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Subway Franchise Investment

subway franchise investment

Personal Finance & Retirement Planning Tips : What Are Core Mutual Funds?

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Franchise Subway

franchise subway
The Big Red Machine
A date with Major League Baseball’s oldest franchise

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Franchise For Subway

Start a Subway Franchise

There are plenty of franchise opportunities that, on the surface, may appear to be a very good thing for everyone in general, but once the inner workings of the company is known then an individual might not seem too keen to open up one of their particular franchises. There are many good franchises available, though, and some companies simply exist to not only further their business and the profits they have made, but also to teach other future franchise owners the good, the bad, and the ugly about owning their own store. One of those genuinely good franchise opportunities that is being referenced here is the Subway Corporation. There are many good things about owning a Subway Corporation franchise, and here are some things to think about if the thought has crossed your mind once or twice:

Healthy Food for Healthy People

One good thing (and there are many more) about owning a Subway franchise is that the whole restaurant chain is totally unique with the food that it has to offer. Most of their submarine sandwiches have less calories and less fat than typically other submarine houses throughout the United States and the world! Perhaps this is one of the good things about owning a franchise! Being able to provide healthy food choices for the people in their community is what a lot of Subway franchise owners love about the opportunity to own their own Subway store. It was only with the introduction of the personal pizzas that Subway has upped the amount of calories and fat in a product that they’re selling, but many people don’t mind this just because of the plethora of other healthy options available!

Subway Franchises Galore!

Did you know that there are actually more than 25,000 Subway Corporation franchises throughout the world today? Perhaps this is because of the good food that they have for consumers, or perhaps this is indicative of something much better. But the 25,000 Subway Corporation franchises certainly beats out the number of McDonald’s franchises that exist throughout the United States. Indeed, McDonald’s has just over 11,000 franchises located in the United States whereas the number of Subway’s franchise stores has grown to just over 21,000. The amazing growth of Subway throughout America, but here is one possible reason why there has been an increase in Subway franchise opportunities:

A Perfect Solution

Perhaps the reason that there are plenty of Subway franchises in the United States is because Subway offers the perfect solution. Not only does this mean that Subway offers plenty of healthy food choices available, but the company headquarters has a reputation for truly caring about their franchise owners. Not only will you receive quality ongoing support from a Subway Corporation professional or another franchise location nearby, but they remember what it was like to struggle through the first few years of owning a business as well!

All things considered, the Subway Corporation franchise opportunity is great for a whole wide range of people. Just thinking about all the great benefits one can receive from owning a Subway franchise should entice anyone to opening one up!

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Tom Feltenstein speaks to Subway Franchise owners

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Cost Franchise Subway

cost franchise subway

Low Cost Franchise? See This First.

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Subway Franchise France

subway franchise france

Rencontre avec Thierry Rousset, Directeur général de Subway France


Subway Franchise Locations

Buying A New Franchiseâ??Do You Still Need Due Diligence?

PART 13 of 21

“Buying a New Franchise—Do You Still Need Due Diligence?”
by Willard Michlin

There are over 2,500 franchise businesses for a business buyer to choose from. Some of these are very well established and can be found in every city in America or so it appears.  Others are still unknown and are not well established.  They are also trying to get your investment funds.  The well-established and known franchises include fast food and non-food franchises.  The not so well established include the same choices.

Well-established fast food franchises include McDonalds™, Burger King™, Quiznos™, Subway™, Jamba Juice™, Johnny Rocket™, Outback™ and many more.  Some of these well-established franchises that are not food include the Gas Stations—Shell™, Mobil™, and Texaco™.  Auto Service franchises include Jiffy Lube™, Perrfect Auto™, and Armco Transmission™.  Non-automotive related established franchises include-The UPS Store™, Mail Box Etc™, Curves™, Jamboree™, and many more.

The one thing that all the fast food franchises have in common, regardless if they are well established or not is that they have a physical location, pay rent to a landlord and can not be moved except at great expense.  If a location is not profitable the owner’s only option is to sell out to someone else who thinks they can do better then the first owner and that is almost always at a substantial loss.  The cost to open a new fast food location including the franchise fee, equipment and location build out runs north of $300,000 and in some cases, like Outback Steakhouse™, can run over a $1 Million.

In order to assure that your fast food franchise is profitable and will support your family, you must do everything possible to get your monthly sales to be at least ten times what your monthly rent, including Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges.  If your sales are not, you are working for the franchise, your employees and the landlord, instead of for your family.  This rule also applies to non-food franchises as well as most retail or service businesses that require a physical location.  This rule must always be observed.  I have only seen one exception to this rule-an indoor playground franchise where the rent was thirty percent of the gross income and still made a profit.

The promotional material states that over 85% of franchise locations do not go broke.  What they do not spell out is that the location may not close down but the original owner may have sold out at a substantial loss to someone else that also sold out at another substantial loss.  New location restaurants are famous for being sold two or three times before the price paid was low enough that an owner could make a living.  But if the rent is too high, that may not even be true.  The terms of a lease are the single most deadly expense of a business.  I have seen food courts charge $10,000 per month with the tenants earning only $30,000 gross sales per month.

If you are going to buy a new franchise and will be setting up at a new location or you are thinking of taking over an existing franchise location, please consult an expert that knows how to evaluate a business.  It has correctly been said in regards to our health that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  It is just as true for our financial health.  A few hundred or a few thousand dollars spent on reviewing the sanity of any business investment is cheap if it saves you from making a mistake of a hundred times that amount.  Never forget that only one deal in twenty looks as good as it sounds.

Willard Michlin is a Due Diligence and Business Evaluation Advisor.  He is also a California Business Broker and a California Real Estate Broker. He has published many articles and is in demand as a public speaker in the Southern California business community.See other articles and information about his services at:

About the Author

Willard Michlin is a Due Diligence and Business Evaluation Advisor.  He is also a California Business Broker and a California Real Estate Broker. He has published many articles and is in demand as a public speaker in the Southern California business community.See other articles and information about his services at:


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Franchise Information Subway

franchise information subway

Dairy Queen Franchise Information & Cost

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