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Types of Part Time Franchises

The fact that part-time franchises have become very popular among the prospective franchisees in the UK is because of the various advantages they provide. The part-time franchise option has spread to diverse wings of the franchising industry today. This has given rise to many such part-time franchises that have been put on offer by the franchisors from different arenas of business operations.

Though there are numerous instances of franchisors providing a part-time franchise opportunity to interested franchisees, there are some arenas which are more lucrative part-time franchise options and have thrived exceptionally well. As an amateur franchisee, you may try out these arenas to start up on your part-time franchise business career.

We have listed the most popular types of part-time franchises in the UK below:

• Internet Services – Services such as web designing, SME marketing, newsletters and other similar services are high on demand but a bit low on supply. Therefore, most franchisors (such as Active Web Design and Loyalty Matters) provide these services as part-time franchise options for individuals who excel in such skills but cannot afford to work full time because of other obligations. With flexible working hours and a fantastic reward for services offered, such part-time franchise options have rocketed to the peak of popularity in no time.

• Pet Care – As care for pets is not an easy task, and most people hire professional help for such purposes, this is also a popular franchise opportunity that can be pursued part time. Franchisors such as Creature Comforts provide ideal part-time franchise opportunities as pet care specialists which you can pursue in your spare time without hampering your work prospects.

• Dating – Dating services, especially online dating agencies such as Affiliate Dating Ltd. can provide you with extremely rewarding yet low-investment part-time franchise opportunities. These require you to work from home and yet manage clients with equal ease and expert support that a conventional franchise option would have done.

• Food Outlets – Franchisors such as The Muffin Place and others offer part-time franchise options to the franchisees that are interested in participating in a lucrative career in business with them. Most of these franchise options require the franchisee to sell the franchisors’ products with a margin of profit for the latter. This part-time franchise opportunity can be pursued from one’s own backyard or garage!

• Venue Styling – Part-time franchise option offers venue styling services that are a great avenue of acquiring franchise rewards and showcase business acumen for the franchisee. This is a low cost franchise opportunity with a thorough training program organized by the franchisor.

Such part-time franchise opportunities are ideal for people such as stay-at-home parents, mothers and housewives who have other responsibilities to take care of, but have a strong will to succeed in building a prosperous business career in the franchising industry. Most of these part- time franchise opportunities are suited for franchisees that seek to start small and want to gradually build their business.

So if you are one among such wannabe part time franchisees, with such a diverse range of franchise options, you will always find a suitable option to progress in your business career. There are many thousands of part time franchise opportunities across the world and due diligence must be done when selecting what you think is the right franchise for you. With so many there are of course always going to be some which only make a profit for the franchisor so care must be taken to ensure you are buying into one which will work for you. Asking for a list of existing franchisees is always a good first step, this way you may contact them and find out how well the franchise is working for them.

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