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So, What Are You Doing For Computer Backup?

No Need To Lose You Data With Skadoit

We are really in the digital age, and our computers’ hard drives may house thousands of precious family footage, music collections, finance info, and important documents. This is true both at work and in the home.

So, what are you doing for PC backup?

There are plenty of backup options. Skadoit has one of the finest backup services in the US and internationally. Skadoit has a network of franchisees with both affiliates and sales reps calling on businesses in most major cities. Skadoit offers a very good price structure too.

It’s not an issue of if’ you lose your data, but what happens ‘when’ you lose it!

And, it’s automatic!

Most professional services will let you revive single files from your internet browser. And you should be ready to check the status of your backup any time.

Profran consultants, Inc. developed Skadoit as a franchise system and commenced promoting the franchises on a pre-launch basis. In the first thirty days, Profran Consultants had awarded 10 franchises and has ten more pending. Everyone that research Skadoit as a franchise is blown away with the potential earnings.

The Skadoit Franchise

Skadoit, LLC has developed what is already being called one of the most amazing franchise opportunities of all time. According to franchise statics, the average franchise fee is $30,000 while the starts up costs exceed $250,000. Nearly all franchisors require a royalty fee from its franchisees while Skadoit does not charge a royalty. Instead, Skadoit pays a franchisee 50% of all sign up fees paid by subscribers that are generated through the affiliate network managed by the franchisee.


About the Author

Ken Hollowell, President/CEO of Profran Consultants has over 30 years been consulting with companies wanting to become a franchisor and develop a franchise system. Ken Hollowell has developed over 800 franchise business throughout the world. He is one of the most sought after franchise consultants in the USA. In addition to the franchise development work, Ken prepares private placement offering for companies needing to raise funds for their projects or companies. Ken can be contacted at

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