Typical Franchise Profits

typical franchise profits

How to Find the Right Small Business Franchise Opportunity for You!

Making the decision to go into business for yourself is a complex decision that most likely took a lot of thought and consideration. Now the only decision left to make is which business franchise is the right opportunity for you. Maybe the choice seems obvious, or maybe you think it won’t matter what kind of business you run as long as you get to be the boss. But, a small business franchise can be a tricky thing, and which small business opportunity you choose may end up being the deciding factor in whether your career as a small business owner is a success or a failure.

It is very important to choose a franchise in an area that you have knowledge, expertise or strong passion. Franchises need to be run by people who like and appreciate the product or service being provided and must continually hold the interest and passion of those people who are operating them. Your employees, customers, clients and business contacts must be able to see and feel your passion for the franchise that you own. To that end, the selection of a franchise opportunity becomes as important as the initial decision to purchase a franchise . Here are a few options for franchises that offer a wide range of specified interest areas and passions.

One of the first things that you might want to consider as a potential small business franchise owner is whether or not you want to purchase a low cost franchise. There are several different options within that category but a low cost franchise is usually a good option for a first time franchise owner because it requires a relatively small amount of risk and offers good experience for someone that is prepared to learn what it takes to run a small business franchise. A good, low cost option for an up and coming franchiser would include Goin’ Postal which is a shipping and packaging franchise that offers training and support. Goin’ Postal can be run as a full shipping store location or as a Kiosk business which requires a very low level of time and capital to get started. The low cost franchise market also includes businesses such as DVDNow, which is an automated DVD rental kiosk business. Or a less tech savvy entrepreneur might appreciate the hands on business approach of VacuVent duct and air cleaning. Each of these franchises is relatively low cost to start up and provides a quick cash flow, very detailed training as well as support. The added benefit of these franchises, DVDNow, VacuVent, and the kiosk option of Goin’ Postal is that they can be run from home as a home based franchise which will allow the new franchise owner to eliminate overhead costs, and ease into these franchises as schedule and commitment allow. Other Franchises along the lines of DVDNow include Video Franchises such as Infinite Marketing which creates video business cards that contains personal video messages on a business card sized CD. There are so many different types of small business franchises to choose from; you need to ask yourself three main questions:

1. Is the Franchise something that I think is important and would use if I needed it?

Don’t find yourself in the situation of owning and operating a franchise business that you don’t appreciate. Typically if you don’t see a need for a particular service you should avoid going into that market. Franchise owners are almost always more successful when the product they sell and the service they provide is something that they believe in and can stand beside.

2. How much can I afford to invest, and how much time can I commit to the investment?

Franchise owners need to carefully determine what capital level is realistic for them to invest especially when financing through a third party provider, as many low cost franchises will provide. Also the franchise business owner needs to carefully determine how much time is going to be available to the new business. If you are adding this franchise to your current workload perhaps you should consider a franchise that will only take a few hours out of your week. Vendstar vending machine franchise is a good example because you can choose to operate and service as few or as many vending machines as you desire. If your franchise is going to be your full time job and sole source of income then make sure that you are investing in a franchise that will produce the level of profitability that you will require for it to be a success.

3. Do I understand the product and service I am providing?

While almost every franchise that you can own will provide you with some level of training and support, it is particularly important to have a competent grasp of the productin a franchise where you will be hiring employees and explaining your product to future customers. In order to ensure that you will be successful and continue to grow more and more profitable, you must have confidence in your business and be able to concisely explain to people what it is that makes your franchise worthwhile.

Don’t be overwhelmed, a franchise is a great option for an excited and motivated businessman or woman who is looking to expand their experiences and increase their profitability. Just make sure that as you move forward with your decision to enter the world of small business franchising that you are stopping along the way to examine what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you are going to continue to do it well.

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