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Cape Town Restaurants to Suit EveryoneĆ¢??s Tastes

Cape Town, being a popular tourist destination in South Africa, also means that it is home to several restaurants. The more tourists there are, the higher the demand for food—good food in particular. And Cape Town restaurants hit home run all the time.

Fusion Attraction

Cape Town dishes almost have a “worldwide” quality and taste to it, ranging from Indonesian influences to French and even German. But through the years, as Cape Town ventures into its own character, its food also urbanizes its own flare, its own uniqueness. And this is where Cape Town fusion food comes in.

After decades of multi-cultural occupation, even the influence on food has turned Cape Town into an accord of fusion. You can see or—shall we say taste—the Malayan influence in the one of the city’s popular food the “bobotie,” which is basically curried lamb. Or even in the traditional African dishes are more on the starchier side like the “mielie-pap.”

The Gift from the Waters

After a few years of fighting for “conservation,” nature has apparently given back its blessings to Cape Town. Being a coastal city, it is abundant with hundreds of seafood varieties. Everything from fishes, slugs, crabs, lobsters, to the “kinglip,” which is one of the local delicacies, Cape Town has it.

Fine Dining Restaurants

If you’re the type to enjoy every luxury Cape Town can give, try the Westin Executive Club previously the Towers Restaurant. Enjoy contemporary fine dining as you view the whole city from your table.

Another lucrative restaurant for the books is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Restaurant. An award-winning restaurant located by the yacht marina, it has its own sommelier who chooses the right wine for your dinner upon request.

Easy-on-the-Pocket Restaurants

Even affordable restaurants are not hard to come by in Cape Town. Even the local pubs serve equally tasty food like some of the high-end restaurants. Street food should always be eaten with caution, but admittedly they’re just as good as everything else served in Cape Town.

Mama Africa is one of the famous tourist destinations. Not only do they serve affordable yet scrumptious African-style cuisine, they also deliver one heck of an entertainment as well. Located in the hip and cool Long Street District you won’t miss it with its marimba bands playing all night long.

But if you want to feel more at home, McDonald’s and KFC are only two among the several international franchises of restaurant chains that can be found in Cape Town.

Definitely a Good Night

After dinner at one of your chosen Cape Town restaurants, what better way to end your day than in one the Cape Town hotels. There are a lot of accommodations in Cape Town to choose from. Picking the right one is always up to you. If you’d rather enjoy the food than the place you’re staying in, you can always stay in the less expensive inns. But if you’re the type who enjoys everything from food to living, there’s always the casino and coastal hotels.


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