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Safety is always a major concern while on the road especially during harsh weather conditions. A slew of car accessories like the Volvo wiper blade are designed to contribute to road safety and convenience. The Volvo windshield wiper is basically a thin strip of rubber material attached to an assembly holding the strip against the windshield. The windshield wiper sweeps water, snow, dirt, bugs, and the likes off the windshield to clear visibility up front.

Usually, the simplest of wiper blades may be good enough to do the task, especially in temperate regions. Driving under harsh weather conditions, however, requires heavy-duty or higher performance wiper blades. To meet the needs of today’s consumers, different designs of wiper blades are offered by carmakers and aftermarket parts manufacturers. One example is the wiper blade with dual-rubber wiping element. This design uses two different rubber formulations in two areas that perform different tasks resulting to better, lower-noise performance over a longer service life. Another design features both synthetic and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber reduces noise sharply and provides good elasticity at extreme temperatures, while natural rubber enables improving wiping and durability.

Just like any other car part and accessory, the Volvo wiper blade eventually wears out. Different factors such as dusts, sand, UV rays, contaminants, heavy usage, washer fluid, car wax, heat, salt and exposure to other elements contribute to a wiper blade’s deterioration. Various indications of worn-out wiper blades include streaks, smears, smudged areas along the windshield, chattering, skipping wiper blades, nicked, cracked or separated rubber elements, and noisy wiping action due to worn-out wiper blade joints. Worn-out Volvo wiper blades may result to reduced visibility and slower reaction time, which could lead to road accidents. A windshield wiper blade is ideally replaced every six months to a year or when it shows first signs of wear.

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