Rent A Box Franchise Kiosks รข?? Review Of The “red Box” Opportunity

DVDNow is about to hit the market by storm with a truly unique idea. When the red box DVD rentals hit the market outside of the local fast food joint many wondered if this was an opportunity they could cash in on. Well, it seems that day is here with the entrepreneurial through DVDNow. So is this truly a system in which the individual can finally hang up his work hat for good with?

Just a few years ago we saw them popping up in front of our greatest testament to entrepreneurialism McDonald’s, yes, the red box full of the latest movies to rent and you are on your way home anyways. Many asked the manager inside and looked online wondering if this system was an opportunity for anyone to jump into, unfortunately it was for McDonalds and other large businesses only. Not any longer however. This is not the exact red box that sits outside our favorite burger joint, but a company and opportunity all to itself. The question many will have about this opportunity is cost and time, what does it cost to start and maintain? And, what amount of time will I have to spend on this opportunity.

The kiosks themselves do come at a pretty high price for the individual, but those with a solid credit rating could procure 1 or several with 50% down and a payment schedule over the following 24 months. Of course you will need a pretty high traffic location to create enough sales each and every day to create enough income to not only make the payment, but a profit as well. The opportunity does come with help in this area and of course with finding and landing a location for your kiosk. There is also the ability however to sell advertising space on your kiosk itself through either a picture panel on the side or a multimedia monitor with 10, 30 or 60 second spots to help with raising profit and traffic to your rental box. This however will raise the cost of the kiosk itself because of the added features and the cost of replacement if someone damages your monitor.

There are many risks to owning a DVD rental box and all due diligence will be needed before entering into this opportunity. Some questions to ask will be mostly about damaged and stolen DVD’s and or, damaged and stolen kiosks themselves and what dmages and upkeep could cost the owner. Although it sound like a wonderful opportunity, many will more than likely find that this is a large investment, for some far too much. The system is said to be automated with a simple web service, but of course you will want to check up on your investment from time to time. The opportunity is a good opportunity if you have the means to invest, the fact that these DVD kiosks are quickly becoming the easiest and best way to rent your favorite movie is just a simple fact in a world that is in a hurry.

The time you will spend will be less than the conventional 9-5 career, but this does not mean that no work will be involved. For those who have found success as entrepreneurs do realize that work is involved in any business that is offline and where product is held, whether that be in your own shop, home or kiosk.

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