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There are many advantages to acquiring a franchised business. To begin with, the system has already been researched and developed into a viable business model that removes the dangers of trial and error experience. With a franchise from a well known company, your business can take advantage of the national advertising and good reputation of the company to jump start your own local branch. Since it is in the franchise company’s best interest for you to succeed, there are support and information systems in place to make sure you are able to provide quality service. With a franchised business, you will have an exclusive area to work in that will help keep competition down. The cost of purchasing a franchise business opportunity is much less than what you would have to obtain to start a new business from the ground up.

With the purchase of a franchise operation you will be provided with all the necessary training to be able to perform the job well. Advice on specific problems you may require can be had as the franchise distributor will want to make sure all the franchised affiliates meet the standards that the overall brand name is known for.

One of the fastest growing franchise opportunities on the island is the Green Thumb Lawn Care franchise. Increasingly home owners and renters alike are seeking to beautify their dwellings with well manicured and maintained lawns but do not always have the time or the knowledge to make sure it is done correctly. Once you become a Green Thumb Lawn Care professional you will receive all the training and knowledge necessary to provide this lucrative service to the people in your region.

Green Thumb Lawn Care developed lawn care as service concept and maintains a 90% share of the total lawn care franchise business. With the average Green Thumb franchiser servicing about 7% of the homes in their region on a year-round basis the profitability of making Green Thumb a successful business venture is virtually assured.

With national advertising and word of mouth recommendations, there are many areas of the country that are eagerly awaiting a franchise branch to open in their region. Years of experience have given Green Thumb the reputation of high quality professional lawn care so building your customer base is easier with the pre-existing brand recognition of this fast growing business franchise opportunity.

Unlike some lawn care franchise opportunities, Green Thumb has no hidden costs to make startup of your franchise business harder. The initial fee is all-inclusive and includes a media campaign to help get you established in your designated postal area. Yearly marketing and franchise subscriptions are extremely low so that you can begin profiting from your new franchise business opportunity from the beginning.

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Darrell F writing on behalf of Green Thumb the Lawn weed specialists.

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