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Franchise Opportunity Handbook

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Private equity is used to broadly group funds and investment companies that provide capital on a negotiated basis generally to private businesses and primarily in the form of equity (i.e. stock). This category of firms is a superset that includes venture capital, buyout-also called leveraged buyout (LBO)-mezzanine, and growth equity or expansion funds. The industry expertise, amount invested, transaction structure preference, and return expectations vary according to the mission of each.

Venture capital is one of the most misused financing terms, attempting to lump many perceived private investors into one category. In reality, very few companies receive funding from venture capitalists-not because they are not good companies, but primarily because they do not fit the funding model and objectives. One venture capitalist commented that his firm received hundreds of business plans a month, reviewed only a few of them, and invested in maybe one-and this was a large fund; this ratio of plan acceptance to plans submitted is common. Venture capital is primarily invested in young companies with significant growth potential. Industry focus is usually in technology or life sciences, though large investments have been made in recent years in certain types of service companies. Most venture investments fall into one of the following segments:

· Biotechnology

· Business Products and Services

· Computers and Peripherals

· Consumer Products and Services

· Electronics/Instrumentation

· Financial Services

· Healthcare Services

· Industrial/Energy

· IT Services

· Media and Entertainment

· Medical Devices and Equipment

· Networking and Equipment

· Retailing/Distribution

· Semiconductors

· Software

· Telecommunications

As venture capital funds have grown in size, the amount of capital to be deployed per deal has increased, driving their investments into later stages…and now overlapping investments more traditionally made by growth equity investors.

Like venture capital funds, growth equity funds are typically limited partnerships financed by institutional and high net worth investors. Each are minority investors (at least in concept); though in reality both make their investments in a form with terms and conditions that give them effective control of the portfolio company regardless of the percentage owned. As a percent of the total private equity universe, growth equity funds represent a small portion of the population.

The main difference between venture capital and growth equity investors is their risk profile and investment strategy. Unlike venture capital fund strategies, growth equity investors do not plan on portfolio companies to fail, so their return expectations per company can be more measured. Venture funds plan on failed investments and must off-set their losses with significant gains in their other investments. A result of this strategy, venture capitalists need each portfolio company to have the potential for an enterprise exit valuation of at least several hundred million dollars if the company succeeds. This return criterion significantly limits the companies that make it through the opportunity filter of venture capital funds.

Another significant difference between growth equity investors and venture capitalist is that they will invest in more traditional industry sectors like manufacturing, distribution and business services. Lastly, growth equity investors may consider transactions enabling some capital to be used to fund partner buyouts or some liquidity for existing shareholders; this is almost never the case with traditional venture capital.

This article is written by Kenneth H. Marks
Managing Partner of High Rock Partners located in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is the lead author of the Handbook of Financing Growth published by John Wiley & Sons
You can reach him at

Remarried with Siblings


Car Detailing Vans

car detailing vans

Car and Van Insurance — How to Reduce your Insurance Premium

One good security measure that is easy to accomplish is to have your vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number engraved on all your windows. The more surfaces on the vehicle that you have had etched, the more likely it is for the authorities to be able to find your van or car, should it be stolen.

Be sure not leave any of your personal information or documentation in the van where it can be seen. This includes details of payment, addresses, and unopened mail that thieves may be attracted by. Ensure that your alarms have been properly installed and that you activate them whenever the vehicles are not attended. This is required even for short periods. If you have alarms, make sure that they are approved by Thatcham. These are more effective and can allow you to have a significant car and van insurance discount.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a lockable petrol cap, have one installed. This prevents thieves from stealing your fuel. Lockable wheel nuts will act as a cheap deterrent to hubcap theft.

Lock and secure all entries to the van whenever you leave it. This includes doors, windows, and rear entries. It’s much harder to steal a locked vehicle than one, which has been left unlocked. Stocks up on fuel before you leave and make sure you make a few stops. The more stops you make, the greater the risk of vehicle theft. If you are very concerned, you can have roof markings applied to your commercial vehicle or van. These marking mean that police in the air can easily identify the vehicle if it’s stolen.

Of course, it’s important to have good car and van insurance, too. High quality commercial vehicle or van insurance is your safety net if all these precautions fail.

About the Author

Peter Fitzpatrick is a Marketing Professional for many of the UK’s Leading Commercial Insurance companies. With 20 years worth of commercial insurance experience, for companies including: Norwich Union, Churchill and Zurich. To learn more on car and van insurance visit his website

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, Family Van, Sales Hawaii, Car Detailing Honolulu

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Car Detailing Tips Vehicle

car detailing tips vehicle



I Believe we can narrow down the New-Car-Buying-Tips to a basic 3 here they are:

1. The Depreciation Factor: Is one of the Most Important, New- Car-Buying-Tips, it might come as a painful surprise, but the fact is, once you drive that wonderful smelling new leather interior car off that dealership lot, your purchase has depreciated by hundreds if not thousands of dollars… Here is an example…

Purchase Price of Car ($) 25,000.00

Current Vehicle Age (Years) brand new

Based on owning vehicle for 1 year

Low Rate of Depreciation:

First Year ($) 4,500.00


Average Rate of Depreciation:

First Year ($) 5.750.00


High Rate of Depreciation:

First Year ($) 7,000.00


Do you need smelling salts yet? pretty crazy huh?

2. New-Car-Buying-Tips, Reliability: This for me, is probably one of the most important issue, being a woman, I absolutely want reliability in my vehicle! Gone are the days when if your transportation broke down you shot it! (Western Humor, no Peta calls please!)

You can pretty much be sure that your new car is less likely to run into major mechanical problems, and that your ride, will be almost maintenance free? however, there are those cars which do have problems, you can checkout Auto for the most up to date list of the top 20 most problem cars. You also want to be informed about the Lemon Law.

Check out Lemon Law America to see your states specific codes regarding this.

3. Finally we get to the number three spot of New-Car-Buying-Tips (sounds like a music countdown huh?) is it really worth it? one really needs to take into account, Cost, Depreciation, Interest Rate, Insurance, etc. to do this type of calculation (see auto loan calculator) Evaluate carefully, DO NOT MAKE A RASH DECISION! I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to after purchasing a car, about buyers remorse! and you must remember! Every state is different re; cooling off periods, for example, California does not have one!

So before you sign that contract, (and it will feel like blood is being drawn!) (see most contract car buying scams) make sure you have weighed all the options! (New Car Buyers Checklist).

IMPORTANT TIP: Before you buy any car…talk about it with your friends and those whose judgment you trust! Be specific about Model Brands and all the extras, Price, of course. Rely on that information when you are alone making the final decision. Price is the most common source of buyers remorse and sure as shootin some friend will say “Oh, why didn’t you tell me? I could have gotten you a better deal” Get that better deal before you buy the car on your own.

About the Author

I have worked in many industries during my career. I have also worked overseas in New Zealand. My experience is Eclectic and varied to say the least. From your Basic Office Manger, to owning an Indoor Sports Center in New Zealand. I am Curently building my website and

Vehicle Exterior Detailing Tips

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National Franchise Conference

Eagles Rout Redskins 59-28 Behind Vick to Tie Giants for Division Lead
Michael Vick threw four touchdown passes and ran for two more scores as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 59-28 to tie the New York Giants for first place in their National Football League division.

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Franchise Business Magazine

franchise business magazine

Raring2Go Franchisee Diary – Yvonne Young

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Franchise Direct Top 100

Plan Your Future with Best Business Legacy TriVita Nopalea Top Leaders!

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Car Detailing Florida Keys

Marlin Bay Yacht Club Memberships & Boat Slips Available

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Car Detailing Virginia Beach

car detailing virginia beach

Carwash May 24 2008

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Sonic Drive In Restaurants Franchise

Bp Service Stations Franchise

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Lady Gaga Boycotts BP

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