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Playstation Madden 08 Game. What to Do on Fourth Down

Madden 08 game once again is evidence the franchise shows no indicators of slowing down.The clever dudes at EA know to keep throwing some new ingredients into the mix, to keep things from growing rancid. As with any upgrade, graphics are sleeker, animation is smoother, and on this occassion, you have much more control of the action. Not to mention the remodeled Hit Stick ( known in Madden 08 as Hit Stick 2.0 ), which can let you hit high or low. Still, irrespective of the classic new innovations in this one ( and classic, they are ) it’s still all about the game, and your ability to stomp your rival in it. In short , if you would like to defeat Madden 08, you are going to have to learn some basic offense and defense secrets. ‘Cause if you are so busy being blown away by all of the slick new animation and other bells and whistles, you’re going to find yourself with an empty scoreboard ( and empty deposit account ) .. Follow our recommendation, and you will soon be giving your rival a run for his money.

One good, basic offense tip is to try throwing your rival off your trail. When setting up the formation, don’t show your hand and make it obvious that you’re going for the pass. In short , if you want to fool ’em, don’t always go into the shotgun formation. You may think your rival is an idiot, but he is not. Go for another formation that’s’s a little less apparent, like the I-formation.

unfortunately, we can’t stay on offense forever, as much as we would like to fantasize. So, what to do when we’re stuck on Madden game defense? Well, if it’s’s first down, your rival will likely go for the running play. Granted, it isn’t a given, but since conventional wisdom suggests the run on the first down, your rival will make that move nine times out of 10. So as defense, a smart way to go in this situation is the 4-3 formation. This old standby is valuable in stopping the run, and the short pass.

Then, naturally, there are those other eventualities that require a little more thought. Like what do you do when you’re on offense, and it’s fourth down? It’s your last shot for scoring ( or for getting the first down ), so you’d better make it count. In and around your rival’s 40 yard line? Go for the field goal ( unless your kicker really sucks. In which case, you’ve got bigger problems ). Closer to the 50 yard line ( or worse, in your defensive end ) ? Go for the punt.

Sure, that is not a set rule. There are exceptions in Madden 08 as well. First, if you are at 4th and one, go for the run. Second, when you are trailing and the clock is ticking, go for the field goal. Even if you believe you could get that touchdown, don’t risk it. Yeah, 7 points are much better than 3 when you are losing, but 3 points are sure better than zip in the slightest. Finally, though, you have to know your boundaries. Occasionally, when it’s 4th down, and you are not where you need to be on the field, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. And then, all you can do is just punt it as far back into your rival’s end of the field as possible. And suck it up and play a good defense.

So if you need to win ( and we know you do ) in Madden game, then take our friendly advice, learn the moves, and practice. Winning is great. Destroying your competitor, embarrassing him in front of all of your buds, and totally cleaning out the poor guy’s checking account : precious.

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