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The Next Blue Ocean Strategy is in Personal Franchises

Blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim suggests the entrepreneurs and innovative start ups identify uncontested market spaces and render their competition irrelevant. The principle behind Blue Ocean Strategy is that all markets can be divided into red oceans and blue oceans. Red Oceans are characterized or stereo typed – who they are, who the customer is, who the vendors are, and what the product being sold is.  Blue Oceans are not and an open market. The author states that successful businesses are either low-cost providers or niche-players. In our article we propose finding your business and offering value and lower cost.

Red Ocean
One of the industries we are seeing the biggest impact in is Personal Franchises. Many see them as MLM’s, Network Marketing or Direct Sales. The old Amway’s from 30 years ago. People like us didn’t like the way the businesses were marketed, the way the products were pushed or the way some people were taught to present the opportunities. Not to mention hiding many of the ways people in that business profited! 

Blue Ocean
Personal Franchising using integrity, honesty and people to bring superior products to market while allowing families to create a sustainable income based on their passion and what they love to do not what they have to do.

A Red Ocean sells to the same customers, buys from the same suppliers, makes the same thing, there is intense competition and thinner and thinner profit margins. The book suggests the following to create a Blue Ocean industry, product or service-

Seek Uncontested Market Space
The book suggests to direct ventures towards uncontested market space. Market niches where ventures are positioned so uniquely that competition is rendered irrelevant.

Create Value
To do that requires “Value Innovation.” Value innovation is recognizing the values and desires behind the spending choices people make, and then restructuring enterprise resources to provide a superior alternative that is still consistent with those values.

Their example, when the theatrical circus, Cirque Du Soleil, began the circus industry was at an all time low. Rather than just putting together another circus, the founders of Cirque Du Soleil tried to understand the overall value system of people who go out for the evening. Why do they choose the theater or the movies, as opposed to the circus?  The founders of Cirque Du Soleil found that people viewed the circus as low-brow, juvenile, even crude event.

So in putting together Cirque Du Soleil, the founders eliminated the three rings, presented the entertainment within a more sophisticated theatrical narrative, and got rid of the animals.

By combining the most valued elements of the theater and the circus, and eliminating the negatives of both, the founders of Cirque Du Soleil were able to create a superior alternative. An alternative which neither circus nor theater can directly contend with.

Identify Untapped Demand
Understanding your customers and potential customers often releases untapped demand. Often, obstacles to purchase can be easily removed. People right now are very focused on creating additional income.  People are tired of going to jobs each day that they dislike and offer only poor compensation and uncertainty.  They want the respect of being  business professionals with some sort of security.  They will not let this economy oppress them, they will no longer be reliant on the rich who get richer and take the tax advantages of business ownership only for themselves.

Position Yourself Along the Emotional-Commodity Axis
So given the necessity of identifying uncontested market spaces, where competitors are rendered irrelevant, we see that we must pursue value innovation. Recognizing the value system behind people’s market choices and structuring resources into a superior, innovative alternative. For example, products are generally seen as either having an emotional appeal or of being merely commodities. By shifting a product’s position along this emotional-commodity metric, we often find the uncontested market space we’re looking for.

Focus on Buyers and Users
Your relationship with your customers will make or break your business. You want to build strong, long lasting relationships with your customers. To do so, you need to be able to engage them in discussions about their needs and your products or services without you being argumentative or feeling defensive.

The best Blue Ocean Strategy for the average person is a Personal Franchise. Personal Franchises offer some of the most creative and superior products on the market today.

Cash Flow Potentials – Find Your Personal Franchise

It’s not exactly new; business has been done out of homes for decades. But the past 5 years have seen a revival in home businesses because of the Internet, and now between two and three million people in the United States are running businesses out of their homes. Cash Flow Potentials was created to empower people to create the ideal business for their family at home. Cash Flow Potentials founding principle is to consistently provide resources, information, and support to all families so that they can find their financial freedom to enjoy life, as they want. You can be one of the thousands of individuals realizing their dreams. The Internet provides a unique opportunity for business. Cash Flow Potentials provides the research, training and support. Home businesses are poised for explosive growth, and with that growth comes the responsibility to embrace the incredible diversity of different businesses and personalities.

Zyzyrgy – Introduce Your Product  as a Franchisor

The personal franchising industry today is growing rapidly due to slow economic growth and a tough global economy. In order to increase cash flow for the average family, people are adopting radical strategies and alternatives. Angel investors are looking for the high returns they are accustomed to from the high tech industry and biotechnology and are turning to Personal Franchise opportunities.

Families are under extreme stress with the current economy. Many Americans are seeking a meaningful change in their life and want sustainable additional income. A part time or full time career as a Personal Franchise Owner provides the solution. The number of Americans starting home businesses has been expanding rapidly. The profession has seen strong sustained growth worldwide in recent years.

About the Author

He’s been called “Mr. Solutions” and a “Visionary” by many of his friends and peers. A person who believes you can’t teach what you haven’t done, Andrew Van Valer combines solid business skills with novel insights that often shake up the conventional way of thinking. He has the ability to take the complex and somehow make it simple to understand.

At a very young age, Andrew started his own business – based on a solid work ethic acquired from his parents. He was on the startup team of four disruptive technology companies purchased by Motorola, VeriSign or have gone public. He held a number of positions in operations, strategic planning, finance and marketing. He has set up and managed businesses in five countries, and has been learning continuously about trends, real estate, investing, business models and, more importantly, patterns of success. He has been involved in catching four waves – Computer, Internet, Wireless and now Personal Franchising from the home.

His latest ventures are all focused on the fastest growing Industry, Personal Franchising, showing people how to use a great tool to their benefit.

Cash Flow Potentials

He gets enjoyment from coaching others on life skills – money management, debt elimination, the creation of multiple pipelines of income and, most importantly, discovering someone’s passion and purpose in life.

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