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5 of Today’s Best Franchise Opportunities

Owning a franchise business is a smart way to be your own boss while drastically reducing the risks and costs of building a business from the ground up. However, not all franchise opportunities are created equally. Any business could say that it has “franchise opportunities” available when it wants to expand regardless of the profitability of the original location. Great franchise opportunities are those that have solid business systems in place, a strong corporate support system, and thorough training programs. This article will focus on the top 5 opportunities today that exhibit all of the qualities of a winning franchise opportunity.

Opportunity #1 of 5: Quiznos Subs
Every single day 295,734,134 Americans spend money to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is why food franchise opportunities are so successful. Though much of the working population may intend to brown bag-it for work hour meals, it’s much simpler and more enjoyable to grab a quick bite out. Quiznos is one of the most successful franchise opportunities because it offers “fast” food while appealing to today’s health conscious population. Open a Quiznos franchise near a business park and you’ll instantly attract hungry workers in search of a delicious yet healthy meal.

Opportunity #2 of 5: It’s a Grind Coffee House
There’s no denying that coffee shops are big business. It’s a Grind coffee shop is now the fastest growing coffee franchise in the United States and one of the hottest franchise opportunities of the day. While there are plenty of coffee shops that haven’t had the formula to seriously grow in the shadow of Starbucks, It’s a Grind just has that winning combination of style, ambiance, and selection. Franchise opportunities that afford you the opportunity to attract daily repeat customers are few and far between, but completely commonplace at It’s a Grind.

Opportunity #3 of 5: Cookie Cutters, Haircuts for Kids
Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? Among other things, the truly unique angle and fun atmosphere of Cookie Cutters kids hair salon makes it one of the top franchise opportunities today. There are plenty of hair salons in every town and not much that separates one from another. But Cookie Cutters offers a kid-friendly environment that is enjoyable for both kids and adults. Instead of salon chairs kids sit on horses and airplanes, instead of staring into the mirror kids watch cartoons, and instead of coloring books in the waiting area there are slides, props, and games. Because of its unique qualities, Cookie Cutters is getting lots of free publicity which makes it even easier to achieve success with this franchise opportunity.

Opportunity #4 of 5: Mobile Pit Stop
The one thing everyone seems to have less of is time. The more and more we work and earn, the less and less time we have to spend with our families or relaxing. Faced with limited time, some tasks go by the wayside and oil changes seem to be one of them. Mobile Pit Stop offers a smart solution for saving time on a necessary task which is what makes it one of the most attractive franchise opportunities today. Of the franchise opportunities, Mobile Pit Stop has a low start up cost of around $3000. Because the business is mobile, growth is as simple as adding more vehicles to your fleet.

Opportunity #5 of 5: Maids Etc.
You may not see who’s behind it, but someone is responsible for cleaning every office building and home from coast to coast. Residential house cleaning services are a fast growing trend while just about every business in America out sources their cleaning. With tens of millions of office buildings and homes that need cleaning, it doesn’t take long to build a large and profitable client list. Many businesses don’t want just anyone cleaning around their most sensitive data and expensive equipment. Having a name like Maids Etc. gives your cleaning service the credibility needed to land contracts with large business clients.

There are lots of great franchise opportunities available today. Before investing in a franchise opportunity, be sure to research the company thoroughly. The best franchise opportunities will be those with a great business model, products and services that are in high demand, and a corporate office that provides support, training, and advertising. If you’re ready to be your own boss and earn your full potential, these 5 franchise opportunities are a great place to begin.

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