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Philadelphia Eagles Tickets – Trading Mcnabb Is Tough Move But Right One

Though he has been the face of the franchise for more than a decade, Donovan McNabb’s tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback may just be coming to end.  Amidst swirling rumors that the Eagles are looking to ship McNabb, it appears that they are seriously considering entering a new era in Eagles football after being one of the most consistently strong teams for quite a while.

Upon first look, it seems that trading McNabb would be a puzzling move, particularly after McNabb had another strong season in 2009 and made the Pro Bowl.  Unfortunately for McNabb, it’s his success last season that may just help get him a ticket out of Philly, where he has been a staple since the Eagles drafted him out of Syracuse with their first pick in 1999.  With so few decent quarterbacks on the market, teams will certainly be interested in McNabb, who appears to have a few seasons of strong play left in his career.

Trading McNabb certainly wouldn’t be without considerable risk, of course, as it would mean that the Eagles would have to turn to an inexperienced starting quarterback in Kevin Kolb.  Kolb has considerable talent and the Eagles would probably like to trade him instead if they could, though the trade value for McNabb will be considerably higher than for a quarterback with virtually no starting experience.

Though it’s a tough decision, the Eagles simply have too much value at the quarterback position and either McNabb or Kolb has to go.  While McNabb could give the Eagles one or two more years of playoff contention, the view around the league is that McNabb no longer has the ability to lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs or potentially capture a Super Bowl title.  Keeping McNabb would guarantee that they stay in the playoff hunt for the next couple of seasons, though trading him would help them build towards long-term success by adding a fairly high draft pick. As of March 30th, the Eagles were asking a top 42 draft pick in return for McNabb’s services, which is a place in the draft where plenty of impact players are still available.  Even if McNabb is no longer in Philly, <a href=””>Philadelphia Eagles tickets</a> should still be as prominent as ever due to an exciting young team led by explosive players like DeSean Jackson.

Also as of March 30th, the number one team that has made noise in possibly obtaining McNabb was the Oakland Raiders, who never back down from grabbing a marquee player in the league.  The Raiders are a mess at quarterback right now and would love for McNabb to give the franchise a couple years of stability – something they haven’t had since Rich Gannon was calling the signals.

Unfortunately for McNabb, Oakland is also the last place that a player used to being on a stable, winning franchise likely wants to go.  Even with an underrated level of talent on their roster, the Raiders continue to have a capricious front office that consistently overvalues players and has difficulty coming together as a unit.  While the Eagles have had one quarterback and one head coach for a decade, the Raiders are the complete antithesis of the Eagles’ stability, and McNabb could be set up for a less-than-promising twilight for his career.

But this offseason has been one filled with tough decisions surrounding big-name players in the league.  LaDainian Tomlinson, who was the league’s MVP just a couple seasons ago, was cut by the Chargers because it was time to move on, as difficult as it was for LT and the franchise.  The Eagles may just be in a somewhat similar boat.  If they hold onto McNabb and trade Kolb, they may miss out on a talented QB that could propel the franchise for another long stretch of prominence in the NFC East.  In other words, they may sacrifice the future for the present, which would be particularly risky considering the Eagles don’t have the talent to challenge the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings right now, anyway.  If the Eagles do ship out McNabb, Eagles fans should thank him for his loyalty and give him his due for keeping them nationally relevant for more than a decade before swiftly moving on to another interesting era in Eagles football.  After all, it’s just business as usual in today’s NFL.

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