest in a company that has had its franchising system well tested, and having only a handful of locations does not accomplish that. However, getting in on the ground floor, while a high-risk proposition, can also be incredibly lucrative. Some early round franchisors may be willing to cut you a deal or even grant you master franchising rights to an entire state or national region.

3. Where are your franchises located?

A nationwide franchise has the advantage of huge buying power for inventory and supplies, although a regional franchise may offer a better selection of products or services based upon local demand. Something that sells well on either coast may not necessarily find a strong following in the Midwest, and vice versa.

4. How many franchises have closed, and why?

A franchisor is required by law to divulge the franchises that have left the system, but an honorable corporation will also be willing to explain exactly why this or that operation bit the dust.

5. Have there been any lawsuits between the franchisor and franchisees?

Understanding how the parent company handles disputes with franchisees should give you a pretty good idea how you might fare with them as well.

6. What experience does your management team have?

It is good to understand the background of upper management and their experience within the industry, keeping a special eye on how long they have been with the company. If there has been significant turnover among the corporate players, this could mean their basic franchising model is weak.

7. Who is your competition, and why should I choose you over them?

Naturally you will have done this homework already, but getting the franchisor’s take on other companies in the industry can be very enlightening.

8. What will be my operational territory, and how am I protected within it?

In order to show a profit, you must avoid undue competition from other franchisees in your system. A too small territory may not generate the kind of cash you will need to succeed.
9. How does your corporate team help me select my business site?

If you are opening a retail franchise, your location will be your best friend or your worst enemy. Ideally, real estate experts from the home office will tour your area with you, spending as much time as necessary to pick a spot with optimal visibility and high levels of traffic.

10. How much input do I have regarding ad placement and expenditures?

Most franchisors earmark part of their royalty revenue – money you pay to the parent company each month – to national, regional and sometimes even local advertising campaigns. Companies that listen to their franchisees on this topic generally enjoy greater sales success.

11. What items must I purchase directly from the franchisor?

In order to ensure quality standards from one franchisee to another, nearly every corporation has a list of inventory and supplies that you are required to obtain from them.

12. What happens to me if the parent corporation is sold?

Every business ownership group devises an exit strategy before they start the business. Knowing in advance what their plans are, franchisees can be better prepared for the changes that are likely to occur once a transition is made.

Franchise Questions To Ask Other Franchisees:

13. How long did it take for you to show a profit?

Even though every franchise is different based upon location, clientele, and the individual skills of the owner, this sort of information will give you a timetable against which your own expectations can be measured.

14. How close were your opening costs to the total originally projected?

This is a test of the amount of money you should expect to spend, no matter what the home office may have declared in its marketing materials.

15. Are you satisfied with the support you have received from the franchisor?

You will want to dig into this subject and note in particular any concerns that are ongoing.

16. Did you find your initial (and ongoing) training sufficiently helpful?

By recognizing any training shortfalls experienced by existing franchisees, you will be better prepared to fill in those gaps during your own period of instruction.

17. Have you or your fellow franchisees had any disputes with the parent company?

You will have asked this question of the franchisor (see #5 above), but it always pays to get the other side of the story.

18. What do you see as the company’s greatest competitive advantage and disadvantage?

More than likely, this avenue of exploration will lead to a very valuable discussion of the competition and how one rises above it.

19. What would you change regarding the corporation’s marketing plan?

Some promotional ideas floated at the corporate level are simply brilliant, while others fall flat at the retail level.

20. If you had to do it all over again, would you still buy this franchise?

It goes without saying that the answer to this question will speak for itself.

About the Author

Buying a franchise is easy when you’ve done your research. Get FREE information on how to start a business and buy franchises at – a FREE business for sale exchange with over 32,000 businesses and franchises for sale!

Looking For A Franchise Opportunity? Ask 10 Questions First

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Most Profitable Franchise To Own

most profitable franchise to own
ILM doc shows Lucas’ focus on making ‘great movies’
“Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible” showcases the 35-year history of the famous visual effects studio owned by George Lucas. And Lucas told CNET the studio’s focus is on helping filmmakers, not on making money.
The Most Profitable Home Based Business Opportunity in Australia…

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Franchise Trade Association

NBA 2K10 Association Mode – The Beginning of a Dynasty (Part 2 of 2)

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Franchise Sales Process

How to Find Franchises

As a franchise sales consultant I am often asked what is the best way to start the initial process of researching and finding the right franchises to buy. Most of these individuals are still in the initial stages of thinking about buying a franchise, and don’t necessarily have a strong opinion either way about what type of opportunity they are looking for. My answer is that there are more resources available in today’s market then at anytime to find and research franchise opportunities. Below is a list of some of the most popular methods prospective franchise buyers can use to help narrow the search process and find the franchise business that’s right for them.

Internet Directories:

The fastest and most convenient way to begin the process of finding a franchise is via the Internet. There are now dozens of franchise opportunities directories online today that offer comprehensive listings of franchises for sale, including information about investment levels, training, availability, and how to contact the franchise company for more details. These directories are also a good source for free information about the general process of buying a franchise business. You may want to visit A few different directories such as,, and because not all of then will carry the same franchise listings.

Franchise Industry Publications:

Trade publications are another good source for general information about franchises available and franchising industry news. There are magazines available such as Franchise Times and Entrepreneur, as well as multiple online venues such as and that provide a wealth of free information about finding and buying a franchise.

Trade Shows & Conventions:

There are numerous franchise opportunity trade shows and conventions held through out the year and around the world. These venues offer the chance for individuals to discover and research new opportunities, as well as the unique opportunity to meet actual representatives of franchise companies they may have an interest in. Some of the more popular shows include the National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show, and International Franchise Expo.

Franchise Consultants & Brokers:

Franchise Consultants and brokers work with as little as a few to dozens of different franchise concepts in their database that they generally have in depth knowledge about. Considering the thousands of different franchise opportunities that buyers can choose from these days, they can be effective in helping a prospective buyer narrow their search by first qualifying them, and then showing them opportunities that could be a potential good match. Since the majority of these consultants are paid a referral fee or success fee by the franchisors if one of buyers they introduce moves forward, the buyer generally has no direct expense associated in engaging a franchise consultant to help them.

Some of the potential downsides to working with a franchise consultant can include that some only represent a few or a limited menu of franchise concepts which can potentially limit the prospective buyer’s exposure to seeing all the opportunities available in the market. And like some sales people who work on commission, the motivations of the consultant may some times not be entirely consistent with the prospective buyer’s best interest or goals. But I would say overall, that the franchise consultant industry has a very good reputation for treating their clients fairly and professionally.

Business Brokers:

Many professional business brokers are also franchise consultants, and they also can be an excellent source to find existing or established franchise business for sale in your local area if you decide to go that route. Business brokers generally also have good working knowledge of how franchising works, and can often be very helpful to a prospective buyer because of their inside knowledge of the local small business market.

Hit The Streets:

Another good and obvious way to find a research a potential franchise opportunity is to scope out and visit existing franchise businesses in your local area. There is no better validation that a franchise opportunity concept works than seeing a busy store or restaurant full of customers. And if they are available and have the time, you may also want to ask the owner about how business is going, are they happy with the franchisor, and would they recommend this opportunity.

About the Author

Ray Haiber has 10 years experience as franchise sales consultant as well as a professional small business broker in Arizona. Visit to view and research franchise opportunities for sale through out the USA. To find a business broker in your local area or state, visit

Best Sales Training Tip: Your Attitude When Selling

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