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car wash movie quotes

Is OCD stopping you from reading your favorite newspaper? Explore the Kindle 2

Actress Megan Fox has bought a Kindle wireless electronic reading gadget to go through her movie scripts because she “can’t stand to touch dry paper”.

“I just can’t stand to touch dry paper, like scripts or newspaper or anything that’s not laminated,” quoted the 23-year-old bombshell as saying.

“I can’t touch it with my hands, I have to constantly lick my fingers before I turn the page. On really crazy days, like if I’m sitting down reading a script, I’ll have a little cup of water and dip my finger into it before I turn every page. I’m really neurotic.

“Now I have those Kindles, where you can download scripts or upload them,” she added.

Megan Fox has nothing on my better half. My wife has Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.  Right after washing her hands, she washes them again!  We are going out on a Saturday night.  I wait for her to wash her hands one last time, then I go to the car to wait for her.  She comes out to the garage and ALMOST gets to the car, and turns around and goes to the sink in the garage.  One MORE time she washes her hands.

I only detail this very real scenario that I go through over and over to illustrate what a gift from heaven the Kindle wireless reader has been.

My wife stopped reading newspapers years ago because of the ‘nasty’ print left on her fingers (I never noticed it of course).  It may sound silly to you that don’t have this problem, but to someone cursed with the problem (or someone who loves someone with this problem), this is no laughing matter.

A Kindle 2 e-reader doesn’t cure one of OCD, but ANYTHING that alleviates the pain is worth its weight in gold.  Just as Megan Fox.

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