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Business Coach Franchise Owner Writes The Book On Surviving The â??Sales, Marketing And Business Worldâ??


When it comes to sales, it truly is survival of the fittest. In his four decades as a salesman, entrepreneur, business strategist and business coach, Dr. Keith Winfree, founder of Winfree Business Growth Advisors, has not only survived, but been a guide for other entrepreneurs and sales professionals. His recently released e-book, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, shares some of the common sense practices that have served him well in business and in life.

“So much of being successful in the business world has to do with your state of body and mind and how well you listen and observe,” said Winfree. “This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to sell but a means to refine the tools you need to be a successful sales person and person in general.”

In addition to common sense tips, Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World, also serves as a self-assessment tool. With the book’s 20 sections Winfree asks readers to grade themselves on a scale of one to 100 for each; 100 being no improvement needed and 0 the bottom score. The final “grade” is the total score based on an average for all tips.

Some of the things readers are asked to make a self-assessment on include:

  • Don’t believe everyone and remember people will lie.
  • You must continue to acquire knowledge about your profession.
  • You must care about the product or service and your client
  • Be frugal and live below your means.

“In working with sales professionals and entrepreneurs, I’ve found the more successful ones tend to score higher in these areas of self-assessment,” added Winfree. “Does that mean you can’t be successful if you score low? No. It’s just that the people who scored high usually are. However, we found that those who score below 85% are at risk of failure. Our Black Belt Coaching will move you to the 95% level and above.”

Winfree Rules of Surviving the Sales, Marketing and Business World sells for $29.95 and is available on Winfree Business Growth Advisors Web site at Organizations interested in booking Dr. Winfree for speaking engagement can call 800-616-9260.

About Winfree Business Growth Advisors

Located across the United States, Winfree Business Growth Advisors coaching franchises help sales professionals and small business owners maximize growth potential and take their respective businesses to a higher level through cutting-edge sales coaching, business coaching, sales training, and seminars featuring Winfree’s signature Black Belt Systemâ„¢–a Five Phases and 12 elements covering everything from initial marketing efforts to customer retention.

Winfree Business Growth Advisors currently runs coaching franchises in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Illinois, Kentucky (Louisville), Massachusetts (Boston), New York (Manhattan), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth) and Virginia (Hampton Roads) as well as in Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

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For more information on Winfree’s programs or franchise opportunities and available an Area Development territories, please go to or contact Dr. Keith Winfree at (800) 616-9260.

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