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Car Wash Machine Malaysia

car wash machine malaysia

Car Pressure Washer – Latest Interview – PressureJet


Franchise Template


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Animated Car Wash Pictures

animated car wash pictures

Frog Pond Comix (1st Taste)


Car Detailing Vacuum

car detailing vacuum

The majority of people love their cars. In America and everywhere else the car represents a certain social class level and it is a reflection of each personality. Follow the steps on how to wash his car and get incredible results. First, it is very important to always wash his car in the shade away from direct sunlight, it will dry out too quickly and leaving some droplet stains. You need to place the vehicle on the asphalt like that you will be safe from the dirt mud. Then, open all the doors and the trunk to ventilate the car.


With a garbage bag, pick up all the papers lying around (parking tickets, candy packaging), and empty all the pockets, glove box etc. Then remove the carpet to empty them of dust, accumulated since the last wash. We will continue with the evacuation of dust hitting the carpet away from the car. With a vacuum, we finish the work on the carpet to ensure that nothing remains and do the backwards seats and don’t forget to look under the seats. Do not forget the trunk, the rear and ashtrays. Now the plastics. With a soft cloth and plastic cleaner you can removes the dust from the dashboard, doors counterattacks, etc.

When you have finish the inside, put back the carpet and proceed to clean the window. There are several techniques but the one I prefer is to use the liquid glass with a little alcohol and newspapers. Working with the newspaper gives exceptional results.


Check that all doors are closed and prepare a sponge (or a glove specifically designed for washing car) with a bucket and some car shampoo. Then rubs & clean the whole car, including bumpers and windows. You should always start with the roof and then go with the windows and doors. For the windows you just need some Windex and with some paper towel. Use a good glass cleaner and absorbent paper towels, or soft, clean towels to spray and wash all of the windows and mirrors. You may use this to shine-up the chrome enhancements of the car also, or you may choose to use commercial chrome cleaner. Finish the cleaning of the windows outside in the same way as for the interior.

After that, rinse your car several times, if there are traces, do it again. Then we rinse the wheels until there are not a drops of cleaner left (bumper, retro, rods etc.).


The last step is to dry and make the car surface look clean. Use some chamois towels and wipe up the water on the car surface. Open the doors, hoods, etc. Begin at the top and do the entire car.

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Washing & Detailing Your Car Like a Pro : Free Video Tips & Tricks : How to Vacuum Car Carpet

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Franchise Planning

franchise planning
Petland to Stay Open Despite Reports
EL PASO – The local Petland franchise will remain in business despite reports to the contrary. Attorneys for Petland confirm the pet store is not planning to close. read more
Kingsmaid Franchise Video

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Car Detailing Nashville Tn

Tire & Car Care Superstore at Freeland Chevrolet- Nashville, TN


Franchise Estate Agency

Estate Agency Signs Management Franchise Opportunity, advice from the Countrywide Signs Franchise

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Car Detailing Vac

car detailing vac

Shop Vac 925 33 10

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I bought this shop vacuum to clean her husband. Very quietly, as the shop will be cleaner, powerful, fun accessories, and he loves it! He came from a curved accessory, but that Amazon is very easy to replace. It is highly recommended.


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Excellent Product

This is an amazing product. It does everything it says, and does it with ease. The best part is it does not blow out dust, not even from plastering or drywall. My brother bought a Rigid from Home Depot and it was horrible. He hated it. I have used this in almost every situation: wet vac to get water out of my basement; blower to blow leaves; vacuum up after putting up drywall and plastering and sanding; vacuuming the cars; vacuuming outside (because it was out there and I was too lazy to get the broom); etc., and this shop vac handled everything with ease. As far as quality, I have no fear that it will fall apart. It takes the bumps of going down steps just fine. The hose is what it is. You can’t expect it to be indestructable, but it sucks up 3 inch nails, drywall screws, etc., with no problem and no punctures (in either the hose or the bag). Keep in mind this is one big shop vac, but it does a great job. I bought accessories at home depot, and they fit all standard hoses. I really think this is an essential product for any home and/or business owner. It is VERY easy to use and put together. 

Added March 23, 2008: 
This machine is awesome. It has gotten me through some minor and one major flood, a complete basement finish, as well as blowing the leaves when the landscapers don’t show up. It can take a beating. I was sure I would have to buyg a new one after a big rain storm started flooding my basement, but it turned on and sucked up water pretty quickly, and helped get out what the sump pump (that I bought while my wife was using this shop vac) could not pick up (the last half inch). It picks up nails with no problem, and the bags are thick enough that they don’t puncture (they will puncture the bag when you remove it, so be careful). I bought a few other attatchments at home depot, and everything works very well together. If you have a house or are getting one, you need one of these! Just buy a good extension cord (not a cheap one that will heat up). Also, it has the best suction of any vacuum, so when the kids spill a Costco sized Nestle’s Quick, it picks it up with no problem. In fact, it picks 
CheapShop-Vac 9253310 18-Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Right Stuff Wet/Dry Vacuum

Won’t buy another

I gave it three stars because of quality of build and design. There were no usable instructions although something called instructions was in the box. The quality of the materials is sub-par, all plastic. I feel like I have to be very easy when moving the vacuum around for fear of breaking it. The hose is very cheap and kinks at the neck easily. The attachment storage was not really designed at all. There are no good placements for attachments or the hose. 

It does vacuum well and the noise level is not bad. Next time I will get a true commercial vac, not one that has a marketing label on it that says “industrial”.
CheapestShop-Vac 9253310 18-Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Right Stuff Wet/Dry Vacuum

6.5 HP Shop Vac

I was very pleased with the prompt shipment of my order. The 6.5 hp shop vac does a great job. Just be careful it is so powerful it will suck the shoes off your feet. 
Howard in Georgia

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smokeing vacum at the owingsville ky carwash behind DQ

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Franchise Trade Publications

franchise trade publications

Buying A Home Today

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Car Detailing Business Names

car detailing business names

Thoughts on ways to establish a Car Wash Business

Anyone certainly will devote a very long time learning about how to open a car wash business, registering the business, designing your very own business cards, coming up with a business plan, and many of these types of jobs, but if you lack clients you lack a company! So the most critical piece of information you absolutely need to understand is how to bring in clients for your company. A lot of businessmen thinking of opening their own car wash business are acquainted with a commonplace concept of advertising to come up with clients, such as in the classified advertisements, newspapers, yellow pages, posters etc. In this editorial I’ll disclose potent but uncommon procedures to enchant your first clients. You are able to also uncover additional facts about how to make this car wash business lucrative at

Newspaper/Television Interviews

Make yourself readily free for interviews. You unquestionably should not want to explain details about founding a car wash business, so rather explain a detail that is engaging to most people as concerns the industry. The key is getting an invitation. To start with, make certain that you are part of professional directories. When writers need to come up with an authority to quote, they often look in the “Who’s Who” or other directories to uncover a professional. Second, if you can position yourself as a master in the field, you certainly will be pleasantly surprised that you’re on the media short list to be contacted. You should author a magazine or comparable publication in this area and deliver it to all news people, you’ll be considered a great person to interview on the subject on that you wrote a text.

Quick Tips and Things to do:

1.     Doing numerous symposiums and sending out a pamphlet is an additional technique to position yourself in your state as an authority in that field.

2.     Recognize what television and broadcast media contents needs are, and then give it.

3.     Present bulletins to editors to suggest a subject, and suggest yourself as the interview.

Press Release

The top free promotional implement you can’t afford not to employ. Sadly, the press release is also the most misused device. You need to do it carefully for it to use it successfully! That demands writing it up in proper news arrangement, exclusive to each and every medium: newspapers, AM/FM radio, TV, Net, etc. It’s awfully integral that you furnish FACTUAL NEWS! News outlets do not want your self-serving hype! Make certain to impart your press release to the correct employee at your target medium. Remember to include a high quality photo to augment your likelihood of having it chosen. Create a list of all news contacts and deliver your press release to everyone. Distribute perhaps one each week every two weeks. Competition is highly relentless! Magazines and other types of media get heaps of press releases, very nearly every single day. Make yours appealing, rousing, and newsworthy and be sure it will jump out of the crowd.

Fast Hints and Things to do:

1.     Distribute press release on the car wash business stationary.

2.     Make sure releases are not greater than one short page in duration.

3.     Incorporate the date to release the information or designate for “immediate release.”

4.     Work on creating a personal contact at a T.V. station or any other media outlet. Make friends with the contact that will act as guard for your news releases. The more friendly they are with you, the more challenging it is to say no to your release.

5. Encourage newscasters to touch base with you to procure supplementary facts and you probably could get additional free press.

Begin A Newsletter

When you require a long-term relationship with your extant patrons, begin a newsletter and sign up visitors to subscribe. They’ll freely enroll to obtain benefits, like special or “inside” facts on discounts and special offers, and coupons being extended by your car wash business. Do not be blah. Guarantee it is exciting and attractive. Remember to incorporate motivating ads packaged as important information. Seek client suggestions. The intent is to engage your regulars and get them to continue communicating with your business. Have events; perform questionnaires via your business’s newsletter. All of the details you collect can guide you in creating and establishing your car wash business.

Easy Tips and Things to do:

1.     You can underwrite your newsletter expenditures by offering to sell advertisements to others. Further, today you car wash business can e-mail newsletters with next to no cost.

2.     One drawback – newsletters are frequently really hard work, and generally are substantially laborious to fill up with fact and deliver by the deadline.

3.     Every other month to every three months could be frequently enough, yet once monthly definitely is preferable – but is a considerably bigger difficulty to send out by the deadline.


Get good enough at how you go about building professional relationships, and your car wash business might not ever want to get a commercial! Networking signifies every person you meet in your life can be a potential tie to sales and patrons. Connect with others at product trade shows, chamber of commerce events, parties, private functions, breakfast meetings. I’m sure you have approximately 50 names in your organizer or e-mail. Each and every one of the people might put you car wash business into contact with 20 others. Let all your comrades understand that you are establishing your car wash business.

Easy Pointers and Things to do:

1.     Connecting with people suggests doing favours because you turn to other individuals to help by doing favours.

2.     Be sure you do not squander a chance to explain your Car Wash Business to everyone who is able to give you attention.

3.     Do not be vapid; associating with professional contacts means that you are keen in most situations, and making use of an instinct for class.

4.     Remember to check in with any contact within 12 hours, or at the latest no later than every two days.

Strategic Alliance

This notion would be to stick together with some other reciprocal company and look for opportunities to help one another to pitch more, promote each other, locate added markets, divide press expenses, put together contact lists, and so much more. Can be as manageable as giving a boost to each other in the press or P.R., to sweeping arrangements that involve numerous aspects of business, from creation of goods and services to vending, ranging from transit to advertising campaigns. Additional tips on strategic alliance when founding a car wash business can be discovered at

Easy Tips and Activities:

1.     Decide on a corporation you would be happy to manage yourself, and really are looking to be lumped together with.

2.     You don’t need to restrain your joint business venture to only 1 other corporation–your business can create agreements with 20 or even more.

Write A Book

We advise you to write and turn out a book. You substantiate your respectability as the main industry spokesperson in this subject area. You will have a big superiority over and above other business owners. The hardcover book will possibly hook for your car wash business no end of free – telecast and AM-FM interview requests, and speaking engagements. All that and more and you can generate profit on sales of that book as that book promotes your standing and car wash business. In the blink of an eye, low-priced typography enables you to write just a low quantity of softcover books.

Quick Tips and Things to do:

1.     If it turns out that you do not have free time to record, hire a ghostwriter.

2.     If you have a chance to write it yourself, chop it up into 10 to 26 sections of 11 to 26 pages each. After outlining your book work on authoring 1 easy chapter each time you sit down to work on it.

3.     Autonomously-print the softcover book. You maintain leadership of that volume, additionally you do not be obliged to bicker with printers that sadly will pay over to your car wash business the least for the copyright to your book.

4.     Self-printing pushes the softcover book in publication more quickly.

5.     Your car wash business can nevertheless vend the rights to your writing to the handbook to a superior publicist in the future.

6.     Give out or, alternately, sell this volume before conferences and public speaking events.

7.     Don’t let it slip from your memory to make room for an additional product on a very last part of the nonfiction book–offer a press release, or a different product.

Speaking at networking events

Organizing a speaking opportunity presenting useful, significant or up-to-the-minute information could be another fabulous opportunity to find new customers, add to your contact list, distribute newsletters and press releases, and popularize yourself concurrently. Plenty of surprisingly outstanding executives employed the networking event as the sole PR instrument – the speaking opportunity can operate so efficiently, if you run the conference carefully.

Quick Hints and Activities:

1.      Present, or, in the alternative, scrounge up other people to present when you act as chairperson.

2.      Ask a fee, or, in the alternative, give it for free. You should prevail up almost all attendees to be clients of that car wash business
at the seminar to recoup your company’s expenses, then in the end all of those additional clients could bring added income.

3.      Mark down each and every guest! Have each and every contact sign into a book, and try to acquire as much added information as you can concerning every attendee.

4.      Scrounge up the media or give a release. If your event is without charge, your business’s release is just about assured to get used.

5.      Send every single attendee back to work with your contact information, release and more.

6.      Offer yourself to be the keynote at another organization’s speaking opportunity.

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