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cable franchise fee

Cable Franchise Legislation

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Franchise Contract Law

How Franchisees Can Avoid Personal Liability in Contracts

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Florida Franchise Law

Franchising: Advice from Yau Law

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Franchise Business Law

Many people associate starting a new business with the benefits of being your own boss and steering the direction of your own business, but they also count on high up-front costs, high risks and plenty of stress. A home based franchise is a great way to capitalize on the benefits of owning your own business while avoiding the high costs and risks due to the low overhead and strong track record of work from home franchises. Many exciting work from home franchise opportunities exist with startup costs ranging from a couple hundred dollars all the way up to several hundred thousand, but to give you a good idea of what’s out there for the average work from home entrepreneur, here’s a look at the top five home based business opportunities under $50,000.

5. Club Z In-Home Tutoring Services

Few things impact a kid’s life more than education and with a home based franchise from Club Z In-Home Tutoring service, you’ll provide an environment of learning, tutoring and 1-on-1 teaching that schools aren’t capable of providing. Club Z’s programs have helped aspiring minds get the jump start they need in over 500 markets in the United States and internationally and as a Club Z franchisee you have the opportunity to mold and shape the minds of the next generation while thriving in a successful work from home franchise which was recently ranked 99 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchises.

4. Carpet Sculpture International, Inc.

These days, it seems that art is all around us. From the architecture of new buildings, bridges and monuments to the art design that goes into websites, branding and product marketing, today’s art is not the traditional painting hung on a wall that it once was. To this end, Carpet Sculpture International, Inc. has developed a process of creating custom carpets with the beauty and detail of painting. Using their patent-pending “Key Palm Cutter” which allows the franchisee to work at home cutting carpet with pin-point precision, CSG is able to provide custom carpets with even the most intricate of designs. This unique product also makes a great work from home business allowing you the franchisee to transform a $200 carpet into a $2,000 piece of art to be installed in someone’s home. With no artistic experience required, their training and proprietary system will have you and your business up and running within 30 days and due to the “order as needed” inventory system, you’ll spend less money up front which means more profits sooner.

3. Furniture Medic

We live our lives in our furniture, and one home based franchise has designed a business that allows the franchisee to keep valuable and sentimental pieces of furniture looking and functional great for generations to come. Furniture Medic is a division of the ServiceMaster company, a veteran in the field of work from home franchises. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or someone who doesn’t know a block plane from a spokeshave, Furniture Medic’s initial and ongoing training makes it possible for anyone to start a Furniture Medic franchise and be successful. The total investment required is less than $40,000 and financing is available for the initial franchise fee, start-up equipment and vehicles to qualified candidates through ServiceMaster Acceptance Company, a subsidiary of The ServiceMaster Company.

2. Guard-A-Kid

Parents, it is 10pm. Do you know where your children are? Many of us are familiar with that phrase from local tv stations growing up. While it may be fun to wax nostalgic about the quaintness of a phrase like that going out over the local news every night, when it’s your child that’s missing, it’s nothing to take lightly. Enter Guard-A-Kid Child Identification and Child Safety Products Franchises. Their ID kits contain two wallet-size printed ID’s, a large file-size ID, and most importantly a CDROM that contains all of the child’s information in a digital format ready to be sent to law enforcement and the entire kit can be made on the spot at a Guard-A-Kid kiosk. The unique and important business has a high profit margin with the average cost of an ID kit coming in at around $4 and selling for $20. Guard-A-Kid also provides a wide variety of other products ranging from child tracking devices to internet safety products.

1. Digicom Specialties Inc.

Whether it’s checking up on an unborn baby, diagnosis of cardiac problems, or any number of the many other uses, ultrasound has become an important element of modern medicine. Digicom Specialties is an ultrasound company providing mobile ultrasound services for physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and correctional facilities nationwide making quality diagnostic ultrasound services convenient and affordable for all. No medical experience is required to start your own Digicom franchise since Digicom provides a complete training program, which includes marketing, operations, accounting and technology training. If the medical field has always interested you, consider a franchise with Digicom and in the unique world of mobile ultrasound services.

You never really know what’s out there until you start to look. There are plenty of financially successful, moderately affordable home based business opportunities available to fit just about any niche or special interest. Whether it’s a broader field of in-home services businesses and on-site clean-up and repair, or the more unique businesses like carpet art and mobile ultrasounds, there really are plenty of work from home franchise opportunities available for just about any taste. All it really takes on your end is a desire to own and operate your own business, a little seed money and the drive to be a successful entrepreneur. The franchisor will take care of the rest including the business plan, extensive training and in many cases even footing the bill for advertisement and branding which will give a you new small business the shot in the arm it needs to succeed.

Find more home based businesses including computer and internet home businesses and vending machine home businesses at Home Based Business Opportunities

Joseph Gottlieb Law Attorney:Prospective Franchisee

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Canada Franchise Law

In-Depth Look – Fight For The Coyotes – Bloomberg

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Florida Franchise Attorney

florida franchise attorney

Franchise Law | Duell Law Firm

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Lawyer Franchise

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Modifying The Franchise System

 By Marcus Hunt, Esquire

If there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is the fact that change is imminent.  In franchising, if you do not stay in touch with the market or consumer demands, you are setting a course for extinction.  I am sure everyone can think of multiple examples of companies that remained static and are no longer with us today.

As a franchisor, you are constantly evaluating your franchise system and how new products, advancing technologies and changing consumer demands might affect your bottome line.  Changes to a franchising system may come in a variety of ways.  The modification of the McDonald’s system to include breakfast required of a major investment by both franchisees and McDonald’s with new equipment, advertising, additional labor costs and additional training.  There might be a trademark/service mark change like we saw at Hardee’s, changing signs and incorporating the little star logo.  Pizza Hut added delivery service to meet competition from Domino’s.  A door company adds a new line which in turn requires new samples, catalogs, training and advertising.  Computer technology has required many companies to modify their system to accommodate the Internet.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you have worked in advance by studying and analyzing modifications or by obtaining input from key franchisees, and often franchisee advisory counsels, there will always be one or more hostile franchisees who, even though they bought the franchise for your expertise, think they now know more than you.  They are reluctant to make any changes, often citing the cost involved or the fact that their contract is about to expire.  Be prepared for the argument that your modifications have caused a constructive termination of their contract or their contention that you have modified or amended the original contract without their required written consent or that you have violated the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Fortunately, the good news is that the majority of courts around the coutnry have consistently upheld the franchisor’s right to make modifications to its system when the franchisor has reserved the right to do so in its franchise agreement.  The key is reserving your right to make modifications via your contract.  It is important for you and your franchising counsel to work closely together when drafting your franchise agreement.  Your attorney must not only be cognizant of your business and your future expectations, but he or she must be franchise savvy, knowing how franchising works and how franchisee disputes often arise.

If the subject of your future franchise system modification is not already on your list, make sure you add it for your next legal check up.


If you would like more information, or we can assist you with another problem, please call the Duell Law Firm at 1.866.388.4112 or visit

About the Author

Mr. Hunt’s primary areas of practice include franchising, intellectual property law copyright and trademark. He has represented clients in trademark registrations and dispute resolutions.

How to Franchise Your Business : Why you need a Lawyer for your Business

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Franchise Law Blog

Franchises – Good and Bad

Even though franchising per se is a sound business concept, there are good and bad franchises – and a prospective franchisee needs to discern the difference between the two.

Since choosing a franchise is a major decision, a prospect has to consider many factors before taking the final plunge. Initially, however, he should first list down his preferences, personality traits, and management style. He should go into a business that matches who he is, and how he runs things. He must also study the existing franchises in his area so he could decide if he wants to put up an additional outlet of a company that already has several franchises there or venture into a new one. Finally, he can start to consider the terms of each franchise.

It is necessary for any prospect to conduct a research on existing franchises of the brands he is considering to enquire about their problems, financial viability, and level of satisfaction with the franchise. The feedback that he will get will get can serve as a major gauge on the viability of the business.

A good franchise offers a total package that ranges from start-up assistance to post-opening support for a reasonable fee. There are several points to look for in a good franchise. The brand must be known to the prospect and must be have the potential to expand further. The track record of the franchisor must be good and the franchise fee is reasonable. The projected level of profitability must be supported by facts i.e. the net income of existing franchises, to have an assurance that the investment will be recouped within a reasonable period. Because the investment is lower than a non-franchise business, the Return on Investment should be significantly higher.

The franchisor must be seriously committed to the success of their franchises. The franchisor-franchisee relations should be strong. The existing franchisees should be satisfied with their business and the marketing programs that the central management implements. The organization must be structured in such a way that the roles of each unit are clear and well delineated. A highly organized company maintains an efficient system that maximizes the use of time, energy, and human resources to save money and thus boost profits. In a structured company, the problems in day-to-day operations are greatly reduced because everything is expected to run like clockwork.

The market research must be extensive enough to maintain and continuously strive to improve the profitability of all the franchises. Good franchisors are always on the lookout for potential opportunities to further improve existing strengths and address the problem areas strategically. They know how to respond to market changes quickly in order to stay ahead of other businesses.

The performance of each franchise is studied from time to time. The training that the franchisor provides must be sufficient for start-up operations and running the business, and projected for the long-term stay of employees. In addition, the support of the central management should be adequate to assist the franchisees in handling the problems that may be encountered in running their outlet. This shows that the franchisor is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of its brand in all aspects of the business. Continuous support from the franchisor also lessens the possibility of any of the franchises ruining the reputation of the brand.

Lastly, a good franchisor strictly adheres to all the terms of the franchise agreement. The products and services that are offered through the franchisor must be of high quality and are delivered promptly. This strengthens the relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees.

On the other hand, bad franchises are generally short on training, support, and expertise. More often, these are the lesser-known brands that have little to lose in the event the franchise is unsuccessful. They do not have an established track record to speak of and may therefore fall short on experience and expertise to help run a successful franchise. They may demand an unreasonably large amount as franchise fee to give the impression that they are as good as the more popular franchises and provide the same intensive training and support. Prospects need to be aware of unscrupulous people who may only be after making an instant profit easily by deceiving a prospect with promises of projected profits. Some companies may draw up a franchise agreement that is as good as that of bigger, more successful companies but due to their meagre resources and little or non-existent expertise, they may not be able to implement the agreed terms to the satisfaction of the franchisee. This is the very reason why conducting a research on existing franchises is very important.

A bad franchise promotes products and services that are seasonal. Prospects also have to stay clear of companies selling fake products such as those that manufacture and market imitations and pass these on as, for example, Class B originals. This is punishable by law.

Some companies, aware of the popularity of franchising, may take advantage of its attractiveness and offer franchises left and right, without regard for viability, and concerned only with selling as many franchises as possible.

In case a company is just starting out to franchise their brand, prospects need to be wary and take more time before committing. It may not necessarily be a bad franchise but nobody wants to be part of a test run.

UK Franchise Directory Franchise blog

About the Author

Matthew Anderson is the founder of The Franchise Shop. A directory of the UK’s leading franchise opportunities and a resource of franchising information

Tax Attorney Roni Deutch on The Other Half

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Ca Franchise Law

Better Business Bureau, which is also looking statement

Better Business Bureau fraudulent sales practices

Other small businesses had a problem with the BBB and there sales practices? We have for some time. Our franchisees, (our company is a mobile car wash franchise companies) are required to join the Chamber of Commerce as part of their grant, if there is in their exclusive territory. But when she calls and says that the BBB;

“We always have a lot of calls on yourService, but did not know what customers have asked to you with the BBB? “Then go to the field … for about $ 300 dollars more you receive will tell ….Better business burea

Our members enter the room before the start of their business, while its mobile car wash service trucks are built to connect the service to know the community, they will. Inver sent to get the call from the BBB from the new Member States in the Commercial Register prior to eachit was advertising, so called, in fact, none at all BBB. This has happened to our affiliates in Carson City, NV, Palm Desert, CA, Agoura Hills, CA, Camarillo, CA, Sacramento, CA and Houston, TX. I know that this “telemarketing fraud,” and I was worried. I was told that many of the 128 BBBs across the country pay their suppliers in all or part of the Commission. So perhaps this is an individual problem, but the sales staff did. Personally I have hadhappen five times for me as a franchisee, signed at the Chamber of Commerce in various cities and had no cell phones yet, so they called me in business communication. As a franchisor I am responsible for all sales verbiage person during a sale should not attack the BBB for fakery?Better business burea

I contacted the office of the BBB of Washington DC and deny that such an incident never happened and referred me to the fact that they are an organization of 90 years.Maybe, but as it stands now break the law. This occurred five times in the sales representative called me personally from BBB. I also learned to contact the Los Angeles BBB and that the sales staff so often use Chamber of Commerce lists of new members and seeking names of those who had lodged a complaint against them. I was told this off the record, but I use this information. In other words, use the list of companies that had clients callif it is a valid complaint or not as a sales tool. Interestingly, accounting firms and consultants are not in those days. The hypocrisy of the BBB is a bit ‘annoying and even immoral, if not in law, fraudulent in my opinion. I was with the Office reported that “most companies” Join the BBB. Impossible, since there are over 1.6 million businesses across the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Fernando Valley and most of the constant amount of only about 51%. This is aExaggeration by any stretch. That means California would have a minimum of 800,001 members by businesses, while in reality they have less than a tenth of the south of that number in all. But those same offices BBB complaints on franchising and take many of their sites to tell buyers to be aware of exaggeration;


About the Author

You Own A Bond Winston Shrout

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Royalties Franchise

Top Reasons To Buy a Master Franchise Business

As a franchise sales consultant I am often asked what are the advantages of the master franchising business model and buying a master franchise. Master franchising, some times referred to as sub-franchising, is a form of franchising that allows an individual to buy the rights from a franchise company (The Franchiser) to sub-franchise their business concept in a specific territory or large geographical area. In general the individual or master franchisee’s goal is to sell and open a pre-determined amount of franchise units in his or her specific territory. The master franchisee benefits from populating his territory with new franchise locations by receiving a share of the franchise fees and royalty fees generated by each unit opening and operating in their designated territory. 

The reason master franchising works is that it creates a “win win” scenario for both franchiser and the master franchisee. By allowing its concept to be sub-franchised and developed by qualified individuals broken down by territories, the franchiser can often grow its system much faster and more efficiently than trying to sell single units itself. The master franchisee in return can also benefit in numerous and significant ways from this arrangement including the following below. 

Residual Income: The ability to develop a residual income stream is in my opinion the most attractive benefit and number 1 reason to buy a master franchise. Although all franchise agreements are slightly different, typically the master franchisee and franchise will split the royalty fees (typically 5 to 7%) generated by the units opened in the master franchisees territory. Imagine getting a nice fat royalty check every month based on the gross sales from all the franchise units in your territory you sold. This is a personal income stream that can potentially last a lifetime!   

Franchise Fees: With most master franchising agreements when you sell a franchise unit in your territory you typically receive a franchise fee or commission from the franchiser for your efforts. These fees tend to range anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000 and generally most franchise agreements allow you to keep all or most of it! 

Low Overhead: Because being a master franchisee at the end of the day is a “sales job”, there is no real need to rent or lease a retail office space. You can in most cases easily start out in a home based office and accrue all the benefits and flexibility that option offers including low overhead, no commute, generous tax deductions, more personal freedom, and a better lifestyle. 

Few Employees: Most master franchisees typically start out as a 1 person owner operated business. Once the business reaches a certain critical mass regarding number of units sold or operating, you may in some cases find it advantageous to hire some support staff such as an administrative assistant or sales assistant to keep the business growing and running smoothly. In general however, most master franchisees don’t have a lot of employees and all the headaches and costs associated with having a large staff. 

High Success Rate: As with all franchise businesses, master franchises generally enjoy a very high success rate. Keep in mind however that not all master franchising opportunities are alike.  It’s important to make sure that you adequately investigate and research any franchise opportunity before moving forward. As part of your due diligence I would ask the franchiser if you could speak with an existing master franchisee in their system to get some feedback on their experiences.

About the Author

Ray Haiber is a franchise sales consultant and the founder of, a franchises for sale directory. You can research and view research master franchises for sale in the USA here.

You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise Royalties

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