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Better Business Bureau fraudulent sales practices

Other small businesses had a problem with the BBB and there sales practices? We have for some time. Our franchisees, (our company is a mobile car wash franchise companies) are required to join the Chamber of Commerce as part of their grant, if there is in their exclusive territory. But when she calls and says that the BBB;

“We always have a lot of calls on yourService, but did not know what customers have asked to you with the BBB? “Then go to the field … for about $ 300 dollars more you receive will tell ….Better business burea

Our members enter the room before the start of their business, while its mobile car wash service trucks are built to connect the service to know the community, they will. Inver sent to get the call from the BBB from the new Member States in the Commercial Register prior to eachit was advertising, so called, in fact, none at all BBB. This has happened to our affiliates in Carson City, NV, Palm Desert, CA, Agoura Hills, CA, Camarillo, CA, Sacramento, CA and Houston, TX. I know that this “telemarketing fraud,” and I was worried. I was told that many of the 128 BBBs across the country pay their suppliers in all or part of the Commission. So perhaps this is an individual problem, but the sales staff did. Personally I have hadhappen five times for me as a franchisee, signed at the Chamber of Commerce in various cities and had no cell phones yet, so they called me in business communication. As a franchisor I am responsible for all sales verbiage person during a sale should not attack the BBB for fakery?Better business burea

I contacted the office of the BBB of Washington DC and deny that such an incident never happened and referred me to the fact that they are an organization of 90 years.Maybe, but as it stands now break the law. This occurred five times in the sales representative called me personally from BBB. I also learned to contact the Los Angeles BBB and that the sales staff so often use Chamber of Commerce lists of new members and seeking names of those who had lodged a complaint against them. I was told this off the record, but I use this information. In other words, use the list of companies that had clients callif it is a valid complaint or not as a sales tool. Interestingly, accounting firms and consultants are not in those days. The hypocrisy of the BBB is a bit ‘annoying and even immoral, if not in law, fraudulent in my opinion. I was with the Office reported that “most companies” Join the BBB. Impossible, since there are over 1.6 million businesses across the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Fernando Valley and most of the constant amount of only about 51%. This is aExaggeration by any stretch. That means California would have a minimum of 800,001 members by businesses, while in reality they have less than a tenth of the south of that number in all. But those same offices BBB complaints on franchising and take many of their sites to tell buyers to be aware of exaggeration;


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