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My Baagaa (Burger is Japan) with its basic concept one Burger’s food already familiar at Indonesian, My Baagaa attends as one kreasi kuliner that our adaptation of its origin country japanese with kreasi that we means to get accepted by consumer at Indonesian with about guidance among alimentary Western and UNIQUE and TYPICAL Asia deep sensed. And in the end wills be seuah effort opportunity that answers to see dammed hell first market that enable consumer can enjoy japan Dish with tall sensed goal, at the price achievable. MY BAAGAA is expected cans be leader and Icon of Burger’s business growth this Japan at Indonesia. particularly on raw material that ensured by kosher and admissible taste by consumer at Indonesian because remembers at its old country menu which is presented deep outlet we have taste goal that so coherence and typical so our mengkreasi this menu so gets at accepts at consumer tongue and it what does differentiate My Baagaa.

Recipe idiosyncrasy My Baagaa is our one Pioner is Local effort at Indonesian one develops Burger’s effort with paduan that UNIQUE . so enabling becomes opportunity that stills to outgrow to is part of this business at region – region that wills be kuliner’s Innovation a new one. With this creative menu we expects can penetrate to INTERNATIONAL’S market to is part of Brand openair existing intern there. But effort Optimism attitude My Baagaa is can gain control domestic market for from taste facet and effort concept have at quiz and at matches by consumer at Indonesia.sehingga we expect

With dig amount that progressively broad current My Baagaa becomes outspread opportunity for you what do want to launch forth by invest what does relative contemn .Dengan effort system already we build, enabling patner / prospective patner squashy effort gets to study and menduplikasikan is aught system without needs to build again, so prospective patner can a lot easier develop its effort without needs to have particular experience.




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started to blaze the way business while is still at campus, with kind sort carries on business already at attempt and failing after failing each business has already I trip to make me progressively understand how to business which be right

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