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The Top 5 Cities for Safe Driving

People may sometimes have a hard time pinpointing why they got into an accident. The most common reasons are that you may have been carelessly driving, or the other driver may have been carelessly driving. Another common reason is drunk driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol. Still another is the excuse that the other car “came out of nowhere”! Many have been known to blame car accidents on lousy weather conditions.

Could these all just be excuses, or is there really some truth to them? What about geography, and the place that you live? Will that somehow affect how you drive, and the chances of getting into an accident? Well, you may have been already prepared to say no, but you’re in for the surprise of your life, because studies say yes!

What city you live in may seriously affect the chances of you getting into an accident. Some cities just breed better drivers than others, and we’re here to tell you the top 5 cities for safe driving. If you’re just a teensy bit paranoid, you may want to consider relocating to these places, especially if you’re scared of getting into a car accident.

The rankings for the top 5 safest cities were calculated by taking all fatal accidents, as well as deaths caused specifically by speeding, into account for a particular location. Next, city statistics on accident frequency were also taken into account. The calculation also included statewide numbers on speeding, as well as state data on seatbelt use. Here’s what the study concluded.

The city with the safest drivers is Des Moines, IA. It could be due to the smaller population, but all across the country, this place ranked highest as the city with the best drivers, where you are least likely to get into a car accident. Next up is Jersey City in New Jersey. Perhaps it may be because of its proximity to New York, and the presence of the subway, that car accidents occur less here. At number three is the Big Apple, New York City. Now, this seems very surprising, as New Yorkers, especially New York taxicabs, are known to be horrible and rude drivers. One thing to take into account though is that New York is very much a walking city, and a lot of people don’t even own cars, as they are more prone to taking public transportation. In fourth place is Yonkers, New York, still within close proximity to the big city. The last city that makes up our top 5 is on the west coast: San Francisco, California. Again, note the abundance of public transportation, and how it is very much a walking city!

Wherever you find yourself living, it is important to exert the same amount of caution when driving. Always aim to be a safe driver. Follow traffic regulations, speed limits, and of course, never forget to buckle up! You don’t need to be told that it’s for your own good.


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