Small Franchises In India

Will America support us?

Will america help my great country India when we hopefully very soon will go to war with pakistan.we are an emerging superpower and biggest population as well as democracy while pakistan are a new democracy and small population India Has supported america in everything except cold war but now we we want to destroy pakistan and reduce them to dust and build franchises of Guantanamo bay there and then India will become the 5th largest country in the world I just feel like waterboarding every kid in pakistan and **** there women after that We will try to convrt them to hinduism I think America is our best firnd now so coul you request your goverment to support us thank yu.

what, we sent you 90% of our jobs isn’t that enough, plus you have like 1 billion people, you could just throw wave after wave at 10 million at a time with sticks and probably beat pakistan. you probably have more people than they have bullets.