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MLB รข?? History of the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are one of Major League Baseball’s “newer” franchises and are based out of Seattle, Washington.  The Mariners are a professional men’s baseball team and they  play in the Western Division of the American League.  The Seattle Mariners played all of their home games in the Kingdome until about 1999 when the new Safeco Field was built.  They now play all of their home games at Safeco Field.  One unique thing about the Mariners franchise is that they are one of only three other teams in the MLB to be owned by a corporation.  Their current colors are teal, navy blue, and a metallic silver.  Their old colors were royal blue and gold but changed over in 1992.

The Seattle Mariners were enfranchised in 1977, but their inception started before that in 1970 when the state of Washington sued the American League over a breach of contract when the Pilots were sold and relocated to Milwaukee.  In the hopes that another Major League Baseball team would come to Seattle, King County built the Kingdom (which was a multi-purpose stadium) and were soon rewarded with the NFL expansion Seattle Seahawks.  About a year later was when the Seattle Mariners would become a franchise.

Baseball in Seattle started off strong in 1977, with the Mariners first game being attended by a sold out crowd of over 57,000.  Through the next decade or so they would have mediocre success and would even change management when they were bought by George Argyros  in 1981, who was a California businessman.

By about 1993, the Mariners would get new uniforms (which they still don today) and would get a new manager in the form of Lou Piniella.  Already an established manager, he would lead the team to some great success over the next ten years until 2002.  These would also be some of the best years for star player Ken Griffey Jr. while on the team.  During these years the Mariners would win their first division championship and show that they could compete in the league.  Lou would also win two manager of the year awards during this time period.

By 2001, the Mariners had the best winning percentage of any team in the major leagues.  They won the West Division championship and won 116 single-season wins.  That year Ichiro would also get the American League MVP award, along with the Rookie of the Year and Golden Glove award.  

Fast forward six more years and Seattle would change up its management again in 2008 by hiring Jack Zduriencik as their new general manager.  They also got a new field manager and an whole new coaching staff for the team.  In recent years the team has made a lot of trades to create a championship team including bringing Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, and Felix Hernandez onto the team over the 2009-10 offseason.

While the Seattle Mariners have never won a World Series or even played in a World Series, they have been making changes as of late to help them pull back into contention in the league.

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