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ups store franchise info
Is a Bikini Car Wash a good business Idea?

I have a good friend who has the Trademark for
“The Bikini Car Washâ„¢” He has a great business plan
and is now looking for investors. The Idea is to have a Hooters style Restaurant with girls in bikinis washing you car while you have a nice meal and maybe a drink. There will
be “Bikini Cams” that show the girls soaping up the cars and possibly each other, throughout the restaurant as well as posted on the internet. He plans to franchise the business soon after he builds the first store in Orlando.

Are there any Venture Capitalists out there that think this
would be a good idea?

If so, Please check out the website for more info.

It is not a good idea in the dead of winter. We have 6 inches of snow forecast today.

Be careful not to mention Hooters of Playboy Bunnies in your promotional material, or you could get sued for violating their trademark.