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Labor Day Weekend

                         Labor Day Weekend


               Last labor day weekend in brooklyn was crazy last year, or so I heard.  Mainly since I was pregnant, and couldn’t spend time running alongside of my hometown  bandwagon from Guyana.  Damn, just thinking about Guyana made me miss my country. I loved that feeling of being back home.  I hadn’t  been to Guyana since I was 15.  Now that I’m 23 I almost forgot what it felt like to be at carnival. I had been in the states ever since I left Guyana. 


          Since I live in queens and not Brooklyn, I took the ‘A’ train from Far Rockaway  with my best friend Kim the night before. We always went  to see the kiddy carnival and hang out at Juvaay.  The only difference  between me and Kim was that she was a native of Trinidad.  Every time we were on the parkway at carnival and she saw her bandwagon come down the parkway, it was her time to shine. I don’t know it’s something about us island women. I guess it was having so much love for our country. We always did the same thing yearly, but this year was going to be slightly different.   


       Before this year we were both in monogamous relationships every year since we met each other  in High school our junior year. This year we both took a vow to ourselves. We swore  to live out our wildest fantasies from now on no matter what.  Normally we would go to kiddy carnival, then to Juvaay. In the mid day we would go to carnival, and then go back to queens rest up and go to club Tobago. We always spent the night or should I say that morning before carnival resting  and getting dressed at her moms house. She lived by the parkway on Herkimer Street, between Buffalo, and Rochester Avenues …  But I had a feeling that this year was going to go down in the record books as the end of a boring summer. 


          On the way over I met this fine ass Haitian man named Junior on the ‘A’ train.  He had his golden brown dreads tied up in a ponytail that hung down to his shoulders.  He was about 6’0, 170 lbs.,  with a nice body.  I could see thru the white “wife-beater” that he was wearing.  He had on some light denim jeans that were just tight enough to see the big bulge in his pants.  We exchanged numbers and even said that we would  meet up later on that night  at Juvaay,  before carnival began.  We met Junior and his Haitian sensation crew and that’s when things started to get out of hand. 

               “A toast to labor day, the West Indies, Haitians, Guyanese, and Trinidadians across the states of America.”  Junior said while holding up a bottle of henny as we approached him and his friends on Nostrand ave.  “Sak pa sae?”  I asked Junior.

“Fine, thank you!”  Lisa, I had no idea you spoke Creole, good looking and you speak Creole?” “That’s a plus.” Junior said to me smiling away. “I don’t that’s about all I know how to say in Creole.”  I replied

“Ha, that’s okay I’ll teach you some more one day.”  “Why don’t we take a walk down  by  the botanic garden?”  Junior asked me

“Yeah you know we’re about to miss the walk thru in the park.”  I said reminding everyone else that the park was the place to be the night before the carnival that goes down on eastern parkway in Brooklyn.  Kim and I had already gone to see the kids in kiddie carnival, the kids always look good, with their costumes on. That too reminded me of back home.  I grabbed a hold of Juniors hand to let it be known to everyone else that this man was mine. Well, that is for tonite atlease.  From the moment I saw him on the train I knew I had to make him mine. 

             The park was almost packed up to capacity and as usual our countries were separated by flags in the park.  This I didn’t understand seeing as how any one of us could run with alongside of anyone else bandwagon during the carnival regardless of who they were and what country they were from.   The Jamaicans were smoking that purple haze, and it smelled so good.  It must have been calling my name because the next thing I knew it was filling my lungs too and I was part of the rotation.  That was the most potent weed I had gotten a hold of in a while.  It had me feeling ire.  The smoke had me feeling so good I let Junior dance with me as I did the dutty wine usually I like to do it alone so that everyone can see how I could dance my ass off.  He must have thought he was being slick by trying to feel on my ass as I leaned back and forth pushing up my head up and then back down again.  As I opened and closing my legs. But little did he know I was wit it. “You must think you’re a freak hun?”  I turned and said to him.  Smiling and practically yelling over the music.  He looked dumb founded as he watched me bend over in front of him and slide off my thongs and toss them aside. 


          They landed right in front of him by his feet. “Now cum and get it.”  I said to him as I disappeared out of  his sight. “Lisa!.”  I heard Junior say as he looked for me thru out the crowd.  I reached out to him in the dimly lit area from a park bench with my hair out of my Guyanese flag that I had tied it up in, and let it fall down by my shoulders. 

           “Cum…. here!”  As I reached out for both of his hands.  I sat there with my denim skirt hiked up around my hips and my legs spread wide open.  One by one I licked both of his index fingers and inserted them in my wet pussy at the same time. “Uuummmnnn.”  I moaned out as he slid his fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy.  “Damn, you feel good.”  He said to me as he gently kissed me on the lips.  Taking out his fingers and sucking on each one he asked me.

“You got any condoms?”

“Yes, I always keep them on me.”

“Okay”   He whispered in my ear as he kissed and licked my neck with his mouth and tounge.

“I want to satisfy you Lisa.”

He said to me as he licked a trail down to my navel and then briefly paused to flip me over and taste, me sweet juices, from behind.  That always made my legs shake, and this time wasn’t different.  One thing I can say about Haitian, men is if I had to say one thing about them  just this one night then it would be . . . damn good eaters!

“Nice, I like that.”  I said to Junior.

“Uuuummmmm!!!!!!”  I screamed out just as I was about to cum all over Juniors tounge.  I licked his mustache clean of any cum that he didn’t swallow.  As he slid on the condom over his long, hard, thick, black dick, and  inside of my anxiously awaiting pussy,  I moaned out his name.  “Junior, give it to me hard baby………. ooh yeah just like that.”  I said to him as I threw my back out at him.  ” Yank up my hair.” I said to him.  This made him a pump as hard as he could, the whole time making my head tilt up against the side of the bench.  He had found my spot and made me cum more than once as he held my leg up in order to go deeper inside of me.  My legs started to shake more and more as he pumped faster, and faster with every stroke.  “Ooooooohh.” I moaned as he pulled my hair harder, and harder almost yanking a part of it out.

               I could feel his balls getting heavy as he began to climax.  I heard a gasp as I raise up and felt his dick start to go limp.  “Oh, no you’re not done that easy, now cum.”  I said as I got up from the bench and started to kiss his balls and jerked his dick at the same time to get him hard again.  I opened my mouth and began to suck his dick as he played with my ass, he moaned with excitement as I pleased him with my tounge.  It didn’t take long before his dick got hard like a rock again.  That’s when I rode his dick until he was about to cum again.  When his bodty began to  jerk, I got down off of his dick and began to suck his dick again.  When he caame, he caame right doown my throwat.  “Thhat’s soo sweet.”  I said to Junior as I got up and placed my skirt baack down.  “Follow me” I said as I went into the street to hail a cab. 

               We hopped into the cab and I continued to go to town on his dick. We got so bad that the cab driver said for us to stop or he wanted to join in on the action.  We got on the number ‘2’ train and took a little adventure. I noticed the train was empty, and as it just so happened the conductors’ booth was oopened so I did like . . .  any other chick would do.  I got on top of the controls and got served so of the beest dick I had ever haad.  “June-yah, I’mm cummin.”  I whispered in his ears to him as I came along with him.

               We exited out of the conductor’s boot and I was mad since Junior wanted to fall asleep on my shoulder.  I guess the henny had gotten to him.  Is that all he had? I wondered to myself as I got off at the next stop and left him there on the number ‘2’ train sleeping like a baby.  I almost forgot our rule.  If you leave on an ‘adventure’ let the other one know that you were still alive within an hour, or you just might end up on the eleven o’clock news that evening.***

Ring…. Ring……

“Hello, Good Evening?”

“Just checking in too let you no, I’m okaay.”

“Okaay, where did you disappear to Leesa?”

“You wouldn’t beleave me even if I told you.”

 “Okaay, I will jus gone take your word for it… for now.”

“I’m close bye, so get ready to throw the key out of the window for me.”

“Okaay, bye.”

“Bye.” ***

               Back at Kims’ moms home, Kim had already taken a shower and was getting ready for bed when I got there.  I showered and went to bed as the sun was rising.  Around noon was when we hit the parkway we were ready for anything, and ready to dance all day long.  I had tied my  air up and let it up in a ponytail and wrapped my Guyanese flag around it.  I had purchased tree new flags in route to the parkway.  One for my aarm, and another for my leg, the last one to wrap around my waist.  With my boots on I stood around 5’7, slim but not skinny and 145 lbs. with deep chocolate skin.  I had on my tightest and shortest mini skirt with a black halter top on.  My lace up boots made men from all nationalities heads turn.   Kim had he trini flag on her head she chose to leave her hair down for carnival.  She was a bit taller then me she was about 5’11, wider in the thighs, and about 150 lbs. with the smoothest caaramel skin you could ever had seen.   She wore a mini shirt shorter than mine with a trini flag shirt that went up around her arms and neck to cover her breasts, and tied around the back.  She too had on some lace up boots that were originally a bright red but she had a shoe maker spray paint black and white lines to make them look like as if there were Trinidadian flags on them.     

               Besides our flags we both carried our pepper spray for the occasional idiot that wanted more then the dance we were trying to give them.  Just a few weeks ago I sprayed this guy for trying to grab my ass in gertz mall on Jamaica ave.  This happened on a regular basis for Kim, she was much quieter then I was. She looked like the type that would give in easy without a fight so we always came prepared.  The first bandwagon that passed us was the Jamaican Hot 97.1..  The float that carried the usual people Massive B, Bobby Trends, this year they had Tony Matterhorn we just danced to the music and enjoyed the sights around us.  Then we saw the Haitian float come past us.  Whew! No sign of Junior and his crew.  Kim must have read my mind because she said the same thing to me out loud.

“I don’t see your new maaan Lisa.”  Kim said to me.

“He was just mine for a moment of pleasure that’s it.”  I told her.

“I seee your float. Is a next to a come up!”  Kim said to me.

“Yeah mon, gett reaady ta give em’ a ruun!”  “Guyana!!!”  I screamed with much pride for my home country.  Grabbing Kim by the hand I ran to be amongst my people.  It didn’t matter that Kim wasn’t from Guyana we were all from the same region and that was all that mattered on labor day weekend.

“All right we can take a rest and go back under the police barrier.”   “Besides there wasn’t anybody worth talking to on my bandwagon.”  I said to Kim.

              Once we got back on the side lines we were already by the Brooklyn children’s museum. We both stopped to get some cook up rice, curry goat, sweet plantains, and  vegetables. The food and music was the perfect mix that made you feel like you were back home and most of all the food tasted as if it were made back home.  We both grabbed a ‘Ting’ from the ben and payed for our things and sat on the nearest bench.  That was another thing about carnival one can almost seem to find a place to sit down because everyone was always dancing.  It seems like the moment that we were finished with our food that I felt Kims pinch to signal that she saw something and that was her trini bandwagon.  “Come!” “Now mon!”  Kim said to me with much enthusiasm.

               Before we get close enough to dance without falling under the wheels of the bandwagon, we heard the driver say “sexy Trini lady and sexy Guyanese lady wit the tight up skirts dem.”  “Come up pon the bandwagon.”  Waving his hand at us.  We moved closer to the back of the bandwagon and climbed the stairs that led to the top.  As usual the hating chicks gawked at us from the side lines.  It amazes me how so many chicks hate instead of doing them.  Life is too short to hate people. There are enough people who are miserable in life, and Kim and I try not to be like them.  On the top of the bandwagon we saw some good looking Trini men and a few Trini women.  Everyone danced and had a good time. We were the ones that the guys kept their eyes on but it wasn’t a big thing to us.  Most men and women are like that, I see it all the time. Whenever someone is new to you, you think that they are more appealing then if they weren’t new to you at all.  One by one the women began to go down the stairs and the men they were dancing with went with them too.  “Lisa, I think they want us to leave as well.”  Kim said to me.  “I ………. Don’t know about that as yet?” I said to her as I felt the guy that I was grinding with turn me around.  “No Kim the fun is just starting.” I said to Kim.

“Trevor is my name what’s yours?”  The guy dancing with me said.

“Lisa.” I said to him smiling.

He was the same height as I was, with a smooth caramel complexion, six pack that was to die for. Trevor even had the softest hair I could have ever dreamt of in braids.  He had the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen up until till very day.  He wore a white t-shirt with dark blue denim jean shorts, and white uptowns. “It’s very nice to meet you Trevor.” I said to him.  

               Everyone else besides Kim, the guy she was dancing with, me, and Trevor had let from the top of the bandwagon.  So we had total privacy when it came down to it.  Kim was the first to start things off I could tell she wanted the guy she was dancing with. So me and Trevor just went with the flow.  I took out my condom key chain and took one out then passed the key chain over to Kim and her guy.  We did our thing and both left lasting impressions on our two lucky guys of the day, and the people from the side lines.  By the time it came for the bandwagon to pass thru to the judges all we saw Trini flags waving down below.  Kim was so glad that her bandwagon was of the top three in the carnival that she gave the guy she was just with her right number.  That must have been some good dick I thought to myself.  We both shared a long embrace with our guys then left off the bandwagon.  “Okaay, bye.”   They both said to us.  Trevor gave me a paper with his number on it.

“Bye.”  We both said as we left the bandwagon.***

            Back in queens club Tobago was off the hook as with any summer night. We both decided to wear our country flags on our arms since all island women got in for free.  I wore a see thru black halter top with thin netting that covered the nipples, leaving very little to the imagination. With tight black pants and a matching red belt and handbag. Accompanied by matching bracelets, and earrings.  Kim had on a pair of jeans that looked like someone painted them on, a bright red halter top, and her lace up boot.  

               The moment we walked thru the door we spotted Trevor and his friend.  “Kim, I see your lover boy, I joked with her.”  I said to her.  “I know, I told Charles to meet us here.”  She said knowing well that after a six-year long relationship that I didn’t want to have another serious relationship for many more years to come.  “Lisa, relax you should get to know him.”  “He seems sweet gurl.”  She said to me.   ” Yeah arite I said  reluctantly.”  To Kim as we went over to Trevor and Charles standing by the bar.  “Evening, ladies they both said  simultaneously.”  “Good evening.” We both said.  Kim more happily then I did.  Trevor grabbed my hand and asked me to dance.  Kim and Charles went their separate way and before I knew it the club was ready to close.   

               “I can’t believe we just danced to every song that played, ha ha.” Trevor laughed and said to me.  “Yeah me either.” I said smiling at him.  “The D.J. played some nice tunes tonite.” He said to me.  I was having a good time despite the fact that I had my heart set on meeting someone new.  But the vibe I got earlier on the bandwagon stopped me from walking away from him and leaving him standing there looking stupid.  “So Lisa, where am I dropping you off at tonite?”  Trevor asked.  “I can get home fine thanks.”  I said to him.  I looked around to see where Kim and Charles had been at but I couldn’t see them.  I’ll just call her when I get outside.   

               Outside was a sweet hot summer breeze that let you know that it was still summer even if it was going to be just for one or two more weeks.  I wanted to ditch Trevor to hurry home to play with my vibrator.  All of that dancing was getting me open again.  That episode that we had earlier at carnival was going to have to be a one time thing.  As we walked towards the cab stand on Jamaica ave. we passed by Trevors’ car.  “You’re sure you don’t want me to drop you off?” Trevor asked me again.  “Well, I guess we can take a ride to my house.”  I said to give in to my needs more then his.***             


               Driving down the van wyck expressway towards Far Rockaway I slipped off my panties and threw them out the window. Trevor knew that I wanted to get some more dick from him, so he pulled out his rock hard dick and asked for my hand.  “No, I’m not giving you my hand.”  I said to tease him.  “I’ll give you my tongue.”  I told him.  Taking out a cherry-flavored condom and giving him the best head he had ever had.   Speeding down the van wyck expressway we almost crashed twice making a turn around a curve.  So I made Trevor cum quicker then I wanted him to.  I told him to make a turn down by a side street, and changed condoms.  Trevor looked amazed at what was happening to him we leaned the seat back and I climbed on him and was about to start riding him when he tossed me around and penetrated my ass. “OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”  I screamed out to Trevor I had never tried that before but it felt so good he took his time and before I had known what was happening to me I had came three times. ***

               Back at my house I took a shower and got ready for bed.  Kim and Charles were in some diner eating and talking for some hours before she called me to make sure I was okay.  “Kim I’m in love.”  I said to her.  “Damn, gurl the dick was like that?”  She said to me.  “Yeah it was.” I told her.  We hung up and I went to sleep.  I wonder how carnival 2008 will be?  I thought to myself. I guess I’ll have to see in a few weeks now.

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