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Top Tier Direct Sales Business Opportunities: 3 Reasons You Should Start & The 1 Reason You Don’t

Top Tier Direct Sales Business Opportunities: 3 Reasons Why They Are The Best & 1 Reason You Haven’t Started

Why would you get involved in a Home Business and not look for Top Tier Direct Sales Business Opportunities?

Are you not familiar with Top Tier Direct Sales?

That would be about the only reason I can think of that someone wouldn’t be ALL-IN and jump all over a top tier direct sales business opportunity.  Well, I know what the real reason is, and I’ll share that in a moment.

But right now I’m going to give you 3 great reasons for you to start thinking about Top Tier Direct Sales.

  • Immediate Growth: How many sales do you need to make in your MLM to be profitable?

Let’s really think about this for a minute.  If you get started for $400-$500, how long before you are profitable?

Well, let’s just assume you get a $40 sign up bonus (that’s pretty standard) and each re-order gets you X amount of volume to go towards your “residual income.”

Well, that’s at least 10 PERSONAL sales before you’re in the black.  The average MLMer recruits roughly 3 people before they call it quits.

Most top tier direct sales business opportunities have you in the black with no more than 2 sales.  It is even EXTREMELY possible for you to be profitable after your first sale.

Yup, your right, the cost to get involved in top tier direct sales is higher but so are the commissions.

Let’s take the previous example of you getting started in a Top Tier program.

You pay $2k to get started.  Now let’s assume you made two sales EXACTLY the same way you came into the business (hint: everyone will join just like you).

Well, with those 2 sales you are already in the black and looking to take someone to dinner!

Every business model on the planet should be so lucky to have HUGE upfront commissions to make the “start up” phase profitable.

If you are unable to recoup some of your initial costs VERY soon, you WILL go out of business.

  • Top Tier = Top Tier:  The last person I recruited into my business developed and patented the idea of being able to write a credit card check!

I would tell you how much he sold that company for but you wouldn’t believe me.

My point is simply this; top tier direct sales business opportunities attract top tier talent.  People who are actually LOOKING for a business!

How much easier (and profitable) would your business be if you were recruiting people who WANTED to start a business?

I’m not talking about your neighbor who would be interested in supplementing some income, I mean someone who is looking to start a BUSINESS.

The old saying holds true, Like attracts Like.

  • Commitment:  Remember earlier when I said you could get started in your MLM for $400-$500?

That’s not a big commitment for a business.

When someone says, “Yes, I’m coming in at the top of the program.”  That is commitment.

Do you think this person is going to “see how it goes” or “give it a shot?”


This person just threw down enough coin to buy a car!  The very next words out of their mouth are, “Tell me everything I need to do.”

Your top tier recruit understands that this is a business.  Your top tier recruit WANTS to work their business just like they would work a Subway franchise.

Lead generation, sales processes, recruiting processes, scheduling interviews, Advertising/Marketing budget, outsourcing resources, etc.

You see the difference?

When was the last time your neighbor who joined you MLM called and asked if you would look over their 12 month business plan?

When was the last time YOU made a 12 month business plan?

Top tier direct sales business opportunities are the simplest way for an entrepreneur to plug into a business model that promotes growth.

Gosh dang!  I can’t get over this…what would your life be like if you made 4 sales in a month and made close to $20k?  4 sales!! That’s it!  (Yes, I said Gosh dang, sorry, I’m just getting fired up.)

And, of course, top tier direct sales offer residual income.  What sales business on Earth doesn’t reward the leader of a team for the team’s results?

Oh Yeah, And Here’s the #1 Reason You’re not Involved

You’re scarred.  That’s right, I said it.

Remember point #3?  Commitment…if your $400 business doesn’t work, you’re only out a car payment.

It’s unfortunate that the thought process doesn’t work the other way…You’re only paying $400, what do you expect to get in return?

You should WANT to get involved in top tier direct sales business opportunities because the CASH to be made is AWESOME!

Take a look around the industry, what are the BIG DOGS doing?  Not just the Top Earners in your company, but in the INDUSTRY.

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About the Author

Dave Greenlee is a leader in the Direct Sales Industry always looking to help shorten the learning curve for those looking for true success.  Some have even said he’s a Jedi Knight, okay, so nobody really said that but he’s pretty cool nonetheless.  To learn more and have the chance to work directly with Dave, go to