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Tips on Selecting a Family Hostel

Though hostels used to be lodgings for single or small group travellers; many have evolved to welcome families as well. Many hostels are now having family rooms with bathroom and showers attached. Besides, its dormitory rooms with three or more beds allow your whole family to sleep together ! Though facilities in the room can be as simple as just a bed, tables and a clothes hanger; its useful facilities such as a kitchen and laundry service are all-time favorites.

Here are some tips for you when selecting a family hostel :

1. Is breakfast included ? This is important if you want to save costs. Breakfast is usually simple with tea, coffee, bread, toast and jam or butter or eggs.

2. Does the hostel provide internet access ? What are the charges like ? You may wish to keep in contact with your family or company while you are away, or update your travel blog !

3. Is laundry provided ? Usually, hostels will provide a coin-operated laundry and a dryer. You do not have to pack loads of clothes anymore, specially when you are travelling with your family or going for a long holiday. Just remember to bring your washing powder.

4. Will there be an airport pick up ? Some hostels are able to provide airport pickups. Make sure that you inform them of your flight. This again will help you to save some costs.

5. Can I hire a bicycle ? This will be great if you wish to explore the area yourself.

6. Is linen included ? No more worries of bringing your own linen, as majority of the hostels are providing sheets, linens and pillows. However, you need to bring your own towels and toiletries.

7. Are credit cards accepted ? If it is acceptable, save your cash for your daily needs.

8. Are towels provided ? Not all hostels provide free towels; some are chargeable.

9. Are there security lockers ? This is important if you are staying in a dorm.

10. Is there a luggage storage service ? You will need this service if your check out time is much earlier than your flight.

10. Is there a guest kitchen ? Cooking your own meals will help you to save some costs. You may wish to make special meals for your children.

11. What is the distance to the train and bus stations ? You probably don’t want to drag your luggage for a long distance, and have a few kids tagging behind you.

12. Is the hostel located in a noisy or quiet location ? This is important for security.

13. Other considerations include : Security Measures, Telephone/Fax Facilities, Travel Desk/Travel Info, Curfew/Lockout, Bike Parking, BBQ Area, Car Park, Smoking Policies etc.

Enjoy your stay at the hostel !

About the Author is a simple travel guide written by travelmum, who loves to share her travel tips to Melbourne with you.

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