Computer Network Franchise

computer network franchise
Anyone realise how much we’re being monitored?

Commercially speaking, Facebook, Twitter and even Yahoo Answers are being monitored by consumer brands. Facebook has the new ‘Like’ button which allows companies like Coca-Cola, Kit-Kat and Adidas to see what’s popular amongst certain demographic. I woke up this morning to see Yahoo Answers having sealed a partnership with Purina, the pet food franchise, and all I can think to myself is that Purina are using this service as cheap market research. Our ISP can see everything we search over the internet, our workplace has every website visited, and if connected to a local network can actually take control of our computers. CCTV denies us any privacy, there are 150 CCTV cameras from where I live to my main shopping complex and it’s impossible to leave your house without appearing on it.

Do you think we’re being monitored too closely? Do you think that we are being observed for our own safety?

well it could go either way. If our country remains prosperous and the political climate remains relatively stable, then these powers will be used mainly to “benefit” us, and/or advertise to us, obviously. I do think these technological advances could be used to control and confine us if things were to turn bad though…. as it has been with technology throughout history.

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