How Much To Franchise Mcdonalds

A Business Opportunity That Requires No Investment Can Have the Same Value As a $250,000 Franchise

Many people would not take an opportunity to go into business for themselves seriously unless there was a sizable investment involved. A common belief is that if a franchise like a McDonald’s, for example, costs $250,000 in start-up fees, then the chances of making money are a whole lot greater than if an investment were for just five or ten thousand dollars. Agreed, a McDonald’s franchise is a good investment, but even all of them don’t succeed to the same degree. Plus, how many people have that kind of money to lay on the line? The big money investment mentality doesn’t stop here, however. Many invest several hundred thousand dollars into a restaurant of their own creation and design, only to find out within a year or so that they are over leveraged on their bank loans and heavily in debt. There are absolutely no guarantees in business, and no matter how much money is spent to open one, no one is inoculated against failure. The good news for those of you who are pondering going into business for the first, second, or even third time, though, is that in this modern internet age much has changed.

Starting a business, as many know, can be very expensive and risky. There is rent to pay, employees to hire, inventory to stock, design costs to incur, insurance premiums, lawyer fees, advertising charges, fix- up expenditures, etc., etc. Not only this, but there is a lot of stress, tons of paperwork, customer complaints, staffing problems, you name it. The list just goes on and on. Of course, I am accentuating the negative here, but all too many dive into a business with their eyes closed and hoping for a hail Mary pass. With the advent of the internet in the last fifteen years there has been a rapid change in the way business is done around the world. People en mass, just go online to buy something now and wait for their product to be delivered in a few days. In other words, much of world commerce is done exclusively online. Thus, there is no need for many people to open up a business the old fashioned way. They can do it on the web for as little as $100 dollars. Does this mean that the value and potential for profit is less? Absolutely not. Just ask the founders of Facebook and Twitter if starting a business online and making it profitable isn’t possible.

If you are searching for a business idea with little or no investment, yet with lucrative appeal, check out what are often referred to as hybrid or network marketing companies. They look for budding entrepreneurs to market their products for them, and give free training and support, access to distribution systems worldwide, and compensation plans that even a Wall Street executive would envy. You can learn to advertise for free all over the internet and build a business that is as far reaching as any other on earth. One such opportunity has recently come down the pike from T-Mobile and Liberty International. They are offering what best can be called a virtual cell phone franchise store. There are others online, too, of course, but you will have to do some investigation to find the one that best suits you. Do some homework, take action and believe in yourself. You can do it.

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