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Hottest Work From Home Franchise Business Opportunities You Didn’t Know About

Searching for a new and unique home business opportunity? There’s plenty of options out there, but it can be pretty easy to get lost in the sea of business after business without really finding the home based business that will set you apart and bring you the excitement and fulfillment of doing something truly different. To that end, we’re going to take a look at some of the most unique business opportunities that tend to operate off the beaten path and although one might think that mainstream business = mainstream profits, think again. Consider that in many small businesses, a good niche market business will often outperform some of the more common small businesses due to their lack of competition and the preponderance of new and repeat business. If you’re ready to find a new and truly unique franchise, take a look at just a few of the Hottest work from home Franchise Business Opportunities You Didn’t Know About.

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Got Mold?
Well, hopefully the answer is no, but mold has quickly become a huge problem in the US with millions of homes being affected and the mold assessment and cleanup industry growing to a multi-billion dollar market. Many Americans affected by the problem don’t even realize that they have mold in their homes, but they are sick more often and symptoms mimic the reaction to severe allergies escalating to a condition similar to pneumonia. 1-800-GOT-MOLD? Is leading the charge to help diagnose America’s mold problem and along the way, making a pretty penny as they are one of the only mold assessment franchises in this multi-billion dollar but largely untapped market. Their combination of high-tech mold detecting tools and specially trained Labrador retrievers make this franchise appealing to pet lovers and technology lovers alike. Customers can trust 1-800-GOT-MOLD? because they are an unbiased authority on detection of mold. Since they don’t do the actual mold cleanup and remediation, the mold assessment report will be fair, unbiased and ultimately very helpful to the homeowner. If you want to clean up financially as well as help clean up people’s homes and give them healthier, longer lives, consider a franchise with 1-800-GOT-MOLD?

Drive Hammered, Get Nailed
Ever been out at a bar with a few friends, enjoying a drink or two and some conversation and then wonder, “Am I OK to drive?” Many times, you can be over the limit legally without necessarily feeling impaired and to make matters worse, the more you drink the more your judgment can be clouded allowing you to make the decision that you’re ok to drive, when you may not be. Breath Testers USA USA is the sole distributer of a great new product that can help a patron to diagnose their BAC (blood/alcohol content) as well as help the bar or restaurant owner by generating more business. Breath Testers’ machine uses the newest, most effective technology to detect BAC and like many other vending or kiosk franchise opportunities, with a Breath Testers franchise you’ll be able to work from home, set your own schedule and decide whether to work part time and generate some additional cash flow, or work full time, setting up dozens of machines and generate some serious revenue. As a Breath Testers USA franchisee, you’ll contact bars and restaurants to arrange for your machine locations and since there’s no restocking or servicing required, just place the machine in the establishment and collect the funds. This is a fairly untapped industry in America, but with the way this type of machine has caught on in European countries and Canada, BAC testing machines are sure to become a huge industry here in the next few years so take the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Real Estate At 900mhz
If you’ve ever bought a house, you no doubt know the frustration of driving buy a great looking house with a for sale sign, checking for more information and discovering that they’re out of flyers and you will have to come back another time or call the realtor if you want any real information about the house. PreQuence is out to change this dilemma and their innovative method is helping realtors sell more homes, helping buyers get the information they need and helping their franchisees make some serious income in this uniquely new market. PreQuence’s core service involves sending listing information and color photos of homes directly to the buyer’s cell phone. A small sign is placed in the home’s yard or attached to the for sale sign indicating a number that the buyer can send a SMS text message to in order to obtain instant info. The information and pictures are sent immediately to the buyer’s cell phone providing a green alternative to printed flyers and an instant way to receive photos and info about the home without even having to leave the car.

Several billion dollars are spent each year in this country on advertising. Ad dollars are what keep radios and televisions broadcasting and can serve to inform you of a new product or event, and while established forms of print and broadcast advertising have been around for years, there are still a few niche markets of advertising that can make a substantial amount of money while allowing you to work at home. One of the most unique and truly innovative advertising franchises: Bingo Lingo. Bingo Lingo publishes bingo programs primarily for charitable organizations and has developed a sterling track record and reputation in this 20-year old industry. They’ve developed a proven method to achieve financial success through bingo program advertising while contributing to the community all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re apprehensive about heading into this fairly unknown field, don’t worry because Bingo Lingo provides an excellent training course designed to teach you all the ins and outs of the field, build management skills and help you get your franchise up and running even if you have no previous experience in advertising (or bingo).

These niche market businesses can seem a little intimidating since they tend to blaze their own trails, but if one of these unique franchise opportunities catches your eye, consider that with a niche market business you’ll most likely be the only game in town, earning you repeat business and customer loyalty should a similar business pop up a few years down the road. You’ll also receive all the training you need from the franchisor to teach you the overarching ideas and the minute details associated with these unique businesses. Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive team who’ll provide answers to any questions you man have and will continue to support you and your new small business as you continue to grow.

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