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Lear’s New Polyurethane Foam Cushions And Car Seats

HC plastic mesh News: To visit the world famous Car Seat systems and power distribution and Power supply Management systems provider Lear Corporation, China’s and his party arrived at headquarters in Southfield, Michigan City.

Lier Ya Pacific president and Greater China CEO Dr. Tang Qingfeng reporters to China, was established in 1917, Lear Corporation, in the automotive industry is a very long history, a provider of business is to do almost 100% OEM market. Lear really developed in the eighties and nineties of the last century, now in 36 countries and 205 institutions, there are about 75,000 employees.

Lear’s products are two broad categories, namely, seats and Electronic Electric . Seats about 80% more business, electrical and electronic business accounted for less than 20%. Which is divided into two electrical and electronic business, e-business refers to the module, such as the control lights, doors, seats of the electronic module; connect these electronic modules are referred to as electrical products, such as connectors, wiring harness, etc..

Lear first major business market in North America. In order to avoid risk, Lear from a dozen years ago, dedicated to developing the European market, through acquisitions, and other ways to expand its market share in Europe. 2008, 50% of Lear’s business in Europe, 36% in North America, 8% in the Asia-Pacific, but the proportion in 2009 the Asia-Pacific business has grown to more than 13% of the.

Present, the world’s leading carmakers are Lear’s customers, including GM, Ford, BMW’s share of the largest in China has more than 20 customers. Customer diversification and expansion of Asia-Pacific market is Lear’s future development goals.

Latest technology rolled into seven high-tech seat

Industry know that Lear is known for doing high-end car seats, such as in China-made BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Audi and Seat models are Lear production. Lear’s headquarters in product innovation and value also noted during a visit to the Exhibition Hall, like Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and other luxury models by Li Erti carbon fiber frame for the seat. In fact, Lear is not only do high-end seats, and offer many small cars and even mini car seat.

Seat Lear of worldwide operations, vice president of product engineering, Mr. RyanBurns briefed the reporters about the seat assembly into frame, coating, foam three large business. Seat comfort is not only required, as well as high security requirements, including the rails and the adjuster is the seat of high-tech components, and high security requirements. RyanBurns said that in all the world’s car seat makers, Lear is the only one to complete vertical integration of firms, “other people to do is to buy leather seat covers, but also the system of our own skin.”

Showroom in a high-tech products rise to the concern of journalists, “This is the first time worldwide, released to the media.” RyanBurns introduction, “The introduction of the seven seats the main technology focus is to help Environmental protection Simple structure, adjuster small, light weight, almost 40%. ” In fact, from 2010

‘s North American Auto Show has been known to get the best car of this award shall be the Ford Fusion’s seat Lear production. And then carefully observe this high-tech seat, it adopted the seven key technologies include: Lear patented four-story high seat comfort systems, up to 50% weight reduction, volatile organic compounds (VOC) can be reduced up to 70%; a traditional polyurethane foam pad finishes and alternative materials, it uses recyclable, renewable resource derived from fast-growing southern softwood fibers, up to the weight reduced by 30%; a reliable The cervical spine protection system can be 43% lower rate of cervical spine injury, and meet all global safety regulations, currently assembled in the Cadillac CTS and Honda Accord on; ecological structure?? Lear’s vertical integration approach to enable it to provide a range of lightweight, cost-effective environmental structure products to meet the automotive sector and the market, it is lighter than the traditional structure of 30% seats have been scheduled for a 2010 car Tata’s Winger first time;

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