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All MLM Marketers Need To Follow The You Inc. Model

Your MLM company and uplline will never tell you this,if your involved in the direct sale mlm,network marketing industry you really don’t have a business. Now this may be shocking for a few people , let me explain further, think about your business, what are the assets in your business right now. You have to have some assets for you to have a business correct?

Now think about this, what do you own in your Network Marketing business? The people below you are not yours, the products are owned by the Company, what do you own?  You own your computer and all the office supplies in your home.  Now if your Company terminates your distributorship how long and how hard would it be to get back to your present financial situation (that’s if you were doing very well in your network marketing  Business). Do you own a list of all the contacts and can you monetize from that list. Can you bring those contacts to your next business venture or sell them products?

Most MLM companies’ data base belongs to them and all the information is on their computer servers and if you contact the list of people you did not bring into the business personally you are now in violation and can be terminated.   Let’s look at another scenario, your upline sponsor gets paid by another MLM company to leave the company you are with (let’s open our eyes now people, this is how it works). You decide to stay, who will the downline go with?  If you don’t own your own list and you have not built a relationship with that list you may loose your team and your income.

This means that the people you have been edifying now has your team and you’re out of money. For those that don’t know, edification is a big part of MLM Network Marketing. If you do it right and your with the right leaders you can make millions.

Direct Sales  MLM is not about you or your products, it’s about the people you are introducing the business to. They must have the perception that you are a leader or your working with great leadership. This is where edification kicks in People edify Leaders like Mike Dillard, Robert Dean Jr, Heather Isham, Tony Flemming, Cedric Harris Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale. They also edify systems, think about it system like MLM Lead System Pro, Top Gun Exp, The Mad Team, Black Diamond University. All being edified as soon as you join the teams or the leaders . Do you know if the system works or the leaders are great, no you just edify and the system and leaders make millions. The same is possible if you learn the power of edification and it is returned to you.  For edification to be effective it has to be returned as well.  This way the upline leader is not the BIG DEAL and you are looking just like the hype man in the business.

  Uplines need to re-edify so your prospect know you are a leader also. This is why you see so many people online trying to brand themselves in the direct sales MLM industry. The Drawback to trying to brand yourself right off the bat is that a lot of these people don’t know the industry at all and you can see and hear it in the videos that they shoot.  Leaders can spot leaders in this industry. You never want to have the blind leading the blind. It will cost you time and money doing this.  Most people getting into the MLM industry don’t have enough of both time or money to waste.

Now let’s go on on, if you have not been edified and your upline is the only one giving respect in the business then you will never standout as a leader. You will always lose your team to other leaders when they get paid to leave. This is one of the big reasons why so many people go from company to company and get burned out in this business. Now if you follow the “YOU INC” model you will brand yourself as the leader, give value to your team and have a list that will follow you when and if the time is right.

So when your upline leader comes to you and tells you that they are looking at another plan or company do your own research and see if it is a good move for you and your team not for your upline and his or her pocket.  Be careful  in MLM some time you may be working with the enemy (LOL) and just don’t know it. So if you want to learn more about self branding and the “YOU INC” model visit my website and learn more.  Before you run to another company find out why and how much your leader is getting paid to make the move then ask yourself how much will you make doing the same thing, how much are they sharing with you?

Don’t let then use fear of loss to get you to move or even tell you that the company has lost its momentum. If you bought a McDonald’s franchise and business is slow would you quit it and start up a Wendy’s or would you learn how to market your McDonald’s franchise. Most people get into mlm and forget that they need to know how to Market!!!  Yes you need to have a marketing budget, friends and family alone in your business will not get you rich, and old school marketing alone will not get you rich. Notice McDonalds is selling water and salad now, not just burgers and fries. They changed with the times as you also need to change with the times.

If you were following the “YOU INC.” by branding yourself and giving value to others you can be the next EXTREME ONLINE MARKETING ROCK STAR. Then and only then will you be able to control your own destiny. No more fear of loss and no more upline stealing your team.  You may  even be able to have residual income to pass on to your family. Learn how this “YOU INC.” model works at work


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