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The CopyCat Cookbooks

Have you ever wanted to know how all your fave eateries make those succulent dishes that you adore so much? Have you ever wished you might cook them at home and eat them any time you want?

Well then you’re in luck, because The CopyCat CookbooksTM can show you your fave Fast Food Recipes that you can cook at home. They’re fast, easy, and they taste like the originals!

The advantages of using this recipe book :

  • Reduce the salt and fat content of your favorite fast foods by making them yourself at home!
  • Stop waiting in a queue at your fave restaurant for menu items you can make at home much faster!
  • Save money by cooking restaurant dishes at home with easy, everyday ingredients you already have in your kitchen!
  • Discover the secret ingredients and techniques your favorite restaurants use to cook these world famous dishes!
    Impress your friends and family by cooking precise replicas of their favourite menu items!
  • Stop squandering precious time with recipe sites that are just guessing and nothing more. These are real replica recipes that are sure to taste just like the original!

    you’ll get recipes from all of your favorite fast food chains, including :

  • McDonalds Recipes
  • KFC Recipes
  • Burger King Recipes
  • Taco Bell Recipes
  • Wendy’s Recipes
  • And More!

    McDonald’s Restaurant Background

    Mcdonald’s copycat recipes are easy and inexpensive to make. Mcdonalds, or Mickey Ds, is the biggest fast food restaurant franchise in the world. Known for the massive Mac cheeseburger and its special sauce, the golden arches are recognized around the world.

    The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in the 1940s by 2 brothers in California. Dick and Mac McDonald perfected the fast, efficient service that turned into a financial model for restaurants everywhere. The junk food restaurant age was born.

    although not the healthiest diet choice, who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries or a Big Mac with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on sesame seed bun? If you can’t get too much of McDonald’s fast food, try some of these McDonalds’ recipe clones like McDonalds’ shakes, McDonald’s breakfast burrito, or a McDonald’s giant ‘n mouth watering sandwich.

    With your copy of The CopyCat CookbooksTM you may :

  • Save Time – do not squander your time experimenting with different ingredients to get your dishes tasting like the first. These recipes are the closest thing to the real thing that you can get!
  • Save Money – Most northern Americans eat out more than 3 times per week. If you stay home just once per week and cook your favourite cafe recipe yourself, you can save tons of greenbacks per year!
  • Save Calories – Most junk food chains and cafes cook their food in unhealthy oils and use very fattening ingredients. With these recipes, you can substitute in healthier ingredients to scale back the fat and calorie content drastically!

    These dishes are so easy even a complete newbie can cook them without any difficulty. Best of all, most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen! You can start cooking these delightful recipes today!

    plus, you’re not only getting all of your favorite fast food and cafe dishes. You are also getting lots of fun and tasty drink recipes as well!

    Keep your dinner guests entertained with their favourite drinks, including :

  • AppleBee’s Kahlua Mudslide
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Cranberry Creamsicle
  • Chili’s Twisted Lemonade
  • Starbucks Caramel Macchiato
  • T.G.I. Fri.’s Flying Grasshopper

    So what are you waiting for? Oder your copy of CopyCat CookbooksTM and have the best Fast Food Recipes of your fave fast food chains now!

  • About the Author

    is a blogger and a Food Enthusiast who likes cooking McDonald’s Fries over the past 2 years.

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