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small franchise ideas

Home Based Franchise Opportunities: 5 Top Picks

There are hundreds of small business franchise opportunities that allow you to work from home, but with the all the added benefits of a franchise model. When you align yourself with a franchise opportunity you enjoy the benefit of having an established name behind you. Instead of building a home based business alone through trial and error, home based franchise opportunities give you the advantage a tried and true set of processes and a support team of people who want you to succeed. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 of today’s movers and shakers among the many small business franchise opportunities.

Mobile Pit Stop – $3,000
Mobile Pit Stop is a modern day oil change service that is, you guessed it-mobile. In the case of this franchise opportunity, mobility has 2 major benefits. The first is the obvious financial benefit of saving on expensive real estate costs. Second, the market is ideal for businesses that offer time-saving convenience services.

With this automotive franchise, it won’t be difficult for entrepreneurs to build a steady customer base of busy individuals who would rather have their oil changed while they’re at work or at home rather than sitting for hours in a greasy waiting room. As you grow, expansion by adding more vehicles is simple. With 10 vans doing 10 oil changes per day, you can expect a profit of $400,000 a year.

Home Team Inspection Service
Consider the number of homes sold in your area last year and imagine the market potential for a reputable home inspection service. The home inspection industry is here to stay and will always be in demand. If you’re good at establishing business relationship, this is a great opportunity. Aligning yourself with just a few local area realtors can quickly put you on the road to financial success.

Business Card Experts
Advances in technology have unleashed the potential of low cost printing. Likewise, the internet has eliminated traditional barriers associated with the printing process, allowing you to work from home while printing is done offsite. The great thing about a business card franchise opportunity is that it is that reoccurring sales are inherent to the business model. Once you make a sale, you’re can keep that account for life and build a very profitable residual income stream over the years.

All About Honeymoons
One of the greatest aspects about working for yourself is the ability to do what makes you happy. If you’re the type of person who loves to make others smile too, then this home based travel franchise for sale might be for you. You’ll be a travel consultant, needing only your phone, a computer, and the desire to help couples plan one of the most anticipated events of their lives.

Brazilian Springs Bottled Water
The bottled water industry is a $15 billion dollar industry meaning that there is lots of potential for growth with this home based franchise for sale. The American public is already accustomed to the idea of purchasing and drinking bottled water, you only need to show them how Brazilian Springs is the right brand. Brazilian Springs makes this easy-proceeds from sales go toward preserving the rainforest. Plenty of real world product studies from Ben and Jerry’s to Campbell’s soup products have proven that consumers are willing and eager to support worthy causes by choosing products that donate proceeds.

These 5 small business franchise opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg! Conduct a franchise search for “home based franchise small business” and you’ll uncover lots of incredible opportunities. Don’t confuse a franchise small business for sale with one of those “get rich quick” schemes. A reputable small franchise for sale will require work, passion, and dedication just like any other franchise opportunity. The difference is that you have the freedom to work where you choose and set your own hours.

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