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All About Locksmith Denver Companies

It can be quite embarrassing for a person to be locked out of either his vehicle or his house. Furthermore, in some situations, getting locked out of a car or a house can also lead to a lot of pain and frustration. It can be very tiring and embarrassing at the same time for someone to get locked out of his house, that too wearing bathroom robes. Most of us, when stuck in such a situation, usually try to become the handyman or locksmith ourselves and end up ruining the situation before calling on a professional locksmith Denver. Additionally, apart from the fruitless effort that was put in, many times, the expenditure is also more because we end up complicating the problem. Therefore, it is advisable to call for a professional yet reliable locksmith to solve the problem.

Another facet related to locksmiths is that the work of a locksmith can be very sensitive for someone who is getting the work done. The primary reason for this is that the locksmith Denver or the Denver locksmith company will have access to the codes of the security system that has been installed in the building along with information about the type of locks it has. In fact, this service is so serious that many professional firms and even individuals do a lot of research before even considering a locksmith company to do the work for them. This is, in reality, the right way to go when selecting a locksmith Denver Colorado company. The following are some of the ways to find out if the locksmith Denver Company is reliable and trustworthy:


The main concern with locksmith Denver companies is their trustworthiness. Therefore, the longer a locksmith company has been in existence the more reliable it will tend to be, as it will have a good track record. Additionally, since the company has been around for a while, it will be more efficient and professional with the work as well.


This is one of the most generic ways of checking the reliability of any company. Most companies start small and gradually grow into juggernauts of their industry and fields. This growth can only be achieved over a significant period of successful and reliable operations. Therefore, the size of a company can also play a major role in revealing its reliability.


Any locksmith Denver company that is confident about the work it has done in the past will be more than willing to provide a potential client with references of its previous customers. The person considering the locksmith company should ensure that he follows up with these contacts to verify the credentials and trustworthiness of the company.


The range of services that the company provides should also be looked into and analyzed by the potential client. There are multiple services that a locksmith company provides including re-keying, panic bars, closed circuit TV systems, digital code based alarms, work related to safes, etc. A locksmith company that can provide a complete security solution to the potential client will be a better choice than the one that can cater to only one aspect of it.


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Most of us, when stuck in such a situation, usually try to become the handyman or locksmith ourselves and end up ruining the situation before calling on a professional locksmith Denver.

Colorado Crush Cheerleader Car Wash

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Franchise Journal

franchise journal

95 % Of Home Based Franchise Entrepreneurs Need To Get Off Their Butt And Do This One Simple Thing

Most People Do Not Study

Reason two on why 95% of people fail in their home based franchise and will never become a top producer is because most people do not study. 

I asked the question in the first article of this series if you were obtaining what was needed for the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.  Maybe the more important question is:  Are you studying, learning and doing what is necessary to be the master of your craft, be that top producer and to have the best home based franchise possible? 

Trust me, this is easier said than done.  It takes a lot of time, many times some significant investment of funds and most times you are met with the frustration of the learning process…and you know the rest, 95% of the people out there do not persist, they do not endure, they quit and they fail.  How about you?

Do you have what it takes to realize the success in your home based franchise that I know you want?  One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, tells the story of his rise to success…For nearly 25 years he has read a book a day, plus newspapers, trade journalism, newsletters and visited public libraries on a weekly basis. 

When he was studying to become a copywriter, he studied no less than one hour a day, listened to recorded material on the subject constantly, sought out and got to know some of the top copywriters in the industry.  And I love this one…one of his mentors told him to take great direct response ads and write them long hand 21 times each, to teach his subconscious the rhythm of that type of writing.  Guess how many ads he did that with?…100!! 

What he did to become one of the top copywriters of our time goes on and on…but what were his rewards?  He commands over a $100,000.00 fee for his copywriting services AND he has a waiting list for people willing and able to pay it.  Do you think that it was worth his time, money and energy in acquiring the craft of copywriting?  I do!!

This type of study in order to be a top producer and top earner is true for any industry whether it is in law, in medicine, in sales or network marketing in creating the best home based franchise.  It really doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you need to become the master of your craft to have the privilege of being a member in the top 5% club. 

You might be saying to yourself…”Jen, Are you crazy?  I don’t have that kind of time to devote to my business.”  Well, let’s take a look at that statement for a minute.  I have said this before and I will say it again…We all have the same 24 hours in one day…it’s how we choose to spend that time. 

What are your goals and dreams really worth to you?  Let’s run down your day, shall we? 

What time do you get up in the morning?  Could you get up an hour earlier? 

What do you do during your breaks if you are working at a J.O.B?  Could you be reading and learning? 

What do you do for your lunch hour?  Again, could you be studying, learning, investing in yourself and subsequently in the success of your home based franchise? 

How about the commute home?  Do you listen to music or talk radio or do you listen to CD’s that can help you accomplish your goals and your dreams? 

Finally are you sitting in front of the TV watching the latest rerun of whatever show?  Humm…I wonder what else you could be accomplishing with that time?  

I think that I might have just found at least 3 hours in your day, each day that could be spent changing the direction of your life.  The question then comes…do you want your goals, your dreams and the success of your home based franchise badly enough?  If you do…then go after your goals and your dreams with everything that you have.

Is all of this easy?  Of course not.  Does it take time and discipline?  Absolutely.  Will you have to make choices on what to do with your time every day?  Absolutely again.  But let’s take a look at the payback of your upfront investment of your time.

If you have questions on this series of why people fail in their home based franchise and how not to, give me a call or send me over an email. 

Go, take action and make it a terrific and profitable day.


About the Author

Jen Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

For more information on Jen Gilbert go to:

2010 Bills at Lions

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Franchise To Buy

franchise to buy

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Insurance Franchise Opportunities

insurance franchise opportunities
Southwest Florida business events: Nov. 15-21, 2010
A comprehensive listing of meetings, presentations and lectures scheduled for this week.

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Cable Franchise Renewal

cable franchise renewal proposes streaming Natrona County Commission meetings
Candidates for the Natrona County Commission pledged, ifelected, to foster better communication with the public.

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Siomai Franchise

siomai house franchise christmas party

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Car Detailing Services In Dallas

car detailing services in dallas

Dallas Limousine And Car Service | Limousine Service In Dallas

Dallas is one of the major cities to offer brilliant Limo services in all over the country. There are a lot of forceful and most important firms that provide limo facilities widely at large extent. We are one of them who offer magnificent limo services to all kind of operators in Dallas and other FT. areas counting small operators, corporate individual firms and other private organizations also. Our firm is known as Dream Limousine & Sedan services which are based at Dallas. This firm is the foremost and violent firm which offers numerous Limo services comprising Dallas limos, Sedan limo services and Airport Sedan services and much more. At DFW you can get surprised limo services with special rates on particular events. These events include like wedding event, birthday parties, ceremonies functions and other business trips etc.

Every person expects that if he spends money on any service then he would get same return benefits from that. So try to focus on major needs of the customers and you should have target to accomplish all the necessities of your clients. This is one of the excellent ways to prove yourself and your services so that your customers will hire you again and again. Your limo services should be professional and reliable according to customer’s convenience. The chief benefit of Dream limousine is that these are available at 24 hrs for you and you can hire them at any moment. You just need to dial a single number and inform regarding your requirement. We are always with you at any emergency and any event.

These kinds of limo services providing firms should have experienced and professional drivers who are more active as well as constructive in their profession so that they would get drop you at your objective point with more safety and security. Your backend technology also should be strong and you must have some unique tags or logo for your servicemen in order to advertising in better way so that your customer will able to recognize you easily within large crowed. The unique limo brand or tag will create positive effects on your limo services and facilities. These types of bright media opportunities brands are more valuable to drop your service messages quickly with an engaged manner on any high traffic or traveling points such as airports, any meeting centers, shopping malls or centers, hotels or resorts, cinemas and business wards in the middle of others.

Try to make you limo services more pleasant and breezy for your customers so that will never forget you or your amenities and sign up you over again. Dallas limo services are famous for surprised or flawless events in case of celebration like Wedding celebration, Prom events, Birthday parties or functions, Anniversary events and any other special Dallas occasion or celebrations. Our Dallas Limo services make every trip an ideal, admirable or practiced moment for all customers. We are always here as per your necessity just dialing a single number 972-979-5456 or drop an e-mail to:

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limousine service in dallas andairport transportation servicelimousine service dallas



Franchise Under 20 000

Advertising Super Bowl Xxi: No Upset for Franchising!

These numbers are even more dramatic when 24 FOX network promotional spots and five NFL spots are added to the mix. Both FOX and the NFL have franchised affiliates, and if the value of these 29 ads are factored in the amount balloons to $89 million. In all 62% (82 ads) of some 131 ads that aired during the 4 hour game broadcast came for businesses engaged in franchising.

According to American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) Chairman Robert Purvin, who launched the organization’s Advertising Super Bowl survey 21 years ago, “Super Bowl advertising continues to demonstrate the power of franchising. How else can small business owners afford to share their messages with almost 100 million households at one time?”

FOX reportedly charged a record average price of $2.7 million per 30-second spot ($90,000 per second). The higher cost didn’t seem to impact advertiser demand as FOX had reportedly sold its available inventory a week before Super Bowl XLII game day. The total number of spots played during the game earned FOX an estimated $270 million dollars. Budweiser again led all advertisers with 9 spots, earning it exclusive rights to broadcast during the game and shutting out competitors Miller Brewing and Coors for the first time in years.

Yet for a single spot of $2.7 million, the advertising cost for a ubiquitous franchise such as McDonalds (who aired just one ad this year) breaks down to under $180 per store when divided between the approximate 15,000 US restaurants in the chain. “The collective marketing power among franchised businesses is formidable,” adds Purvin.

After Anheuser-Busch, only six advertisers ran more than one or two commercial spots. Pepsico was second to Budweiser, buying several minutes of ad time among its franchised soft drink brands and its non-franchised Frito-Lay brands (primarily Doritos). Ford ran several spots during the game as well during the Pregame show. General Motors, Honda and Toyota (all product franchisors) each ran three spots for various brands. Just one cooperative network, California Cheese, advertised; in the past cooperatives like Ace Hardware and the Almond Growers Association have been active, but this year they stayed away.

Business format franchisors — those of which consumers traditionally associate with franchising – accounted for just 11 commercials (one fewer than in 2007, but down more than 50% from prior years), including spots from McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut,, and regional entries (on the West Coast where the survey was conducted) from Jack-in-the Box. The business format segment was far more active in the pre- and post-game markets.

Franchisors were even more dominate in the pre and post game markets, including a strong showing of business format franchises (who ran 29 spots out of the prime time slots, and increase of 20% from the prior year). The AAFD survey counted 135 spots during the 4 hours of programming before and after the game presentation. 82 ads were placed by franchisers compared to 53 by non-franchisers. Subtracting 20 FOX pregame promotions and a dozen political ads in advance of Super Tuesday primary elections, there were 21 more franchise related spots than non-franchised, the highest ratio in several years.

Between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, consumers were ‘treated’ to almost 2 hours and fifteen minutes (approximately 266 thirty-second ads), 62% of which were placed by companies engaged in franchising (164 30-second spots, compared to 102 non-franchise sponsored spots). This was about the same ration as 2007.

Manufacturers led the non-franchised segment with 15 ads, with several from pharmaceuticals. Motion picture promos ballooned to 17 spots during the pregame and game periods, up significantly from last year. Nine retail businesses aired ads during the 7 hours of broadcast—this was a virtually non-existent segment the last two years.

During the game approximately 57 different companies advertised, plus three public service announcements. Bridgestone Tires sponsored the half time show, while Amp Energy Drinks (Pepsi,, Chase Bank, Chevrolet, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and State Farm Insurance each sponsored segments of the 4-hour pregame show. Cadillac sponsored the short post game festivities.

This year’s crop of ads were less striking than past years, with no candidate seemingly destined for the Super Bowl Ad Hall of Fame, although E-Trade’s infant stock trader was quite clever. Three other memorable ads were delivered by Budweiser (with a Clydesdale ‘Rocky Balboa’) and by Coca-Cola.

About the AAFD

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers is the oldest and largest direct member non-profit trade association representing the interests of franchisees and independent dealer networks throughout the United States. Stressing market solutions and franchisee empowerment through independent franchisee associations, the AAFD has grown to represent more than 60,000 franchised businesses nationwide.

Formed in 1992, the AAFD is focused on market driven reform to achieve its mission to define and promote collaborative franchise cultures that the AAFD describes as Total Quality Franchising. Since its formation the AAFD has grown to represent more than 50,000 franchised businesses throughout the United States. The AAFD currently has members in all 50 states and represents more than 100 different franchise systems.

The AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards, Fair Franchising Seal, Trademark Chapters, and emphasis on Marketplace Solutions led to the Association’s recognition as a growing force in franchising. The AAFD’s Branded Partner programs add a new dimension to the value of AAFD membership. The AAFD provides a broad range of member services designed to help franchisees build market power, create legislative support of interest to franchisees, provide legal and financial support, and provide a wide range of general member benefits.

For more information about the conference or the AAFD, please call toll free – 800-733-9858 or visit

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Looking at Franchises Opportunities Under $20000? See This.

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Job Franchises

Great Clips Franchise Time Commitment

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Franchise Gator Affiliate Program

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Bison Announces Strategic Relationship With Franchise Portal Services, Llc

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (March 9, 2009) Jeff Elgin, CEO of Capistar Franchise Holdings, Inc., recently announced the implementation of a new joint venture between, the premier online franchise and business opportunities advertising portal, and Franchise Portal Services, LLC, an Atlanta, Georgia based portal management company.

Steve Syers, CEO of Franchise Portal Services and former president of Franchise Gator, will handle the day-to-day management activities of the Bison site and its affiliates. “We have a lot of confidence in Steve’s abilities,” said Elgin. “He directed a period of phenomenal growth during his tenure with Franchise Gator and will now bring his expertise to Bison. We’re excited to have his leadership in the future development of the Bison brand.”

“Today there is a serious need for more value from Internet lead providers,” said Syers.  “Bison already delivers high quality franchise leads, and Franchise Portal Services will be applying proven marketing strategies to further increase results for our advertisers.  We are also very excited to be offering new filtered cost per lead marketing programs to maximize value to our clients.”

“Capistar’s success has been achieved by putting the needs of their customers first,” said Elgin. “This is exactly how Steve Syers led Franchise Gator to market leadership, and that’s one key reason why I am particularly thrilled about being able to work with Steve at Bison.”

“We built Franchise Gator into the industry leader in a few short years by delivering exceptional value and I’m excited to do the same thing for our customers at Bison,” said Syers.

Bison, founded in 1995, has been under the Capistar umbrella since 2003 and is a leader in online lead generation for the franchise and business opportunities industry.

 For more information visit:

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