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Investing even a little into your business can pay BIG dividends down the road. Conveying the importance of this is vital to motivating you to action, as well as easing any reservations your might have to investing money into your home business.

I’m speaking directly to those of you who are serious about wanting to succeed with your own home business.

If you’re like me, you have joined a home business with a dream. Perhaps it was the idea of becoming financially independent, or maybe you’re having financial difficulties and are searching for a way out. Perhaps you dream of owning that “dream home” you’ve always wanted…or that car…or boat.

You may be searching for a way to spend more time with your family or have goals of raising enough money to leave your country for better opportunities. It could be that you are unsatisfied with your current job and are looking for a much more rewarding career, or you’re simply exploring a new possibility.

Whatever your dream, you probably joined that home business to begin with because you saw the word “FREE.”

I would like to tell you a story, if you will listen…

About a year ago, I came upon an ad while surfing the Internet. I read it, and it drew me in. It advertised an Internet marketing business that claimed you
could become successful with no investment required. It also stated it was completely free to join.

I thought, why not? I’ll try it since it’s free, and I’ll see what happens. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.

But if it DOES work…

I have dreams, as any person does. I also have my share of bills, and my credit is not as good as I’d like. I want to make money to take care of these problems. I’d also like to build a nice cozy house in the mountains and own a nice SUV. I want to work from home and raise a family of my own. I want to visit Ireland and work on my family’s genealogy. I also wish to help out my family, who are in need of assistance themselves-I suppose I want to be the “hero” of the family.

So I decided to try out this free offer. I set out with my goals and dreams and gave it a shot. I didn’t have much hope for this business, since my luck has never been very good. I have tried businesses such as this and never got very far. I was skeptical, naturally.

The business I’m talking about is SFI Marketing Group. I didn’t have any money to invest…and, even if I did, I was very wary about investing in something I wasn’t so sure about. So I worked hard for about three months placing free advertisements all over the Internet. After three months, all I had to show for my efforts was perhaps five affiliates and a very small monthly check.

But I was happy, nonetheless, because at least I was actually making some money with this business.

However, my financial problems were getting the best of me, and the progress with my business wasn’t coming fast enough. So I quit. After about six months, I was no better off than when I’d quit. I thought about the business again and said to myself:

“Where would I be now if I hadn’t quit? Where would I be if I had remained persistent and kept on going? After all they said to at least give it a year…”

I jumped back onto the SFI bandwagon and made a personal promise that I was not going to give up again. I also realized something VERY important: I wasn’t going to reach my goals very fast without making some kind of investment in my dreams.

Whether you open your own auto shop, run your own bakery, operate your own janitorial franchise, or sell homemade crafts, you have to invest something
to receive something. To make money, you need to invest money.

Now at this point you may be saying to yourself, “I knew it! This business was too good to be true.” You may even be thinking of quitting SFI. Just remember:

…No matter what kind of business you get yourself into you’re going to HAVE to make SOME KIND of investment to get ANYWHERE! To make money, you need to invest money.

That said, the investment you decide to make for your SFI home business does NOT have to break your budget. Actually, it can be quite reasonable and affordable.

For example, to start a traditional offline business (auto shop, janitorial, bakery, etc.) how much of an investment do you think you would have to make?

$10,000? $50,000? $100,000??

These type of businesses typically require a lot in start-up investment!!

But with SFI, you can launch your own home business for literally pennies a day.

We all subscribe to various clubs, subscriptions, cable TV, the Internet…many of which can cost quite a bit more than $29.95 a month-and they don’t actually provide us with the tools and resources we need for home-business success, like the IAHBE does!

Let’s look at what being an EA can get you with SFI Home Business:

You DOUBLE your Retail Sales Commissions!

You can collect Guaranteed Commission Checks through the Executive Bonus.

You can earn lucrative Leveraged Income.

You lock in your position in the SFI Powerline and become qualified to receive override commissions and bonuses.

You receive $334 in free business-builder tools!

Not only that, but as an IAHBE member, you’ll ALSO get:

Free Book-of-the-Month, featuring titles especially selected for home-business owners. You pay only shipping and handling.

Expert Audio Seminars and mini Home-Business Tutorials.

Magazine-of-the-Month (full 1-year subscriptions to top business magazines like Fast Company, INC, Business 2.0, Money Magazine, and more).

Free Bonuses and access to Money-Saving Deals!

Exclusive, in-depth and timely Business Reports you’ll find nowhere else!

Windows Software-of-the-Month.

Mac Software-of-the-Month.

Daily motivational messages.

Free IntroPak with over $1,000 in business-building bonuses-yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership!

…and MUCH more!
What’s more, you get a 30-day, money-back GUARANTEE!

All that for a measly $29.95 a month!

PLUS, as an IAHBE member, your EA status is renewed each and every month! Once you’ve gained EA status, you’ll be in a great position to move up to the the next level in SFI-Team Leader status, which is where the REAL money starts rolling in.

That said, your “investments” shouldn’t stop with an IAHBE membership-actions as small as the costs of making copies of fliers to post around your town, reserving premium advertisement space in an online classified site (where your ad would get MUCH better coverage than a free one), or posting an ad in a local newspaper are also investments you can make in your home business.

With SFI, you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into your home business. You call the shots and make little investments you can afford.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that free advertising doesn’t work! It does. But if you’re going to do nothing BUT free advertising, you’re going to have to work a lot harder than someone who invests a little money to post better advertisements or place fliers around their town, etc. Many people HAVE become financially independent using nothing but free advertising, but a wise person would combine the best of both worlds. I use plenty of free advertisements, for example, but I also take the time to invest a few dollars here and there.

“That all sounds really good,” you say, “but what do you do if you don’t know how to advertise?”

Well, some people don’t advertise at all. Instead, they invest in the Eagle Advertising Co-op and let it do all the advertising for them.

In the Eagle Advertising Co-op, you pay $20 per unit (two or three units are sufficient to start out with) in exchange to have professional marketers advertise ON YOUR BEHALF! Then, you simply concentrate on following up with the prospects the Co-op brings in FOR YOU.

If you have some money and little time, this is perfect for you. If you have little money and lots of time, stick with advertising yourself until you raise enough to purchase one or two Co-op units.

Even better, many people advertise AND invest in a share or two of the Co-op. Those are people who are well on their way to being successful! I now have 200 affiliates, for example. A small number compared to some, but enough for me to become successful! Most came in through the Co-op, yet I also continue to advertise manually.

The bottom line is if you want to be successful in ANY business, you will have to invest SOMETHING. And investing in SFI is one of the best and least expensive investments you can make.

If you cannot afford to invest anything at this moment, don’t worry! Just continue to advertise any way you can. When you have sufficient funds, you can make your investment….It’s not a race!

Work at your own pace, but overall, remember your dreams and your goals. Those are what you are striving for. And as long as you keep on working with SFI to reach those goals, and you DON’T GIVE UP, then you will reach those goals.

I learned that lesson when I quit. This time, though, I am determined to succeed and to KEEP working towards my goals and dreams. And I have to say I am extremely satisfied with where I’m at right now with SFI!

I started out JUST LIKE YOU did, and if I can make it here through determination, anyone can. If you want your dreams bad enough, you will get them.

REMEMBER!! The successful DID NOT get where they are by GIVING UP! They were determined enough to reach their goals…and that’s just what they did.

And so can YOU!

I wish you the best of luck in reaching your own personal goals!

What Others Are saying:
“I think SFI is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone.”

Joseph M Kernats

“One of the best things that I like about SFI is that I can spend as many hours as I want in my own home. This opportunity is not a get-rich quick scheme. It may take some time, but if you really want [your dream] bad enough, this is the way to go.”

Elizabeth Zimmerman

“After only being with SFI for a short time, I am really impressed with the step-by-step training methods.”

David Lerchenfeld
“It’s great to be involved with the professionals at SFI; they are there to help you succeed.”

Joseph Sousa

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