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“You can hear the sirens blaring. “Get on the ground now,” the cop screams. You’re forcibly shoved onto the ground or the hood of a car while your hands are cuffed behind you and then you are put into a car to be taken away to the police station. At the station, you are put into that little room where they try to talk to you, scare you, make you say something that will incriminate yourself. Even if you’re innocent, you could walk away guilty just because you didn’t keep your mouth shut when you should have. What you need is a lawyer. And here we have a list of Jackson, MS. federal criminal defense lawyers who will happily stand with you and help you get the fair trial you deserve.

Now, a little background. We are not recommending any of these attorneys and anything said in this article should not be construed as legal advice. We’re not lawyers, just people who believe in the constitution and who know that everyone has the right to quality counsel at one of the most stressful times in their lives.

Now when you’re arrested, several things are required to be done by law. First, you must have your rights read to you. If your rights have not been read to you, do not remind the officer. It is his or her responsibility to do it and if they don’t, that may be cause for a mistrial. Second, while you really do have the right to remain silent, the cops will do whatever they can to get you to tell them something. Most people in these situations feel compelled to talk and think that by talking they can prove their innocence. The best advice however is to just keep quiet and demand a lawyer. If you talk without your lawyer present, it’s your problem and the lawyer will not be able to help you later, so remember, keep it quiet until your lawyer arrives. Now, here are a few firms that have Jackson, MS federal criminal defense lawyers working for you:

Joe Hollomon and Associates
107 North State Street
Jackson, MS  39201
(601) 353-1300
FAX (601) 353-1308

“Joe M. Hollomon practices in the following areas of law: Criminal Defense – State and Federal Court, White Collar Defense, Forfeitures, Personal Injury, Auto and Truck Accidents, Premise Liability, Insurance Claims, Wrongful Death.”

Rundlett Law Firm
Capitol Towers
125 South Congress St.
Suite 1200
Post Office Box 2791
Jackson, MS 39207
Ph: 601-353-8504
Fax: 601-353-8506

“At the Rundlett Law Firm in Jackson, Mississippi, we provide experienced legal counsel with the personal touch that people need when they are facing a serious legal challenge like a personal injury or death from a car accident, or a criminal charge. With more than 100 trials to his credit, Mr. Rundlett is both comfortable and effective in the courtroom.”

Mark L Pearson
5 Old River Place
Suite 205
Jackson, MS 39202-3464
Phone: (601) 948-6822
Toll-Free: (800) 627-6822

“Yes, we have represented thousands of clients, and we have won millions of dollars in civil litigation. But we haven’t let our success go to our heads, and we haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from or whom we serve. Our offices are relaxed, comfortable and welcoming, located near I-55 right off Fortification St. We reply quickly to our phone calls, and all of our clients stay in close, one-on-one contact with their lawyer: Mark L. Pearson.”

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