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Gym Franchise Owner Salary

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Charley Walters: Rich Gannon says there’s more to Brett Favre than he lets on
Rich Gannon might have Brett Favre figured out.


Franchise Magazine Publications

franchise magazine publications

Turning Family Struggle Into Burgeoning Company: Two Entrepreneurial Friends Establish Nationally Recognized Senior Care Franchise 500 Company

Towson, MD – March 13, 2008 – Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s leading full-service home care companies providing personal and professional caregiver services to seniors who want to maintain their independence in their homes, has earned top spots in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 rankings. The company was awarded three prominent spots in the publication’s prestigious Franchise 500 rankings, including: #25 Top New Franchise Ranking, #351 Franchise 500 Ranking, #93 Fastest-Growing Franchise Ranking.

“Since inception, Senior Helpers has experienced tremendous growth. Having such a well respected magazine recognize our company with such accolades, builds a lot of pride in the services we provide,” said Peter Ross, CEO and Co-founder of Senior Helpers. “The rankings we received in Entrepreneur Magazine prove that the company we’ve built is now a proven leader in the senior care industry, poised for both on-going growth and sustainability.”

Senior Helpers first opened its doors in 2001 in Towson, Maryland as a result of two friends who were unable to find at-home assistance for their elderly loved ones. The entrepreneurial friends, Peter Ross and Tony Bonacuse, co-founded Senior Helpers with the idea of franchising right from the start. Bonacuse opened the first location, which flourished in his Maryland hometown. Then, in early 2005, Ross successfully opened a second location in Southern California and in August, the company began franchising, opening up 21 additional locations within one year. The momentum continued, leading to more than 180 franchise locations serving markets across the country.

Senior Helpers provides a wide range of personal and companion care services to assist senior citizens living independently at home, with a strong focus on both the quality of life for the client and peace of mind for the family. A few of their services include: help with housework, meal preparation, errands, transportation, medication reminders and Alzheimer’s care. They also offer dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene assistance provided by Certified Nurses Aids (CNAs) – services that traditional caregiver companies do not always provide.

Speaking of their success, “We feel so fortunate that through establishing this company, we have not only provided peace of mind for the family, but also a service that provides personal, quality care for each of our clients,” commented Tony Bonacuse, President and Co-founder of Senior Helpers. “Senior Helpers is now recognized as a solution for families who are struggling to find reliable and professional caregivers who will spend quality time with their loved ones, while still providing whatever assistance they may need.”

For more information about Senior Helpers please visit:

To view Entrepreneur Magazine’s information on Senior Helpers:

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About the Author

About Senior Helpers:
Senior Helpers connects senior citizens with professional caregivers who provide dependable and affordable home care. Established in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland, Senior Helpers is a leader in personal assistance that betters the quality of life for seniors and their family across the US. The company began franchising in 2005, and now they serve areas across the US. For more information, please visit:

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Queen Team Media Franchise & Etched In Stone Publications Presents

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Outdoor Business â?? Lawn Care Franchise

There are many advantages to acquiring a franchised business. To begin with, the system has already been researched and developed into a viable business model that removes the dangers of trial and error experience. With a franchise from a well known company, your business can take advantage of the national advertising and good reputation of the company to jump start your own local branch. Since it is in the franchise company’s best interest for you to succeed, there are support and information systems in place to make sure you are able to provide quality service. With a franchised business, you will have an exclusive area to work in that will help keep competition down. The cost of purchasing a franchise business opportunity is much less than what you would have to obtain to start a new business from the ground up.

With the purchase of a franchise operation you will be provided with all the necessary training to be able to perform the job well. Advice on specific problems you may require can be had as the franchise distributor will want to make sure all the franchised affiliates meet the standards that the overall brand name is known for.

One of the fastest growing franchise opportunities on the island is the Green Thumb Lawn Care franchise. Increasingly home owners and renters alike are seeking to beautify their dwellings with well manicured and maintained lawns but do not always have the time or the knowledge to make sure it is done correctly. Once you become a Green Thumb Lawn Care professional you will receive all the training and knowledge necessary to provide this lucrative service to the people in your region.

Green Thumb Lawn Care developed lawn care as service concept and maintains a 90% share of the total lawn care franchise business. With the average Green Thumb franchiser servicing about 7% of the homes in their region on a year-round basis the profitability of making Green Thumb a successful business venture is virtually assured.

With national advertising and word of mouth recommendations, there are many areas of the country that are eagerly awaiting a franchise branch to open in their region. Years of experience have given Green Thumb the reputation of high quality professional lawn care so building your customer base is easier with the pre-existing brand recognition of this fast growing business franchise opportunity.

Unlike some lawn care franchise opportunities, Green Thumb has no hidden costs to make startup of your franchise business harder. The initial fee is all-inclusive and includes a media campaign to help get you established in your designated postal area. Yearly marketing and franchise subscriptions are extremely low so that you can begin profiting from your new franchise business opportunity from the beginning.

About the Author

Darrell F writing on behalf of Green Thumb the Lawn weed specialists.

GI Joe: A Real American Franchise

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Hand Car Wash Flyers

hand car wash flyers

How Kids Can Make Money

More and more kids and parents are asking how kids can make money. With the economy in trouble many parents are cutting back on the money they spend on extras for their kids. For the ambitious and determined child, there are ways they can work for what they want. As a child, under 16 years old, I babysat and gave piano lessons to pay for makeup, books, jewelry and other things I wanted. My younger brother had a paper route and mowed lawns to earn the money for a new bike.

Today there are many different ways to make money for the child who is willing to work. Besides the obvious babysitting, paper route and lawn mowing, there are a lot of ways a determined kid can make money. Any child with ambition, honesty, dependability and the ability to see a job through to the end will soon find himself or herself in demand.

With a little thought and knowledge of your neighborhood you can come up with some of your own ideas for how kids can make money. Here are just a few suggestions for jobs for kids:

1. Parents’ Helper – Too young to really babysit? How about approaching a busy mother with several young children about keeping the children entertained while she’s busy doing other things?
2. House cleaning – Many people are just too busy to keep their house as clean as they would like, but cannot really afford a professional housekeeping service. A child who can vacuum, dust, and mop a floor and clean the toilets could earn some very good money.
3. Lemonade Stand – Selling lemonade, cold sodas in the summer and hot cocoa and cider in the winter can be one way to make money. However, be aware that some cities have regulations about such enterprises; check first.
4. Car Washing – Kids ask your parents to teach you how to wash a car, then go around your neighborhood and offer to wash your busy neighbors’ vehicles. This is something that a couple of children can do together as a way to earn money.
5. Dog Walking – If you live in an apartment building and have neighbors who own dogs, offer to walk their dogs for a fee. For many people this will be a real blessing that they will happily pay for. Don’t forget to take “poo bags” and clean up after the dog.
6. Poo Patrol – If you live in a neighborhood where people have fenced yards where their dogs are allowed to roam and do their business, offer to clean up the “poo”. Take a bucket, lined with a bag and a garden trowel. Walk the yard thoroughly, picking up every bit of poo.
7. Vacation Helper – Make up a flyer listing all the different types of services you could provide as a “vacation helper”. Then pass this flyer out to your neighbors so that when they go away they know who to call to water their garden, walk the dog, bring in the mail, and just otherwise take care of their house.
8. Snow Shoveling – Either with a shovel or a snow blower a kid who lives in snow-prone areas can make some good money clearing driveways and sidewalks.
9. Garden Helper – In the spring, offer to help your neighbors who plant gardens by raking, working the soil, planting, pulling weeds, mulching, watering etc.
10. Yard Sale – Go through your things and decide if you have stuff that you no longer use or want that could be sold.
11. Yard Sale Helper – Offer to help arrange, set up and monitor your neighbor’s yard and garage sales.
12. Garage Organizer – Offer to help clean up and arrange garages. Not only will your neighbors be thrilled with their neat garages, but you’ll earn a bit of money. Additionally, there are almost always things that get thrown away that you might be able to take home and sell in your own garage sale.

Parents make sure that your kids follow a few simple safety guidelines:

1. Always let you know where they are
2. Never go door to door alone (you must be willing to go with them if there’s not a sibling or friend to go with them)
3. Provide a card with your name and phone number for them to hand out to prospective clients.
4. Make sure they understand about reliability and responsibility and are committed to finishing the work they agree to do. Also advise them about displaying a good attitude. Remind them that their clients are doing them a favor by hiring them, thus they should have an attitude that says “I’m happy to be here, doing this work”.
5. Make sure they understand that these jobs can only be done after their schoolwork and chores are done.
6. Advise them to keep the prices affordable.
7. Make sure they know they can ask you for advice anytime.

These are just a few suggestions for how kids can make money. Look over your neighborhood. Think about the types of things that people have to do just to maintain their house that take up time and could easily be done by someone else. Those are the types of things that many people will gladly pay your child to do.

About the Author

C.L. Hendricks is a “jill-of-all-trades” and an expert in some. She writes on a variety of subjects for several websites, including InvitingSmiles and Survival Homestead, to name a few.

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Rent A Box Franchise Kiosks â?? Review Of The “red Box” Opportunity

DVDNow is about to hit the market by storm with a truly unique idea. When the red box DVD rentals hit the market outside of the local fast food joint many wondered if this was an opportunity they could cash in on. Well, it seems that day is here with the entrepreneurial through DVDNow. So is this truly a system in which the individual can finally hang up his work hat for good with?

Just a few years ago we saw them popping up in front of our greatest testament to entrepreneurialism McDonald’s, yes, the red box full of the latest movies to rent and you are on your way home anyways. Many asked the manager inside and looked online wondering if this system was an opportunity for anyone to jump into, unfortunately it was for McDonalds and other large businesses only. Not any longer however. This is not the exact red box that sits outside our favorite burger joint, but a company and opportunity all to itself. The question many will have about this opportunity is cost and time, what does it cost to start and maintain? And, what amount of time will I have to spend on this opportunity.

The kiosks themselves do come at a pretty high price for the individual, but those with a solid credit rating could procure 1 or several with 50% down and a payment schedule over the following 24 months. Of course you will need a pretty high traffic location to create enough sales each and every day to create enough income to not only make the payment, but a profit as well. The opportunity does come with help in this area and of course with finding and landing a location for your kiosk. There is also the ability however to sell advertising space on your kiosk itself through either a picture panel on the side or a multimedia monitor with 10, 30 or 60 second spots to help with raising profit and traffic to your rental box. This however will raise the cost of the kiosk itself because of the added features and the cost of replacement if someone damages your monitor.

There are many risks to owning a DVD rental box and all due diligence will be needed before entering into this opportunity. Some questions to ask will be mostly about damaged and stolen DVD’s and or, damaged and stolen kiosks themselves and what dmages and upkeep could cost the owner. Although it sound like a wonderful opportunity, many will more than likely find that this is a large investment, for some far too much. The system is said to be automated with a simple web service, but of course you will want to check up on your investment from time to time. The opportunity is a good opportunity if you have the means to invest, the fact that these DVD kiosks are quickly becoming the easiest and best way to rent your favorite movie is just a simple fact in a world that is in a hurry.

The time you will spend will be less than the conventional 9-5 career, but this does not mean that no work will be involved. For those who have found success as entrepreneurs do realize that work is involved in any business that is offline and where product is held, whether that be in your own shop, home or kiosk.

About the Author

David J. Boozer is a successful Online Business owner and mentor. Working side by side with other top earners in the industry David believes that through training and mentoring anyone can find success online. To learn more about Internet marketing and the potential of creating income online please contact David at his Home Page…

Astro Boy 2009 Official Trailer


Franchise 24 Hour Fitness

franchise 24 hour fitness
First Crunch gym franchise to open in Lake Forest
LAKE FOREST – For a quarter of a century, Steve Clinefelter, a former executive with 24 Hour Fitness, listened to people’s likes and dislikes in a workout facility. Now four years after leaving 24 Hour Fitness as the company’s president of…

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Small Franchises In India

Will America support us?

Will america help my great country India when we hopefully very soon will go to war with pakistan.we are an emerging superpower and biggest population as well as democracy while pakistan are a new democracy and small population India Has supported america in everything except cold war but now we we want to destroy pakistan and reduce them to dust and build franchises of Guantanamo bay there and then India will become the 5th largest country in the world I just feel like waterboarding every kid in pakistan and **** there women after that We will try to convrt them to hinduism I think America is our best firnd now so coul you request your goverment to support us thank yu.

what, we sent you 90% of our jobs isn’t that enough, plus you have like 1 billion people, you could just throw wave after wave at 10 million at a time with sticks and probably beat pakistan. you probably have more people than they have bullets.

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State Franchise Laws

state franchise laws

Joe Gottlieb, Esq. Discusses Franchise Law Q4

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One Hour Parties Franchise

one hour parties franchise

One Hour Parties — Halloween Party Food on “San Diego Living”

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Sba Approved Franchise List

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SBA’s Uses of Proceeds