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The Jolly Bee in Jollibee

In the Philippines, when we say fast food, we say Jollibee Philippine. Among all the fast food chains here in the Philippines, Jollibee Philippine is considered to be the most popular choice of fast food among the Filipinos here and in the abroad.

The Jollibee Philippine has been serving us with their delectable collection of fast food such as the Chickenjoy and Yumburger, but what else do you know about the Jollibee Philippine? Where or when did it start? And who was the genius in starting the largest food corporation in the Philippines that expanded onto some of the largest countries in the world.

As far as we can remember, the Jollibee Philippine provides us with the most delectable fast-food foods, but did you know that the Jollibee Philippine did not start on selling hamburgers or chickens, it started as an ice cream parlor at Cubao in 1975 with Jolibe as the original name.

But after sometime, they decided on getting the services of a management consultant in the person of Manuel C. Lumba. Lumba suggested that to shift their business of ice cream parlor to hamburgers after his studies showed that a much larger market was waiting to get tapped.

And sure enough, their hamburgers became a hit for a lot of Filipinos. After this success, Lumba next reformed the name Jolibe to Jolly Bee and made the two words form a single name Jollibee. Then Lumba next created the product name “Yumburger” as well as the name “Chickenjoy”.

The stores were re-designed, the service transformed into a full self-service, fast food operation with drive thrus. Not long after, Tony Tan and Manny Lumba went on an observation tour in the United States, attended food service and equipment conventions. Tony Tan put Manny Lumba on center stage by putting him in charge of franchise development.

The Jollibee Philippine have gotten so big that they have decided on incorporating some expansions and acquisitions on other fast-food restaurants. On 2000, the Jollibee Philippine acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the oriental quick service restaurant segment. Similarly, Jollibee Philippine also acquired Red Ribbon Bakeshop on 2005, another popular fast-food restaurant in the Philippines. In 2006, Jollibee Philippine acquired the Délifrance which further expanded its penetration in the food service industry particularly in the French cafe-bakery, a growing segment of the Philippine food market.

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