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Verizon Wireless Franchise Cost

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Lead – US Zeitgeist 2010


Car Waxing Kits

IPod Car Kits And Car Emergency Kits

Car kits are important bundled accessories useful when driving. It is practical especially during emergency situations.

Guide on Hooking Up an iPod Car Kit

If you love music and you always listen to your iPod when driving or in the car, then an iPod car kit is the right accessory device for you. An iPod car kit includes an FM transmitter as well as a bracket so as to hold the iPod in place whenever you are driving. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install an iPod kit in your car.

Step 1 – The first thing you have to do is to choose and decide the perfect car kit for you. There are affordable car kits while offering the same features of expensive car kits at the same time. It is important to ensure the quality of the car kit you will purchase. You can buy a version from Apple manufacturers or one from a cheaper and less known brand.

Belkin is a popular alternative iPod car kit brand if you find Apple very expensive. Check if your purchase works well with your iPod unit. Almost all universal iPod car kits are compatible with Mini, Nano, original and Video.

Step 2 – You will have to download the software included in the kit. The software will guide you through the installation process. Moreover, it permits you to register the product.

Step 3 – Set up the mount next. Car kits usually include mounts in order to keep the iPod in place whenever you are driving. Almost all mounts are suction-cupped that fits any location in the car. On some others, you will find a double-sided tape at the back.

Ste 4 – Locate the iPod’s line output in order to plug the FM transmitter. Make sure that your purchased car kit has an FM transmitter since most car keys in the market include this device.

Step 5 – The car kit must at least have 4 FM frequencies. Adjust and set up the iPod’s frequency. In addition, you have to tune in the car radio to the same FM frequency of the FM transmitter and play it on the iPod. If you have installed the car kit correctly, the library of your iPod will start playing on the speakers of the car stereo.

Making an Emergency Survival Kit for Your Car

Emergencies can happen any time and anywhere when you least expect it. Having an emergency kit in the car is very important especially when you are far away from your home. Moreover, an emergency survival kit can help you get through it until help arrives if you get stranded or if your car broke down. Below is a guide for making a basic survival kit for your car.

Tip 1 – Buy from a store or look for a storage box in your home that will fit perfectly on your compartment or trunk. This storage box will be your emergency survival kit. Your car survival kit must be streamlined with your home survival kit. Just choose the basic things you need in order to survive in your car. The most important things that must be in your kit are food, shelter, heat and water as well as a first aid kit.

Tip 2 – It is important to remember to not go wandering too far away from your car in case you got stranded. Always stay near your car for emergency personnel might not be able to locate you if you leave it.

Tip 3 – Dipping stick matches in melted wax and letting them cool before returning them to the max is a good way to make waterproof matches.

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Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit

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Car Detailing In Milwaukee

car detailing in milwaukee

A Lakefront City

In southeastern Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is roughly an hour north of Chicago by car. Wisconsin has a cold climate and Milwaukee is no exception. Winter temperatures of -60 F can occur with the frigid wind chills off turbulent Lake Michigan. But Milwaukeeans are a hardy crew and, to prove it, members of the Polar Bear Club defy arctic conditions by taking an icy swim in the lake every January 1st. Known as the beer capital of the world, Milwaukee currently boasts three major brewers including Miller, Sprecher and Lakefront breweries although others, such as Pabst and Schlitz, have come and gone. The success of Milwaukee breweries has been credited to the brewing skills and business acumen of German immigrants, many of whom were among the city’s earliest settlers. Brewery tours are an ever-popular attraction and include free beer! The Fredrick Pabst Mansion, the “Finest Flemish Renaissance Revival Mansion in America” was built by Captain Pabst in 1892 and is a testament to the success of brewing in Milwaukee. Milwaukee’s brewing history means fine beers from around the world are available in most bars and restaurants. Milwaukee also has its share of good eats. Karl Ratzsch’s Restaurant is the place for authentic and excellent German food and Coerper’s 5 o’Clock Club is a deceptively funky (but killer) steakhouse. Kopp’s Custard features awesome burgers and custard, whle the Mekong Cafe is known for outstanding Thai and Vietnamese fare. Popular tourist attractions include the Milwaukee Art Museum, Brewers Baseball, Mitchell Park Conservatory, Bucks Basketball, Milwaukee Public Museum and Planetarium, Milwaukee Country Zoo, Paradise Landing Indoor Water Park, Audubon Nature Sanctuary and the Harley-Davidson Museum. The cultural scene includes the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet, Florentine Opera, Milwaukee Opera and Skylight Opera. There are also many venues for plays, including the Sunset Playhouse. The Milwaukee River weaves through downtown Milwaukee and into Lake Michigan with charming historic bridges and waterways throughout the downtown area. Voyager and Iroquois boat tours are popular with locals and tourists alike featuring cruises around the river, harbor, marina and lake. Happy Hour cruises are especially fun, offering great views of the city. Milwaukee’s lakefront provides a miles-long recreational area including public McKinley Marina for boat docking, jet ski rental and sailing lessons. A bit north, Bradford Beach is a popular attraction with picnics areas, volleyball, in-line skating, biking, partying and musical events. Sometimes called the city of festivals, Milwaukee has Summerfest Music Festival, Festa Italiana, German Fest, Wisconsin State Fair, Irish Fest, African World Festival, Indian Summer Festival and the Lakefront Festival of the Arts. There are also the Asian Festival, Arab World Fest, Bastille Days, Holiday Folk Fair, Mexican Fiesta, Water Frolics and numerous smaller neighborhood festivals and block parties. The city has a large student population with many colleges and universities, among them The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Marquette University, with its dental and law schools. Marquette also features the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art and the Al McGuire Center, home of Golden Eagles Basketball. For more information on Milwaukee, Wisconsin visit and
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HO Electroliner Con-Cor

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The Franchise Alliance

the franchise alliance

(1) “Background of the Franchise Concepts,” Franchising the Family Concept

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Franchise Benefits

franchise benefits

Video 8 – Franchise Benefits Part 2

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Best Franchise Buy

best franchise buy
How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring
How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

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Push Models Franchise

What You Can Learn From A Red-Haired Clown That Will Make You Rich!”

There are typically two primary reasons why people fail in a network & affiliate marketing business… These are of course, after you kick out the tire-kickers, looky-loos, lazy bums, dreamers, excuse makers, whiners, and complainers. In other words, the quitters. Network marketing is a business of business ownership, pursued by people who have never been business owners! It’s a business of marketing and training pursued by people who have never marketed or trained!

So, back to our two reasons for the hard-working, dedicated brothers and sisters of the wonderful industry… 1: They start on a limited budget from the ‘cookie jar’, and they run out of money before they have a chance to build an organization.

2: They make their list of 100 warm market contacts, run through those, and then they are out of people to talk to. (And out of money to advertise).

Those are the ‘biggies’. But it doesn’t have to be that way, IF, they simply used a complete business model.

Let me explain…

Take a look at McDonald’s. They are a Billion Dollar franchise. The most successful and duplicated business model in the world. And one that happens to be run by teenagers and college drop-outs!

How? Why?

The answer can be found in the system that makes up the foundation of the franchise. Do you ever feel like you bought a business in a box, but that a few parts might be missing?

You know… The pieces that actually turn your actions into “production”. Well, if you feel like that, it’s because you’re right. Ray Kroc, the franchise master of McDonald’s was a genius in more ways than one. MLM & affiliate marketing has been compared to a McDonald’s franchise in many ways, on many occasions. If you haven’t come across these comparisons before, I’m sure you can quickly think of a few on your own. Here is what you may not have realized about Ray, McDonald’s, and your business…

Ray’s primary mission was to sell McDonald’s franchises to franchise buyers

…which then sell the burgers to the customers. More franchises = more burgers sold. Pretty simple.
Our job as networkers is no different. We sell our franchise opportunity to others, and collectively market the product to the end consumer. Here’s the interesting part to this…

McDonald’s food sucks. It’s about as far from good, fresh, quality food that you can get. Yet it’s the largest and most successful franchise and fast food restaurant in the history of human kind. How in the world is that possible!?

How can you become #1, by selling an inferior product?!

It goes against everything we think we know about business. Well, this is exactly where the genius of Ray Kroc becomes apparent. Ray knew the product wasn’t going to be the initial key to success for his franchise buyers, just as your product is not the initial key to your success in your mlm or affiliate business. Having a good product is important after the fact…

Once you actually have customers. Then it’s critical to give them the best product possible. The key to McDonald’s success with both franchise owners and customers, was their duplicatable system.

Ray knew his food couldn’t compare to the quality of other franchises. He also knew that potential franchise buyers didn’t give a hoot about McDonald’s or their burgers. What they did want, was to make money.

So Ray sold them EXACTLY what they wanted, which wasn’t a restaurant, but a machine that acquired customers, and turned them into cash.

He didn’t sell them the food, he sold them a system. In fact the system was so fine-tuned, that you could take a team of unskilled, inexperienced high school kids, and have them run the show.

All they did was train each other on how to flip the switches that ran the machine, which did the majority of the work behind the scenes.

The competition didn’t stand a chance. Ray’s system was like a greased chute. You turn it on, and it churns out a predictable end result every time. Franchise owners started buying and setting these machines up by the thousands, turned them on, and got the end result. That is why they bought McDonald’s and it’s inferior food over the competition. As these machines popped up around the country, the end product to the consumer became more than just food. It became the predictable expectation and atmosphere provided by Ray’s magical machines. And THAT is what McDonald’s provides better than anyone else in the world. That is their TRUE product to the end consumer, and it’s the best in the world at what it provides. You go to McDonald’s because you know exactly what to expect. It’s a comfort for people.

So, as a network marketer, selling a business franchise, what are you selling to your potential buyers?

Unfortunately, you are probably trying to sell them on your company and your product. (A “mine-is-better-than-yours-burger-with all the trimmings”).

Am I right?

You have a ton of websites and material about your company’s history, their record breaking growth, their debt-free finances, the ORAC value of your product, the Physician’s Desk Reference number, the user testimonials… Blah blah blah. Be smart. Do what Ray did. People get rich in this world by solving other people’s problems, and when you sell someone your opportunity, you are not solving a problem, you are giving them a BIGGER ONE!!! “Congrats, you own the hottest MLM business in the industry! (Slap on the butt), Now go get’em tiger!” Product and comp plans don’t make you successful.

Systems do. And when I say systems, I mean a COMPLETE system which includes the pieces that bring in your customers (ads), sell them your product (marketing), and then deliver the goods, trains the new business owners, and develops the relationships within the team. These machines (ads and marketing) should be doing the work for you. All you need to do is push the’Go Button’ and become buddies (customer service, cashiers) with the folks who come through the system. Not because you are unskilled or lazy, but because a system is duplicatable and you are not.

Your job is not to sell, but to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, because THAT is the glue that binds this industry.

Take this advice to heart:

A system that is not backed up and glued together by a heart, by people, by relationships, is a ticking time-bomb. Show them and sell them a system for attaining the results they want, be a mentor, friend, and a coach, and they couldn’t care less about ORAC values, price points, and competition. I bring people every week into my business, and they have NEVER even seen a company/opportunity

overview! That happens because I don’t sell them on the business. I sell them on me, our team, our system first (because these are the ONLY things that will bring results), and THEN, I sell them on the company… (Or should I say that I allow them to sell themselves on the company). Solve their problem with your system and with your leadership. Do these two things, and you will reap success beyond your wildest dreams.

Login now at and follow the links to become a member of my team!.

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Car Wash Brush Hose

car wash brush hose

Car Wash Equipment – Poodle Brush

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Franchise Zombie

franchise zombie

Resident Evil 5

LOS ANGELES – “Resident Evil 5” producer Jun Takeuchi wants to clear up some misconceptions about his upcoming entry into the popular zombie-killing franchise: It’s definitely as scary as its predecessors, players can’t run while gunning down foes, and there’s nothing racist about the video game, which takes place in a fictional West African country.

“I think the idea that because the game is set in Africa that it’s racist is mistaken,” said Takeuchi. “I want users to understand that it was never our intention to put anything racist into the game. It’s a story that takes place in Africa, but ultimately the story is about helping a region where a bioterrorism incident is occurring.” Footage unveiled at the 2007 E3 Media & Business Summit of the mature-rated game’s brooding Caucasian protagonist, Chris Redfield, facing off against a horde of black African villagers caused a furor among many gamers online.

Newsweek technology editor N’Gai Croal wrote that many of the teaser’s aspects “dovetailed with classic racist imagery.” “We don’t want to create something that offends a certain element of society,” Takeuchi said. “At the same time, we don’t want to be in a place where you can’t set a game in Africa or in an Arabic country. That in itself is a form of racism. For us, as creators of entertainment, it’s important for us to strike that right balance.”

Like previous games in Capcom’s nearly 14-year-old series, the story line of the latest “Resident Evil” centers on a wicked outbreak that turns the locals into rabid zombies. Set a few years after the original, “Resident Evil 5” explores the African origins of the virus. Other games took place in locales such as Spain, Russia, Antarctica and the Midwest. Spokespeople for both the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Anti-Defamation League declined to comment for this story because they hadn’t viewed the entire game. (“Resident Evil 5” will be released March 13.)

Takeuchi said he believes previous criticism would have been avoided if it had been explained that Redfield is on a mission to help the African country and that he was partnered with an African woman named Sheva Alomar who is based in the region.

Takeuchi also said the game’s story line is not meant as a metaphor for AIDS or real-world terrorism. “Ultimately, I think the problem that we had with this game was a lack in communication,” he said. “I think that’s where this whole issue comes from.

When the game is released and when the public gets to play the finished product, I think people will see the whole racism issue was just a misunderstanding.”

“Resident Evil 5? will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will introduce cooperative gameplay, which allows a second player — either online or in person — to control Alomar. (The computer will help solo gamers.)

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How Rob Zombie Destroyed the Halloween Franchise (Part 1/4)

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Philadelphia Franchises

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets – Trading Mcnabb Is Tough Move But Right One

Though he has been the face of the franchise for more than a decade, Donovan McNabb’s tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback may just be coming to end.  Amidst swirling rumors that the Eagles are looking to ship McNabb, it appears that they are seriously considering entering a new era in Eagles football after being one of the most consistently strong teams for quite a while.

Upon first look, it seems that trading McNabb would be a puzzling move, particularly after McNabb had another strong season in 2009 and made the Pro Bowl.  Unfortunately for McNabb, it’s his success last season that may just help get him a ticket out of Philly, where he has been a staple since the Eagles drafted him out of Syracuse with their first pick in 1999.  With so few decent quarterbacks on the market, teams will certainly be interested in McNabb, who appears to have a few seasons of strong play left in his career.

Trading McNabb certainly wouldn’t be without considerable risk, of course, as it would mean that the Eagles would have to turn to an inexperienced starting quarterback in Kevin Kolb.  Kolb has considerable talent and the Eagles would probably like to trade him instead if they could, though the trade value for McNabb will be considerably higher than for a quarterback with virtually no starting experience.

Though it’s a tough decision, the Eagles simply have too much value at the quarterback position and either McNabb or Kolb has to go.  While McNabb could give the Eagles one or two more years of playoff contention, the view around the league is that McNabb no longer has the ability to lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs or potentially capture a Super Bowl title.  Keeping McNabb would guarantee that they stay in the playoff hunt for the next couple of seasons, though trading him would help them build towards long-term success by adding a fairly high draft pick. As of March 30th, the Eagles were asking a top 42 draft pick in return for McNabb’s services, which is a place in the draft where plenty of impact players are still available.  Even if McNabb is no longer in Philly, <a href=””>Philadelphia Eagles tickets</a> should still be as prominent as ever due to an exciting young team led by explosive players like DeSean Jackson.

Also as of March 30th, the number one team that has made noise in possibly obtaining McNabb was the Oakland Raiders, who never back down from grabbing a marquee player in the league.  The Raiders are a mess at quarterback right now and would love for McNabb to give the franchise a couple years of stability – something they haven’t had since Rich Gannon was calling the signals.

Unfortunately for McNabb, Oakland is also the last place that a player used to being on a stable, winning franchise likely wants to go.  Even with an underrated level of talent on their roster, the Raiders continue to have a capricious front office that consistently overvalues players and has difficulty coming together as a unit.  While the Eagles have had one quarterback and one head coach for a decade, the Raiders are the complete antithesis of the Eagles’ stability, and McNabb could be set up for a less-than-promising twilight for his career.

But this offseason has been one filled with tough decisions surrounding big-name players in the league.  LaDainian Tomlinson, who was the league’s MVP just a couple seasons ago, was cut by the Chargers because it was time to move on, as difficult as it was for LT and the franchise.  The Eagles may just be in a somewhat similar boat.  If they hold onto McNabb and trade Kolb, they may miss out on a talented QB that could propel the franchise for another long stretch of prominence in the NFC East.  In other words, they may sacrifice the future for the present, which would be particularly risky considering the Eagles don’t have the talent to challenge the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings right now, anyway.  If the Eagles do ship out McNabb, Eagles fans should thank him for his loyalty and give him his due for keeping them nationally relevant for more than a decade before swiftly moving on to another interesting era in Eagles football.  After all, it’s just business as usual in today’s NFL.

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