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Cleaning Tree Sap Off Your Car

If your car has ever been parked under or near to a tree you may have encountered the problem of bonded on tree sap. This can be very awkward to remove and if not dealt with correctly the possibility of damage being inflicted arises.


The method used to remove tree sap from your car should be dependent on the size of the contaminants. If they are only small then you should be able to successfully remove them with a clay bar, but if they are any larger than small specks then a designated tar & adhesive remover product should be used.


For smaller contaminants, the car or at least affected area should be thoroughly washed and dried. You can then clay the area to remove the tree sap. Ensure the area is generously covered in a designated clay lube or detailing spray to prevent the clay from scratching or marring the surface, then gently work the clay back and fourth over the area. You should be able to feel if the clay is picking up the tree sap as you work it over the surface. Begin with a fine grade clay and only work up to a heavier grade if the sap is strongly bonded on.


To remove larger tree sap contaminants with a tar & adhesive remover product the affected area should again initially be thoroughly washed and dried to remove any other loose contaminants from the surrounding area. Apply the tar & adhesive remover product to a micro fibre towel and gently work it into the tree sap. It may require a little time to soak in order for it to dissolve the tree sap. Do not allow it to soak in direct sunlight however as you do not want any product residue to dry on the surface. Continue reapplying the product and working it in gently until the sap has been completely removed.


Once successfully removed the affected area should be rewashed, rinsed and dried. Finally, check for any stains that the sap may have left. An all in one polish product should be used to remove any staining and restore the area. It can then be further treated with a high quality carnauba based wax or a synthetic sealant to protect the area from any further contamination.


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