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Budget Travelers Find Value in Off-site Airport Parking

Off-site airport parking lots have become lifesavers for both business travelers & vacationers alike. Although most major airports have increased the number of parking lots & available space, it can still be an ordeal finding an available spot. Circling the airport to find an open space when you have a plane to catch is very stressful.

Off-site airport parking lots are usually 1-2 miles from the airport itself. These facilities offer an airport shuttle that will take you from the parking center directly to the airport drop-off point on departure. On arrival, these same shuttles will return you directly to your car. Most even offer luggage assistance in addition to refreshments & complementary newspapers. Many of the lots offered covered parking, useful in winter months.

Privately run off-site airport parking facilities are often cheaper than airport-run long-term lots. Travelers can realize savings of 20% or more using the off-site parking garages. For instance, the standard parking rate at Cleveland Hopkins airport is $10 per day. A nearby off-site airport parking facility offers a long term parking rate of $8 per day and offers routine specials discounting the daily rate even further. And if you leave you car with these facilities for a set number of days, the price continues to fall. The San Diego Airport Parking Company offers a rate of $47.50 for a full week of parking. This is a savings of more than 30% from the weekly rate at the economy parking lot at San Diego International.

The savings don’t stop there. Many airport parking lots have an online website where travelers can make reservations and take advantage of online coupons that offer special savings. Frequent flyers can join repeat customer programs to get additional savings and benefits.

Satellite parking lots have other advantages. These parking facilities are offering unique services to make them stand out. USAirport Parking in Denver offers oil changes & windshield repair that’s performed while you’re away. Many facilities are offering car wash & detailing, tire rotation, and other maintenance services.

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