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Autos Safety Questions & Answers

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Blind spot visibility contained by newer cars?
How is it that in most unsullied cars, you cannot turn your head and properly see your entire blind spot to the not here hand side? Out of 180 degree, you can probably only see roughly 50 degrees. This is an outrage – why doesnt the parliament…

Blocking the karrtack or LowJack Device?
I have the KarrTrack device, installed into my car, it vitally is the same thing as a LowJAck device, it is an anti-theft protection device, and should work pretty ably to track a car if it has be tampered with and / or messed beside, or…

Blow out on the front or flipside?
Please help settle this riff between my husband and myself. He say that it is better to have a blow-out (at 55-75 mph) on the front of a vehichle because you hold control over the car. I say-so it would be better if the blow-out…

Bodily alcohol content lower than 0.02 for those beneath 21. Is it 0.02 percent or what?
Is that in percent, milliliters or what?

Booster Seat or regular motor form?
does anyone in Hawaii know if I can a moment ago get a regular small booster form for my 3 year old who’s 39 pounds for traveling on a rental vehicle? Or will he still need to by decree sit on the regular children’s car form,…

Bought one and only 2 investigational snow tires?
I currently had 2 pirelli snowsport winter tires and they enjoy less than partly of the tread left. I bought two different ones, but I dont know if I should intall the new ones within the rear of the vehicle or the front? the vehicle is a…

Bought simply 2 unusual snow tires?
I currently had 2 pirelli snowsport winter tires and they hold less than partly of the tread left. I bought two unmarked ones, but I dont know if I should intall the new ones within the rear of the vehicle or the front? the vehicle is a…

Bouncy motor at motorway speeds?
I have a nissan micra 2005 and at about 60mph or greater, it becomes a bit bouncy, i feel resembling its bouncing all over the road and have to hold on greatly tight to the steering wheel. is there anything i can do to prevent…

Break down of the NJ Driving try-out?
im taking my test dec 17th within edison, has anyone only just gotten their lecense in edison? i in recent times need a important breakdown to make sure i own the right things practiced please and thank you.

Bridgstone Dueler H/T 684II tires?
These tires are described as all season, with traction contained by rain and light snow. Would they be passable for use on mountain roads during winter (snow/ice) conditions?

Broken vehicle windowpane. Attempted pocketing? Or intentional?
My friends live in a nice neighborhood, but to be honest that doesn’t really parsimonious a thing because now any place can turn out pretty ugly. Anyways, their van fanlight was broken and it be one of the smallest windows and it’s particularly strange because nothing…

Buckle up, Its the directive?
If we get a fine for not have our seat belts on next why is it that Millions of children go to academy each time on a bus without a seatbelt. Shouldnt they put form belts on school busses so our children are past the worst going…

Bulletproof window…?
I want to get me drivers side and passenger side window bulletproofed. Anyone know where I can look for pricing? All the places I’m seeing online are full on saloon amouring and looked geared towards commercial vehicles. Anything for the adjectives man?

Burglary help out !?
Help! So okay. A coupla weeks ago, 1-3 cars have been broken into. the burglar smashed window of each car, and reportedly stole electronic devices. This happen on a street near me. And this street is pretty long and windy, and this incident happen in the…

Bus hit me- help-?
I was not long in an twist of fate where my motor was hit by a bus. My saloon was totalled and I am still pretty sore, but be able to way of walking away from the acident tho I did go to hospital to check…

Busy highway merging?
When I am merging onto an extremely busy highway, where vehicles are following close to respectively other at high speeds while there is not a secure place to merge, what is the best thing to do? As far as I know, the vehicles on the…

By what percentage do airbags cut back on the risk of dying within a frontal crash?
help pleasse

California commercial drivers license?
My friend has a CDL from Arizona and wants to catch one in California, does anyone know if he will have to rob a driving test or written test, or will he a short time ago be able to switch without trialling?

California Drivers interview give support to?
I have taken this test a billion times, and it seem right to me, but I always miss it. I must be retarded. but I NEED THE HELP DESPERATELY. Question 1 Regulatory signs are used to inform you of: Laws you must obey…

California Driving Test!! HELP!?
I will be taking the driving test soon(the driving portion not the written) and Im distressed. Does anyone have any tips they can afford me. Also if i go around 5mph slower or faster than the posted speed hold back would i fail?

California Teen Drivers Law?
Can I drive people when I turn 18? Ive have my license for 8 months now. And on the DMV site they read out: “When you turn 18 years of age, the provisional part of your license ends. You may verbs to drive as an adult…

California traffic sign say right subsequent to the stop lights “signals set for 30 MPH” . I live surrounded by florida
I assume it is to educate the washed out light runners that possibly 30 mph is the speed to undamagingly stop when yellow. i really enjoy no idea, am i contained by the ball park. and i longing that we would get them here within orlando…

California: Is an fluke a point past its sell-by date my licence or lately a point past its sell-by date my insurance?
I had an catastrophe in June of 2005. My solely one ever, and it was my bad habit. Does it count as a point off?

Cameras on the A2 and A20?
If anybody has see the new type of these can they read out with determination what they are ie speed cameras or ANPRs? The ones I have see have sprung up on the A2 close to Falconwood and on the A20 near the Queen Mary’s Hospital….

Can a 6 month behind the times ride forward facing surrounded by a booster form? (Please read the WHOLE examine until that time answering)?
My son is 5 months and is 18 pounds 12 ounces. I am currently using an infant carrier vehicle seat. My problem is that he is 3 pounds away from outgrowing it and I want to replace it up to that time that happens. I am have…

Can a babe-in-arms sports car form be surrounded by front form of pick-up truck?
I am considering trading in my SUV for a pick-up for work purposes. Problem is we get a baby. Does anyone know florida/national ruling concerning car form in front on pick-up truck…..Well at least possible I’m not thinking of having the kid ride within the back 🙂

Can a child ride as a passenger surrounded by a two seater smart coupé?
I need to know if a 3yr older can be a passenger in a smart sports car that has just 2 seats ( Driver and passenger). Obviously they would be within a car seat/booster form. The reason i ask is because I am thinking of buying a…

Can a child undamagingly be held on the knees of her mother surrounded by the sports car? Either front or final form?
I know that the answer is no, but the neighbour across the street had a massive arguement beside me that it’s safe for her to hold her 5 month out-of-date daughter on her lap within the car, and she doesn’t buckle up any. I have vision of…

Can a cop pass u a ticket for have a dot/sae standards approved taillight?
my taillight say SAE DOT STKS-HD256 does this penny-pinching something?

Can a cop provide you a unsafe driving ticket of late because he hear your tires squeal? (Virginia)?
My friend was stopped at a red traffic fluffy. When the light turned green she pressed on the accelerator a bit too tricky and so her tires squealed under her motor. She immediately corrected the situation and never drove contained by a dangerous channel, she sped up…

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