Dallas Cowboys Franchise History

dallas cowboys franchise history

Dallas Cowboys Football

For the National Football League and American popular culture, Dallas Cowboy football achievements are a great thing. There have been many Super Bowl participations, including five victories, in the Cowboys 40-year history, which has brought them recognition nationwide. Dallas Cowboy football team was described as the second most valuable sports franchise in the world after UK Manchester United, according to a 2008 article published in Forbes Magazine. The many victories in championships and overall seasons make the Cowboys’ Hall of Fame’s pride.

No other American team has a higher number of appearances in the Super Bowl than the Cowboys, nor can anyone boast with three Super Bowl victories in four years. The most famous and toughest opponents of the Cowboys are the Pittsburgh Steelers that have more Super Bowl wins although they generate less in the annual revenue. In nation’s eyes, there are lots of things that make the Cowboys special, and here we do not refer to the uniform and the team logo. Even if these are popular symbols purchased and collected as memorabilia, the Ring of Honor is a lot more relevant for the matter.

When a valuable Dallas Cowboy football player retires, his jersey number is preserved. Famous numbers are kept inactive and part of the Ring of Honor. Certain numbers such as 8, 22, 88, 74 corresponding to inductees Aikman, Staubach, Hayes, Irvin and Lilly were not used in any of the 2008 games, for instance. The decisions related to the Dallas Cowboy football Ring of Honor have often fired controversies, the way it happened for Lee Roy Jordan.

The management of the club requires tough decisions that are not always popular, but so far the Cowboys have come out of all their dark moments just fine. Dallas Cowboy football life is in fact defined by issues like strategies, budgets, players, matches, sponsorship, matches and lots of others. Nevertheless, the press makes a habit out of focusing on certain subjects in particular, investigating players’ private and public lives without too many consideration.

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