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If you are considering opening a home business, but do not know where to begin, consider investing in a home business franchise to reach your goals. This is a good solution if you want to be your own boss but do not want to start from scratch.

Buy into a franchise to minimize risks to yourself and your financial security. While it does require a monetary investment into a company, franchise companies have higher success rates than brand new upstarts. If you are looking for more security than you will find in a business of your own, a franchise is the way to go.

A good candidate for opening a home business franchise is someone with several characteristics. As with any business, you must be committed, driven and willing to put forth energy. You must also have a logical mindset and be results-oriented. Some available capital to invest in the franchise is necessary. It helps to be a financially secure individual with some experience in business.

Some home business franchises have less of a required investment than others. Often this corresponds with the type of business. The investment amount ranges anywhere from several hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Be realistic about what is a feasible amount for you to invest.

Many franchise companies require what equates to a 40-hour work week. Some have flexible hours and others are based in traditional workweek time frames. If you like the idea of being “done at the end of the day,” but want to be your own boss, this schedule type will work best for you. Still more have part-time opportunities available for those who do not have full-time availability. Certain companies leave the hours and work style to you and allow more freedom.

If you do not have an extensive knowledge base in the franchise that interests you, do a little research. Often the franchiser offers free training as an incentive to potential franchisees. Get started with the training and do some self-educating as well, perhaps before you begin training. This will help lock in the information you learn so you can become a quick expert.

In addition to the benefit of security, franchises offer other perks as well. A larger company behind you means experience and strength. You are independent, but you have a team to back you up. Marketing is not solely in your hands, either. With a new home-based business, you have to take care of all the advertising yourself. Franchise companies gain from your success and therefore gain from your promotion. They want to help you get noticed.

There is a myriad of different franchise opportunities to invest in. Here are a few that might pique your interest and that work well in the home business format.


Financial consulting and bookkeeping companies are always looking to expand their work base. If you have a background in finance or are good with investments, check out the opportunities in this field.

Pets and Pet Care

Especially in cities, many people do not have the time they would like to dedicate to their pets. Often people go on vacation and need to seek out pet care. Established pet care companies have the faith of their clients, so you can too. Other options include pet grooming and training franchises.


Home and office cleaning franchises are one of the most prevalent. Companies such as JaniKing have been around for decades. Carpet cleaning is another popular, tried-and-true franchise opportunity.


Computer repair business is skyrocketing. With the sheer number of computers used for home and business, there is plenty of opportunity for profit from computer repair.


Become a travel consultant or agent through a trusted travel company franchise. Join a specialty travel company that specializes in cruises, such as Seamaster Cruises. If you love to help people plan trips, a travel franchise is perfect for you.

Other franchisors range from drug testing consultants, publishing, deck building, and vending machines to newly developed businesses, such as meeting and event-planning services.

No matter what business sector you decide to invest in, always make sure to investigate the company. Make sure the company is established and legitimate before providing any liquid capital. Remember, you want to make money, not lose it.


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