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inc magazine franchise

The New England Franchise Association Releases the 2008 Top 10 Fastest Growing Franchises Based in New England

The list contains some of the most prestigious brands in franchising and illustrates the vibrant franchise community that exists in New England.

NEFA only considers number of units as its criteria, and the franchise must be based in any of the 6 New England states.

New England Franchise Association 2008

10 Fastest Growing Franchise Organizations Based in New England

Ranking Company City, State % Growth in # Units

1 Edible Arrangements Hamden, CT 91%

2 Wings Over Agawam, MA 83%

3 American Ramp Systems South Boston, MA 32%

4 Snip-Its Natick, MA 30%

5 MaidPro Boston, MA 25%

6 Rooterman North Billerica, MA 21%

7 Coffee News Bangor, ME 20%

8 Lapels Dry Cleaning Hanover, MA 13%

9 Ronzio’s Lincoln, RI 10%

10 Hannoush Jewelers* West Springfield, MA 9%


Information on number of units are compiled by Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise 500, January 2008 Issue & January 2007 Issue.

* This companies’ unit numbers were not compiled by Entrepreneur Magazine, but were gleaned from information available on their websites.

NEFA is the trade organization for franchisors and franchisees in the region. NEFA has been around for over 18 years. It is a very active association with over 125 members. The group offers training, networking and other support to the franchise community. For more information about NEFA please contact New England Franchise Association via the organization’s website , , or by calling NEFA Executive Director Jim Coen,, (617) 469-3002.

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5LINX Business Overview – The normal peoples Telecom franchise

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Car Detailing Price List

car detailing price list

2004 Audi A4 2004 Cabriolet 1.8T CVT

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Web Franchise

Franchise Drop Ship Ireland Number Ecommerce Web Design Free Hosting

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Best Car Wax Ice

best car wax ice

Various Methods For Car Rust Prevention

Prevention of rust is one of the important works that you have to do for increasing the longevity of the car. To be honest rust can destroy more cars than accidents. While rust is a chronic illness whereas accident is like a sudden attack.

As chronic illness can be recovered by proper medicine so is rust. There are various rust removal products for car rust treatment. If the rust removal product is given in right time then it can be healed properly and you can also prevent from getting the rust again.

You first know what the factors that cause rust on the vehicles are.

The basic component that causes rust is salt.

During winter, the roads are kept ice free by splitting salt on the road. Thus salt help the car from preventing the car from getting into many major accidents. IF this s the positive side of the salt then the negative part is salt also acts as catalyst for rust. So during winter your car is more prone to rust.

Salt carries water or better to say moisture even into the smallest part of the car and caused oxidation with the rise of the temperature. Once the temperature of the car increases the oxidation rate also becomes high.

Acid Rain which often occurs in the industrial areas is also harmful for vehicles.

Here are some dos and don’ts for rust treatment:

The best and for most thing for preventing the metal from rusting is cleanness. This is highly required for your car. Proper cleaning everyday is required for your car. Always try to keep the body of your car clean and dry.

Waxing of the car is also crucial.

Many people had a misconception that cleaning of the car is not so important in winter but truly the cleaning is immensely essential. Make sure to wash the underside of the car properly. After completing open all the doors so that the water can drain out completely.

Always remind to check the drain holes in the bottom of the door and the frame and make sure to keep the bottom clean. Dirt holds moisture so clean and dry the tires.

Carefully observe the car and try to spot the rust area as soon as possible. It is much easy to treat a small rusted area than a big one. Don’t try to neglect the light brown area. It can be the indication of rust. Rusted chrome sometimes needs to be replaced completely.

Another way to prevent your car from getting rusted is rust-proofing. You can apply a certain wax paste by spraying the entire paste on the car body. You can also opt for silicon-based spray which can be applied to your paint. These sprays act as a specialist rust-proof your cars.

Since rust is a very common problem so now a days cars have warranty against corrosion and even they are manufactured with protection itself.

SO we can see that rust prevention is very essential for maintaining your car. When you try to sell your car the value of a car automatically goes down when there is rust.

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Wireless Phone Franchise

wireless phone franchise

5 Linx Telecommunications

5LINX® is a rapidly growing telecommunications company that provides products and services across the United States and in 20 countries abroad. 5LINX® has achieved many milestones in just a few short years earning the distinction as being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing, privately held companies in the country. 5LINX® provides customers with the latest in telecommunication products and services such as; cellular phones, unlimited long distance home and business services from all the major carriers. They also offer satellite TV service from DISH Network and DIRECTV, and the company’s own GLOBALINX™ VoIP services along with broadband internet and home security products. 5LINX® provides not only industry leading products and services such as our unique GLOBALINX™ Video Phone, but allows individuals an opportunity to start their own home business and change their lives.

The 5LINX® direct sales model has helped thousands of individuals experience the benefits of a home based business with little risk and minimal investment compared to traditional retail or franchise models. Independent sales representatives span the country which has enabled 5LINX® to grow far beyond traditional distribution models. 5LINX is built on five fundamental principles: Vision; Integrity; Opportunity; Freedom; and, Success.

5LINX® is a one-stop shop for most telecommunications products and services. Products include digital home phone service that provides unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, wireless phones and accessories, satellite television, or Broadband Internet service.

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boost mobile franchise vs metro pcs franchise

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Independent Insurance Agency Franchise

independent insurance agency franchise

U-Haul Dealer Co-STAR Program

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Franchise Tax Board Mailing Address

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The Judicial Racketeering Enterprise

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Pool Service Franchises

pool service franchises

Franchise Opportunities: 3 Tips For Evaluating And Choosing One In Today’s Market

There are hundreds of franchise opportunities today, so how do you choose the right one? As a general guideline, it’s important to remember the ultimate benefits of choosing a franchise, like having a network of support, a proven method of success, and the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes. Franchise opportunities that make the most of these benefits are often good choices. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 3 things to ask about for when evaluating a potential franchise opportunity for sale.

Protected Territory:
It’s natural and healthy for businesses to compete for customers. You should choose a business that you feel confident can stand up against even the toughest rival. However, it’s a different scenario entirely to compete with your own chain for business, and that’s what can happen when franchisors don’t protect territories.

Having a protected territory doesn’t mean that there can’t be any competitors around for miles. Those who buy a Starbucks franchise for sale may open their doors less than 1 mile away from another Starbucks. What matters is that the franchisor should have a proven formula for determining successful territory lines. This is especially important with home based and home services franchises that don’t have a physical location. Service based small business franchise opportunities have a broader reach and often require a larger territory.

Top Notch Training Program:
One of the most important benefits of choosing a franchise opportunity for sale is that you have the advantage of learning from the trials and errors of others. Many new, non-franchise businesses fail within the first 5 years because they don’t have a clear direction and rely on trial and error for establishing business practices.

Before choosing a franchise opportunity for sale, check into its training program. How long is the program? Does it involve on-location and classroom training? Does the company offer continuing education? Training shouldn’t end after you open your franchise. There is always more to learn and experiences to share. Training also gives you the opportunity to gather with a support system of other franchise owners and share your experiences.

Cooperative Marketing:
Another important benefit of investing in a franchise opportunity for sale is the opportunity to combine resources with a large network of people. Whether that is information or advertising dollars, pooling resources to achieve a more effective result is an essential part of success. Cooperative marketing means that each franchise owner contributes a certain portion of sales toward an advertising pool.

The adage, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” absolutely applies to advertising. The amount contributed by each individual wouldn’t amount to very effective advertising coverage. But multiply that amount by the number of franchise owners in the network and soon there is enough for high profile print, radio, and television advertisements.

A protected territory, a top notch training program, and cooperative marketing are three essential elements for success and profitability with a franchise. When you start your franchise search, keep these critical success factors in mind and narrow down your list. After a bit more investigation, you’ll come to realize which franchise opportunity is right for and will soon be on your way to a bright and profitable future!

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Chicago Franchise Show

Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs Tickets â?? a Way to Meet the Team Mascots

Every professional sports club needs to have some kind of logo in order to be separated from the rest. The team logo can consist of a modified letter with a small graphic brush-up or some kind of a character that catches the team spirit. It is up to the club to choose the related symbol.

In recent years, apart from the logo, some clubs even started choosing a mascot to bring out the best of the team spirit and stir things up with the fans. Again it is up to the club to decide which the best mascot to represent their club is, but in this situation the opinion of the fans is not overlooked, because they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the mascot’s services.

In the Chicago area there are two important teams for two very popular American sports. One of them is the Chicago Cubs, which is a major representative in baseball and current champions of the National League division of MLB, and the other is the Chicago Bears, a very important football team that has won the National Football Conference championship game in 2006.

Let’s talk about them one at a time. Fans strive to obtain Chicago Bears tickets so they can watch their team perform miracles with that oval ball, scoring touchdown after touchdown and hoping that the team can win every game. A real fan needs to have Chicago Bears tickets for all the games in a season, no matter if the team is on a roll or if they are in a slump.

When a fan purchases Chicago Bears tickets, this is also a way to meet the team mascot. Judging by the name of the club, it is common sense that they would choose a bear to be their mascot. He has been around since 2003 and his popularity has increased among the fans.

His name is Staley Da Bear. The name, apart from obviously symbolizing a bear, also makes reference to the man that founded the Bears franchise in 1919 – A. E. Staley. His popularity with the fans can obviously be observed from the number of outside appearances he makes.

The other important representative in the city of Chicago is the Cubs. This club is a major presence in the National League division of the MLB. Apart from watching games and cheering for the team, purchasing Chicago Cubs tickets can bring you a home run ball that you can display in your trophy case.

Just like the Chicago Bears tickets, the Chicago Cubs tickets are also a way to watch the team mascot in action. While the official team mascot is a young bear cub, the club has not found a physical representation for it yet. A man was hired for a while in the 1990s, but because the fans didn’t like him very much he was dropped in a relatively short period of time.

Even though no young bear cub has been found, if you purchase Chicago Cubs tickets you will have the chance to watch the unofficial mascot of the club. His name is Ronnie Woo Woo, and he has been around for Cub games since the late 1950s.

Ronnie Woo Woo is a longtime Cubs fan and everyone can see him at the game in full uniform screaming from the bottom of his lungs cheers for his favorite baseball team. While some do not enjoy his cheers, lots of people think that a game would not be the same without him. Buy your own Chicago Cubs tickets and watch the guy in action.

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Bottom line is mascots are a benefit for most fans that come to a game. Singing songs, waving arms, and dancing are just some of the things a mascot starts. Chicago Cubs tickets are a way to see Ronnie perform and Chicago Bears tickets give you the chance to dance with Staley Da Bear.

Chicago at Cincinnati 4/9/10 MLB 10 The Show Franchise