Car Detailing Washers

Window Washer Fluid and Air Conditioner Refrigerant: Monthly Automotive Maintenance Part 6 Guess what?? These are the last two fluids left to check every month, to keep your vehicle sufficiently hydrated and all of its thirsts quenched. These two fluids, while not crucial to the life of your vehicle, make driving that vehicle more pleasant… Continue reading Car Detailing Washers

Car Detailing Washer

Karcher K2360M Deluxe Power Washer Review The Karcher K2360M Deluxe Pressure Washer is surprisingly lightweight for its large power output but is also extremely compact and highly mobile which is perfect for occasional or frequent cleaning of your house, garden or vehicle.This Karcher K2360 Pressure Washer has all things needed for various cleaning operations and… Continue reading Car Detailing Washer