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Out of action: The Expendables has thrown cinema back to the bad old days of muscle-bound 1980s bombast Around about 1980, Hollywood movies either fell into decline or became awesome. And where you stand in that debate might have as much to do with your age as your preferences.

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Jim Caple: The sweet taste of summer baseball in Walla Walla Jim Caple has covered baseball around the world, but there are plenty of good stories in his own backyard, beginning with the Walla Walla Sweets, where big league dreams begin.

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Kings Dominion Owner Cedar Fair Opened 1975 Previous names Kings Dominion – 1975-93, 2007 to present Paramount’s Kings Dominion – 1993 to 2006 Operating season Late March through October Area 400 acres (1.62 km) Rides 60 total 14 roller coasters 14 water rides Slogan “Ride On” Kings Dominion is an amusement park located in… Continue reading Car Detailing Grove City Ohio

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Franchisee – The Secret To Grow Your Business Franchising is a good idea to grow your small business, only if you have a distinctive business model which can be duplicated easily. There are many companies that have expanded through franchisee. But there are certain factors that determines the success of such ventures. Since franchising their… Continue reading A Franchisee

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Removing Paint Contamination with a Car Clay Bar Causes of Paint Contamination Rail Dust:  Rail dust is produced from the friction of a train’s wheels against railroad tracks.  Most new cars are shipped to dealerships by train; therefore, a new car’s finish can be contaminated before it gets to the dealership.  If you live near… Continue reading Car Detailing Clay Bar

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Home Based Franchise Opportunities: 5 Top Picks There are hundreds of small business franchise opportunities that allow you to work from home, but with the all the added benefits of a franchise model. When you align yourself with a franchise opportunity you enjoy the benefit of having an established name behind you. Instead of building… Continue reading Small Franchise Ideas